Alarm system for property, condominium and the house

Alarm system – An alarm system is a system for securing one’s own property, it is mostly used in high-end private properties but also in business and commercial properties. The systems of the individual alarm systems are very different. Some of them are in direct connection with the police and send an immediate, automatic message in case of burglary. All alarm systems usually send an acoustic signal, also to deter the perpetrators immediately. Modern technology such as image recording or the automatic locking of doors and windows are also increasingly part of the basic equipment of an alarm system.

Alarm system at a glance: Protection for your property

  • Securing properties, condominiums and houses from burglary and theft
  • Mostly in high-quality private, business and commercial properties
  • Audible alarm as a deterrent
  • Modern systems with direct connection to the police as well as notification function and image recording
  • More expensive systems also support through iris scanner and fingerprint recognition

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