Become a model – live castings and e-castings for big campaigns

It’s Casting Time! Today I want to take a closer look at live castings and e-castings for big campaigns. Your goal is to catch or reach people with few resources. No matter how, on castings it’s always about showing a most natural image of you . That’s why you should avoid make-up and styling. At the Gosse your measurements and your look decide.

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What is a casting and what do you have to consider as a model?

You have only a few seconds to convince three to four people in the jury of you. Even though sedcard and model book are part of the standard equipment for a model, both are rarely considered at Gosees, because there is simply no time to look at each book individually. Therefore it is important to be perfectly prepared. From the punctual appearance at the location to the appropriate clothing. Don’t forget the smile on your lips and a friendly greeting. When you stand in front of the jury one thing is important: don’t shake hands with the jury! Shaking hands with thirty, forty or fifty people is not something everyone likes to do. Instead, take advantage of the second and find a person who is facing you. Many models focus their gaze on one of the jury members. If someone likes you and smiles at you while two others are less interested, focus mainly on the person who likes you.

Especially for newcomers big castings are always a reality experience

Castings for big clients are real mass events. From twenty to two hundred models – castings are real competition. Here you also feel as a model that there are many attractive, perfectly built, talented and sympathetic models and you yourself are not the only model. If you don’t get a fitting or a job after a Gosee, don’t hang your head. Gosees are mostly found for catwalk jobs and in agency model castings. Here it is possible to compare a large number of models within a relatively short time and form a judgment. For clients and jobs the castings are much more detailed. From live casting in which you have to play scenes with other models to e-casting, in which you speak different sentences from the commercial.

Live Castings for jobs in photo studios and casting agencies

Castings are the rule for jobs that you get offered by your agency or your model agent. Here, a recommendation for the model has already been made, the customer then usually wants to learn more directly or see. Some live castings even run for days. For example, if a large production company is shooting for a beverage manufacturer and twelve models are booked directly for the campaign. If each model should also have a special look, up to one hundred models come together quickly, despite preselection.

On live castings you have the opportunity to show more of you. Often they ask for acting talent, whether it’s for fashion shoots where you’re best friends as models or commercials with a test and reel. For example, one shoe company might want you to talk about a pair of shoes for three minutes, another wants to see you do five sports poses in ten seconds. At the next casting you have to have fun as if you were at a high class party and dance. As a model, you have to be able to call all this up spontaneously in a casting.

E-Casting – Models send videos to choose the job

When you take part in an e-casting, it’s often for campaigns that are even bigger. For example, if an international company is looking for new advertising faces, the castings are held worldwide. Often in the metropolises of the individual countries. Sometimes in the whole of Europe, sometimes worldwide. You get very precise instructions from your model agency for the production of the video. The quality of the video does not play a big role. Perfect light or an expensive camera are not important. The casting director or someone from the team just wants to see you “live”.

As a model, you often have to make videos at short notice or between jobs. That is, you introduce yourself and branch as described above, for example, acting interludes. The video is then sent as an onetake (without editing) to the customer, who can make a pre-selection for himself. E-castings are, as described, often set for large and/or international campaigns, but also for commercials, shoots, etc.. E-castings save both time and money. The final selection is then booked directly or invited to the regular casting.

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