Student Credit Card Calculator

Credit cards for hours in comparison 2023

Students credit card explained

In principle, a credit card is available to every student. The only requirement is that you are creditworthy as a student. Compare credit cards for students in this guide.

Guidebook Content:

  1. Comparison: Student Credit Card
  2. What is a credit card
  3. Differences to debit card

The most important facts about student credit cards

  • Every student has the possibility to apply for a credit card
  • Bank must first check creditworthiness
  • Student credit cards promise various discounts
  • Loan repayments are possible in installments

Student Credit Card Calculator

What is a credit card?

A credit card is a payment instrument that allows you to pay for a purchase with credit instead of using your bank account. This means that no money is debited from your account, but the credit line granted to you is reduced by the price of the purchase.

How a credit card works

You don’t pay for a purchase you made with credit until you receive a credit card statement in your online bank, email or mailbox.

If you do not repay the drawn credit in full by the due date of the invoice, you will have to pay interest on the credit.

Difference: credit card and debit credit card

The differences at a glance:

  • Debit cards free of charge as an add-on to the current account
  • Credit cards usually cost extra
  • When making payments with a debit card, the account is debited directly
  • Payments with a credit card once a month
  • Credit cards are accepted more often abroad

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