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Parents old, sell property (house/apartment)? Tips for children and grandchildren + 2 alternatives

Selling property – The house is getting too big, the second floor is hardly used and maintenance costs are also a burden. Perhaps the condominium is also on the fourth, fifth floor – without an elevator. Here are tips for children and grandchildren! What to do when mom and dad, grandma or grandpa get older? […]

Partial sale apartment: disadvantages, advantages, costs – condominium partial purchase

Partial sale apartment – old building apartment, attic apartment or apartment with terrace and property, many have in particular in the age a problem, the apartment becomes “too large” and the money somehow “ever less”. For many, the partial sale of your condominium seems to make sense. A look at the advantages, disadvantages and costs […]

Minimize inflation risk & build wealth through real estate: Money investments in comparison

Minimize inflation risk & build up assets through real estate – There are many types of capital investments, from traditional savings books to Riester pensions. However, investing in real estate is not only particularly safe, but also particularly profitable in times of inflation. After all, inflation also means devaluation of money. According to the central […]

Become a vocational trainer: AEVO Questions 3 – Train skilled workers (for real estate agents offices & Co.)

Becoming a real estate agent job instructor: Test questions for field of action 3 – What is it about? Field of action 3 includes the concrete training of skilled workers. Becoming an IHK real estate agent trainer has many advantages for your company! Prevent shortage of skilled workers, well trained skilled workers and more performance, […]

Senior housing – WBS application, buy yourself & assisted living

Senior housing – Accessibility and good accessibility are the basic requirements for senior-friendly housing design. The demand for senior housing and assisted living is steadily increasing due to the aging population. However, in times of old-age poverty, hardly any pensioner can afford to buy a senior apartment without assistance. Therefore, more and more elderly people […]

Winter clearing obligation as traffic safety

Winter clearing obligation – The winter clearing obligation is the obligation to ensure traffic safety in snowy and icy conditions in order to prevent accidents. This obligation exists for every resident on a road, driveway or sidewalk. If in doubt, you should seek advice from an expert body, as there are extensive regulations and legal […]

Real estate annuity for financing a property

Real estate annuity – If the buyer of a property cannot immediately or fully raise the financing, it can be agreed that the purchaser pays the seller an ongoing annuity. The purchaser’s payment obligation must be secured in rem in the land register, as the real estate annuity is long-term and the seller must protect […]