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This week, Spiegel reports, among other things, on the current rent index evaluation for 2018. More than 1,000,000 new apartments are to be created through the conversion of parking garages and supermarkets, this is cheaper than new buildings. Focus deals with the topic that German Finance Minister Olaf Scholz has slimmed down his model for property tax reform after heavy criticism and Manager Magazin shows where the expensive villas are on Mallorca and the new regulations for brokerage fees.

Rent index: The new evaluation 2018

The current rent index evaluation in Germany shows that housing is becoming increasingly expensive. The research company F+B came to a surprising conclusion in its evaluation of 350 cities with municipalities of 20,000 inhabitants or more. High rents make big cities unaffordable for many people, but it is also becoming more expensive in the surrounding areas. According to the new rent index evaluation, Munich is no longer at the top for the first time in 20 years. The fact that the Munich real estate market is overstimulated can also be seen in the fact that prices are rising in the surrounding areas. In the nineties it was already not easy and cheap to find a new dwelling, in the meantime the situation has changed even more drastically by the real estate boom. Affordable housing is almost impossible to find for normal earners in the trendy parts of town.

Munich and Stuttgart booming in the surrounding area

Karlsfeld, a Munich suburb with a population of 22,000 in the Dachau district, is replacing Munich for the first time in over 20 years. Munich is no longer at the top in terms of rent levels. Karlsfeld becomes the most expensive municipality according to the rent index with a net cold rent of 10.62 euros per square metre for a 65 square metre apartment, with average furnishings and in a medium location. Munich follows with 10.45 euros per square metre and Stuttgart with 9.97 euros. Among the 10 most expensive cities were Dachau and Germering, two suburbs from the Munich area. In the Stuttgart area, Leinfelden-Echterdingen, Ditzingen and Ludwigsburg are among the most expensive cities.

Berlin rents relatively cheap, prices are rising in the metropolises

The relatively low rents in Berlin are astonishing. In the west of Berlin, the price per square metre is €7.27, in the east €6.58. However, rents are rising in all major cities such as Munich, Berlin, Stuttgart or Hamburg, but auch in the surrounding countryside prices are rising steadily. Purchase prices for real estate are rising even more than rents. For more than nine years now, the rise in real estate prices has continued. Condominiums are in 2018 in Germany on average 8.2 percent more expensive, reports the spring report of the real estate industry. In contrast, it had been 0.3 percent less the year before.

The 10 most expensive cities

Standard local comparative rents 2018 as a percentage of the Germany-wide average; source: F+B Mietspiegelindex 2018. Listed by rank, location and index.

  1. Karlsfeld 153
  2. Munich 151
  3. Stuttgart 144
  4. Leinfelden-Echterdingen 144
  5. Dachau 139
  6. Tübingen 137
  7. Germering 137
  8. Ditzingen 128
  9. Ludwigsburg 128
  10. Darmstadt 127

Real Estate News:

Mirror about expensive housing and conversion of parking garages

This week’s Spiegel article “Too few properties: lack of offices drives companies out of big cities” is about too little space for tradespeople. Companies in particular are important for cities and municipalities, as they provide tax revenue. Furthermore, this week’s game is about the current rent index evaluation: “So expensive is housing in Germany”, which we had already looked at in more detail at the beginning. More news from this week:

Focus Online on property tax reform and the “Scholz Plan

This week Focus Online takes a special look at political developments in the property market. The environment minister wants stricter specifications: One million households are threatened with expensive conversion of chimneys and flues. And it is about state support: a reformed housing premium helps more than the Baukindergeld. More news from Focus Online:

Property tax reform? Simply explained with land value model

New houses are assessed with a much higher property tax than old houses, although the properties are worth the same. That that is unfair has now also determined the Federal Constitutional Court and will process this until the end of next year. Here is an article about the current situation and which models are negotiated:

IM Immobilienmanager: In the future, real estate will be traded like shares on the stock exchange

This week at IM Immobilienmanager, among others, articles about “PwC and Evana establish think tank on digitalisation” and “Deka seeks successor for Thomas Schmengler”. What will the future bring, will real estate be traded like shares on the stock exchange? More from the blog:

  • In the future, we will trade real estate like stocks on the stock exchange
  • Deka seeks successor for Thomas Schmengler
  • PwC and Evana establish think tank on digitalisation

Frankfurter Allgemeine informs how much your property is worth

There are exciting things from the Frankfurter Allgemeine this week, for example “Frag den Mohr” column: How much is my property worth?” When is real estate a lucrative investment and in what form? What are the common misconceptions? As well as the topic of “Using Industrial Land: There is still plenty of building land in Berlin”. More news from this week:

Handelsblatt: Deutsche Bank expects property prices to continue to rise for years to come

In contrast, Handelsblatt reports this week on how Deutsche Bank expects real estate prices to continue to rise for years to come and how the current situation will continue to change and how Softbank CEO Masayoshi Son wants to digitize the real estate industry. More headlines of the week:

Stern provides information on the subject of financing. Step by step to a real estate loan

Stern’s blog focuses on the “Architecture competition: timelessly beautiful dream houses: the winners of the 2019 House Award”. The competition was held under the title “In the tradition of modernity”. Bauhaus style meets classic modernism, a combination of both styles was sought. Furthermore, there are 5 tips on the topic “Financing: it’s so easy: step by step to the real estate loan”. More news from the blog:

Haufe: with movable glass facades to attractive living space

New from Haufe this week is, among other things, “Real estate business: events and events 2019″ as well as ” Movable glass facades “. Not only can bright, light-filled living spaces be designed with them, but optimal sound insulation can also increase property value with them. More social media news:

T-Online reports on clauses in the rental contract. When is it forbidden to keep pets?

This week, T-Online has topics such as “Clauses in the rental agreement – When keeping pets in the apartment is prohibited”. Pets are not welcome in every apartment building. Often the landlord has no say, but that does not give the tenant every right to an animal. “BGH negotiates – May the apartment be rented to tourists? ” Do the property prices rise because of promotion of the Baukindergeld? New topics of the week:

Süddeutsche Zeitung: What to do if a prospective tenant does not speak sufficient German

This week’s blog of the Süddeutsche Zeitung is about the following topics: “When words fail”: What to do when a prospective tenant does not speak enough German? In seminars you can learn real estate English. “Moscow’s Gold “, the Russian state and oligarchs are hiding money in London, the members of parliament do not want to accept this any longer. “New building area in Moosen”. A resolution of the local council was passed for another building area in Moosen. Updates and news from the blog:

The Bundesanzeiger reports on lower ancillary costs thanks to the buyer principle

This week in the Bundesanzeiger among other topics “ZIA Zentraler Immobilien Ausschuss: Vorgehen des Bundesumweltministeriums bei Klimaschutzgesetz kopflos” but also “Weniger Nebenkosten dank Bestellerprinzip”. The broker commission turns out in countries in those the orderer principle applies clearly smaller than in Germany. A study by the Institute of the German Economy (IW) states that only the seller can negotiate effectively with the broker. New articles, headlines and trends:

  • Lower ancillary costs thanks to the buyer principle
  • ZIA: BMU’s approach to climate protection law headless
  • The buyer principle for apartment purchases does not solve the problem of high ancillary acquisition costs Which insurance covers damage caused by heavy rain?

The latest articles from this week include “Almost 100,000 rental apartments converted into property” and “Which insurance takes effect in the event of damage caused by heavy rain?” Automatically, homeowners insurance does not cover everything. Owners can usually add extended protection. Here are more tips from the German Insurance Association (GDV):


More headlines of the week:

Immobilien Zeitung: The real estate climate is brightening up

This week Immobilien Zeitung has interesting topics like “Three German cities among the most important foreign destinations”. Among the top 10 destinations for foreign capital have made it in the past year Munich, Frankfurt and Berlin. Further it goes around the topic “the real estate climate brightens up “. For the second month in a row, the real estate climate index of Deutsche Hypo has risen – by 1.6% to now 125 points. Further news:

Manager Magazin: Where the expensive villas are on Mallorca

There are new headlines this week from Manager Magazine, such as “New regulation for broker’s fee is being sought: Apartment sellers should pay the broker in the future”. The competition and the prices of the brokerage costs are to become fairer. “Real estate market on the upswing: where in Mallorca the expensive villas are located”. Mallorca is still one of the popular destinations of the Germans. Many even have a house or condo there. More headlines:

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Focus on rent increase:

The CDU (Thuringia) on rent increases