House sale procedure: The 7+ most important tips for Lunen

Do we sell safe with professional estate agents or can I do the sale privately? For the sale of your own property I have the various questions that reach me daily in the office, as well as in my daily work on construction sites and at the same time in viewing appointments with customers.

Profitable real estate valuation of your own home and condominium: The first appointment with your new real estate agent

80 or 190 square meters, whether first it goes with the sales of a house around the highest selling price to obtain with the current situation at the Lunen real estate market. Acquire on our blog all the here standing and further, presupposed knowledge in the sale of real estateknow well in your region and if you want to save yourself some time, contact us, here the here standing and further, presupposed know how in the sale of real estateknowledge about your region will support you. If you do not want to make a time-consuming effort, please contact us.

The new task: Old architectural plans and floor plans. Here you will find everything relevant for the sale.invoices as well as forecasts are relevant documents, which you must have on everyone ready. A general tip from brokers, present your property in the ad with good photos, this is important so that buyers can make themselves literally much better already on the Internet without much effort. Their, the pictures must show under all circumstances the property or condominium in Lunen always from a considered Perspektivedes space but also have good quality.

Haus verkaufen

The next step: Determine the market value for the property to be brokered.A calculation of the selling price is necessary various information such as proximity to supermarkets, room size, construction quality, location of the property and equipment and condition of a house. It is not important what you yourself have spent at some point for your house in Lunen. Supply and demand of houses on the current real estate market dominate the selling price, the rule you should also consider, so as not to raise any expectations that cannot be fulfilled, despite all the justified euphoria of the sale. As at all times demand and supply of real estate in Lunen determine the value you are about assessment of the selling price of the property does not feel confirmed? For normal people it is clearly awkward to estimate the property value seriously. Then an experienced market valuation by our scouts is the recommendation.

This is followed by: Creation of the fancy portfolio for future prospective buyers. Whether interest is present shows up immediately in the first seconds, if one opens an object description, the expenditure for a very well prepared advertisement pays off, you know yourself as an owner if necessary even former inhabitant, at all best. In the advertisement and/or Exposè of your real estate everything must be noted completely. As well as swimming pool, garden and green spaces, cosy winter garden and garage for the family car. In the following the vacant real estate should be shown to potential buyers, in an advertisement on a portal for houses and dwellings, like Immonet and in the well-tried local daily newspaper in Luenen. Then it is a matter of waiting for the first enquiry. Does your house arrive?

Doppelhaus in Lünen

Answer inquiries and requests

Already after a short time the first inquiries come on the real estate exposé, you have assigned an agent for the mediation, he collects all questions for you. Only when more in-depth queries are received from interested parties, he will contact you directly.

Viewing appointments with prospective buyers. With every hour the excitement grows. In order for your house to be sold quickly and successfully at the same time, the estate agent makes appointments every morning to view the house in Lünen with interested parties, the estate agent conducts each individual conversation without you being present, you may of course also be present.

Before the purchase contract: Checking the purchasing power of potential buyers

Should you be looking to sell your property, start with long-time brokers, as they will immediately check the credit rating shown.

Continue to the notary visit and conclusion of the purchase contract

Your estate agent conducts the very last talks about the sale of the house, he or she settles the formalities of the contract that are still to be disputed, he or she prepares the notarial purchase contract in a draft contract together with the notary’s office that has been called. And of course, for the notarization of the contract of sale, an appointment with the notary is mandatory, whatever the initial situation was, whether idyllic property and the undeveloped plot with good transport links to all important such as supermarket and city center, the goal is closer than you think, with him both sides sign the contract of sale, so far so good, thus the property is sold highly certified.

Next follows: Payment of the purchase price after entry in the land register (or priority notice of conveyance).The notary now carries out the entry in the land register. For this purpose, he has a so-called priority notice of conveyance entered. This has the aim of preventing a possible more frequent sale. If the new owner can transfer the negotiated price to your named account, he will be informed by the notary. Afterwards you have to check your account balance for the receipt of the money.

Abschluss beim Notar

Next on the list with: Payment of notary appointment and realtor bills. Then settle the transfer of the , after the successful completion of the sale at your notary.

Next on the schedule for the sale of real estate: Transferring the accrued real estate transfer tax to the tax authorities – your very last step as a seller in the sale of real estate. . If there are less than 10 years between the purchase and the sale, you have to transfer capital gains tax. In addition, there may be church tax and solidarity surcharge, but there are also exceptions, for example, if you have lived there as an owner for more than 3 years]36 months in owner occupation. However, if you can prove that you lived in the house yourself for more than 36 months and never rented it out, you will be exempt.

Real estate market and population development in Lünen

Your guide about housing situation and new construction to owners of apartments and houses in Lunen by age. In Lunen’s centre and outskirts currently live and work 0.09 million citizens with an area of 59.39 km². Houses, flats and also affordable housing are in demand with 1453 people per square kilometre. If one rolls over the number of inhabitants, 0.1% of the German people are registered in Lünen.

Housing market and new construction demand: New studies

As you can see now in the statistics of the Federal Statistical Office, 33,509 people live in their own house or terraced house and a whole 41,765 inhabitants live in a rented apartment, only 5,685 live together in shared flats. Of you, 50,902 people are in marriage as well as 35,372 are single. Backlogs in new construction in all districts.

How do new surveys evaluate this trend? In the next twelve years about half of the surveys on housing construction in Lunen predict new apartments, about 17% assume 36,601 newly built apartments and a third assume Lunen new units, currently statistically only 242 units are created in Lunen, with a total volume of 3.3 billion euros.

Lünen’s neighbourhood has a lot to offer

In Lunen, all people are happy with the housing situation at the end of the day, of the property owners there are 71,116 satisfied people who appreciate just this honest neighborhood and location, less satisfied are only 15,158, a similar cozy picture also show tenants in Lunen, with 63,429 people. Most Luneners live in a single-family house, not in apartment buildings, 45,178 Luneners live in single-family houses, 26,809 live in houses with at least two families, or 13,380 people in houses for two parties.

The regional development of Lünen today and in the coming years

Statistically Lunen has many young citizens, like 2.286 teenagers at the age of 18-20 years as well as many for the Lunen investments important inhabitants at the advanced age, like 4.555 people at the age of 50-64 years, what will the next few years bring? Lunen is permanently increasing, from 85.550 citizens 4 years ago, the population increased by 724 to now statistically 86.995, the forecast continues, already in a few years about 89.125 citizens will live here. We now focus on the current demographic outlook of the population in the next 20 years.

0.5 billion euros of capital employed

Unbelievable 0.5 billion euros of cash assets slumber, according to statistical data basis of the Bundesbank at present on accounts, even larger sums, whole 599,525,869 euros are deposited in real estate and only 110.1 million euros exist as use assets, did you know that? The total amount of transactions from purchases and sales, amounts to 7.9 billion euros annually in Lünen, purely statistically, in the construction of dwellings at the same time whole 3,342,829,920.00 euros are spent, the modernization plays especially in the more densely populated regions, like Lünen with 1453 inhabitants / square kilometer an always central topic with up to 4 billion euros market capital. In total, the house and housing market in Lünen thus moves 15,194,681,454.55 euros every single year.

Living without rent in Lünen: This is how living in one’s own home is statistically distributed according to age segments

How are property owners distributed, how many Lüneners live rent-free? Let’s look at a few examples, according to Check (empirica) now 3,629 children up to 10 years live in houses or condominiums, in the increasing age it is slightly more, certainly due to created toddler phase and the fact that at least one parent is increasingly working on the career in the company. With 11 – 21 years, 4,493 live in their own home, then the curve almost collapses, with 21 to 30 years, they travel and seek adventure nationwide, only 983 live in their own home. The proportion increases as the people of Lünen get older. Thus it rises with the 31 to 40 year olds 3,724 and something over, with the persons between 41 – 50 years bring it on 6,441. in the age of 51 – 60 years own 5,898 property. With the 61 – 70 year old one brings it still on 4.505. The own life evening spend then already again less in the house or the free-hold flat, only still 2.791von cumulatively 0.09 million humans.

Demographic data for house sellers in Lünen

Housing situation – apartment

Housing situation Number
Home 33.509
Apartment 5.306
Apartment for rent 41.765
Shared apartment 5.685

Statistical source: Federal Statistical Office

Home ownership

Homeowner (age) Quantity
0-10 3.629
11-21 4.493
21-30 983
31-40 3.724
41-50 6.441
51-60 5.898
61-70 4.505
71-80 2.791

empirica / LBS Research (data source)


Surrounding Area

Households today 2035 Growth
1 35.372 37.961 2.588
2 29.333 31.059 1.725
3 10.353 8.627 -1.725
4 7.765 6.902 -863
5 + 2.588 2.502 -86

Statistical source: Federal Statistical Office


Households / persons today 2035 Growth
1 45.725 48.313 2.588
2 25.019 24.157 -863
3 7.765 6.902 -863
4 5.176 5.090 -86
over 5 1.725 1.553 -173

Statistical source: Federal Statistical Office