Become a vocational trainer: AEVO questions 2 – prepare training (for real estate agents, craft & Co.)

Becoming a real estate agent job instructor: Test questions for field of action 2 – What is it about? Field of action 2 includes the preparation for the training. Becoming an IHK real estate agent trainer has many advantages for your company! Prevent a lack of skilled workers, well trained skilled workers and more performance through targeted training. We have all the important questions for your professional trainer exam (AEVO = Ausbilder Eignungsverordnung) from real estate agents! The trainer certificate brings you many advantages. If you have the necessary prerequisites, you should definitely take the further training for trainers.

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Becoming a trainer: Fields of activity and preparation for the exam

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Preparation for the training

  • Draw up a training plan based on the training regulations
  • Take into account the participation and determination of the operational interest representations
  • Determine the need for cooperation, in particular coordination with the vocational school
  • Criteria and procedures for the selection of trainees
  • Prepare vocational training contract and apply for registration with the competent body

What is the youth and trainee representation?

The youth and trainee representation represents young people under the age of 18 and employees in vocational training (trainees, working students, interns) under the age of 25.

All employees under the age of 25 are eligible to vote. They are all also entitled to vote.

The “youth and trainee representation” may be established if there are at least 5 employees under the age of 18 and/or trainees under the age of 25.

  • Representation of young people under 18
  • Employees in vocational training under 25
  • Foundations with at least 5 employees under 18 years of age or employees in vocational training under 25 years of age

What are the tasks of the works council?

The works council has participation rights but also co-determination rights.

The right to participate includes, for example, the right to be heard and the right to consultation. The right of co-determination includes, for example, the right of approval (e.g. of the training plan).

What criteria are used in the selection of applicants?

  • Overall impression of the documents (compilation and care)
  • Cover letter with or without interest in the training occupation
  • Skills, previous experience and internships

What questions are not allowed in the interview?

Some questions do not have to be answered by applicants in principle.

When such questions are asked, it is even allowed to tell the untruth.

  • Family Planning
  • Financial situation
  • Member of trade union or party
  • Sexuality
  • Health
  • Religious affiliation
  • Personal information of family members

Can the training period be shortened?

Yes, before the start of the vocational training, the training period can be shortened by the trainer due to certain requirements. These include, for example, the degree of academic training or previous vocational training. The shortening and justification is entered directly in the training contract.

During the training period, the duration can be shortened by an early final examination if the performance justifies it. For this, the trainee requires the consent of the trainer and the vocational school.

There is no legal entitlement to a shortening. The decision is at the discretion of the trainer.

  • Shortening before the start of training
    Prerequisite: High academic degree, previous professional training
  • During the training by early final examination
    Prerequisite: Very good performance.
  • Legal claim does not exist

Can the training period be extended?

If the training objective cannot be achieved, e.g. due to a prolonged illness, failure to pass the final examination or parental leave, the training period can be extended.

  • Prolonged illness
  • Failure to pass the final examination
  • Parental leave

How often may the final examination be repeated?

If the final examination is not passed, it may only be repeated twice.

The training period may be extended by a maximum of 1 year at the trainee’s request, until the trainee passes the final examination.

  • Repetition 2x possible
  • Extension of the training by max. 1 year

From when does the verbal job promise apply?

The commitment is immediately legally binding. The contract must be in writing at the latest at the beginning of the training.

  • Verbal commitment is immediately legally binding

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