Become a vocational trainer: AEVO Questions 3 – Train skilled workers (for real estate agents offices & Co.)

Becoming a real estate agent job instructor: Test questions for field of action 3 – What is it about? Field of action 3 includes the concrete training of skilled workers. Becoming an IHK real estate agent trainer has many advantages for your company! Prevent shortage of skilled workers, well trained skilled workers and more performance, through targeted training. We have all the important questions for your professional trainer exam (AEVO = Ausbilder Eignungsverordnung) from real estate agents! The trainer certificate brings you many advantages. If you have the necessary prerequisites, you should definitely take the further training for trainers.

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Becoming a trainer: Fields of activity and preparation for the exam

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AEVO Questions 3 – Training skilled workers

What’s at issue?

  • Conditions conducive to learning
  • Probationary period
  • Learning and work tasks
  • Training methods
  • Learning difficulties
  • Social and personal development
  • Determine and evaluate performance


What training methods do you know?

  • Four-step method
  • Interrogative method
  • Modified question-answering method
  • Role play method
  • Guidance text method

How do you promote independent thinking and action?

The project method and the guideline text method are particularly suitable for learning independent planning, implementation, control and evaluation.

  • Project method and lead text method
  • Learning of independent planning, execution, control and evaluation

How can you promote brain-based learning?

The following methods help trainees learn content in a brain-friendly way:

  • Examples
  • Compare
  • Picking up where we left off
  • Visualization of contents (e.g. with mind maps)
  • Emotionalisation of learning content
  • Mnemonics

What does four-step method mean?

The teaching of all contents then takes place through a certain method, e.g. the four-step method.

  1. Preparing the trainee – in terms of content and methodology
  2. Demonstration of the work action and explanation
  3. Imitation by trainee
  4. Independent work

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