Selling a house: This is how you can get top prices when selling a house in Minden & surroundings

Private sale or better with real estate agent? Here on our blog you will come across our elementary questions that you must always consider in today’s market situation for houses, also in the planning for renovation and appraiser.

Profitable valuation of apartment and house, the first broker appointment

It doesn’t matter if the first thing you want to do is to get the best selling price. Acquire now all the necessary know how described here in the real estate market, finding prices and. If you want to save time, send us an e-mail. Here the know-how in the real estate sales and support you will find. If you do not want to go through all the hassle, contact our team.

Continuing on the todo list with: Floor plans and architectural plans. Official applications but also invoices are important documents, which you definitely need for the new owner. Professionally made photos raise the sales value of your house, so that any prospective buyer can make a much more realistic picture of the house, saves time photos should always have a good resolution (for example 1700 on 1150 pixels). After all, you want to sell now. And ideally for a first class profit.

Hausverkauf mit Immobilienmakler

Next on the schedule: Determine the market asking price for the property to be sold. The determination of a sales price, based on serious data packages, contribute various facets such as size, inventory quality, age but also property condition and equipment. It does not count what you yourself had once spent on your property in Minden, as well as paid over the years in money and work. As already at all times offers and demand at real estates determine the purchase price. You have to take this rule into account. Demand and supply of houses in Minden on today’s real estate market determine the expected value that one of the interested parties is willing to go in, the circumstance you need to know Really, such an assessment promises a lot of time for research, which you have to invest, for laymen it is clearly confusing to determine the house value correctly.

Your next task: Creation of a folder for potential customers.think but now for a small moment to the very own behavior in the search, already when reading over the object descriptionand all the details around EZW and m² confirms already for the majority of prospective buyers, whether one is well-disposed to the exposé, then want to see photos and want to know more. As with getting to know our very first impression counts, the time for an appealing advertisement, online search or newspaper, is therefore profitable for you in the sale, with all the features you know as a real estate owner perhaps even former residents, the best. In the advertisement or also Exposè of the real estate everything must have been written down. E.g. , garden, garage for bicycles and cars and a private swimming pool, etc. After that is advertised on the market, in an ad on a portal for real estate or in the good old newspaper. Then wait patiently for the first enquiry. Is your property well received by visitors to your ad?

The next point on your sales planning is about: With a strong exposé incl. diverse galleries for photos, the search often works faster than thought, you already have the first feedback, your broker receives the letters for the seller and only if feedback is received from prospective buyers, he takes up personal contact with you.

Meeting for viewing with potential interested parties. The tension increases. So that you sell your real estate best simply and at the same time also successfully, your broker organizes every morning appointments to the house inspection in Minden with prospective customers. The broker takes over each conversation independently. You as the owner can of course also be in the conversation.

Check of the current purchasing power of the person interested in the property

So that you do not have to experience payment difficulties when selling your house, the insured creditworthiness is immediately checked by information.

Your following challenge: Notary appointment and conclusion of the final purchase contract.In the further course, the broker leads the talks to the house sale and also regulates all the still to be discussed formalities of the purchase contract, then he prepares together with the notary the notarized contract and clear, for the notarization of the purchase contract, the way to the notary is mandatory. Whatever challenge you had, whether acquired property with central location, the main goal is closer than you would thinkVerkäufer and buyer sign the contract, so far so good, with the signature the property is notarized delivered, so remain only last individual steps.

Next comes the payment of the negotiated real estate purchase price to you as the owner: Payment from the negotiated real estate purchase price to you as the owner after updating in the land register, or also Auflassungsvormerkung.The notary subsequently enters the land register entry and the Auflassungsvormerkung, it provides exemplary for the effective danger exclusion of multiple sales. The notary gives the final release to the new owner, when he can transfer the contractual sales price to you, after that you have to check the account balance for the receipt of payment.

Act like experts, as the next item on your sales plan for selling a house in Minden: Transfer pending bills from real estate agent and notary. Your house in Minden is sold quickly, then the invoice amount for commissioned real estate agent and notary is still outstanding, the transfer for must be sent by the seller promptly afterwards to the notary appointment, for this purpose you will be sent by both an invoice for the work effort.

Selling like a real estate professional, the next item on the plan: You have done everything! Calculated land transfer tax to pay the carrier. At the end of the guidebook still a very last crucial info completed sale of a property can be assessed capital gains tax. And this is the case if there is no more than ten years between the private sale and the re-sale of your house, in addition there may be church tax and solidarity surcharge. Of course, there are exceptions, for example, if you as the owner lived in your house yourself for more than three years and never rented it out. However, if it is proven that you lived in the house yourself for more than three years and did not act as a landlord during this time, you do not have to pay capital gains tax.

New construction, housing market and real estate in Minden: Financing and investment

Our guide of 67,293 satisfied owners in Minden to purchase price current for townhomes, building lots and townhomes. With a total area of 101.12 square kilometers, Minden offers enough space for housing units live and enjoy today 0.08 million residents. With 807 inhabitants per square kilometer, living space is naturally rare.

Minden housing and real estate market: facts and figures

But how do people live in Minden? As one learns at present in the most current studies of the Federal Office for Statistics, 31.708 inhabitants live in the own possession of a house, in addition 39.520 inhabitants live in a rented flat. At the same time, 48,166 people live in married couples and 33,471 are currently single in regional households. Need for new construction in the form of new housing units in all neighborhoods. How high do new surveys see the trend? The current need for new housing is really high, so studies assume 29,686 new units17% assume 34,634 new housing built in the next few years and 33% speculates Minden new housing that needs to be built, currently statistically only 229 new housing units are built. Thereby one invests in Minden proud 3,163,161,626.67 euros this year.

Minden’s neighbourhood offers a lot

In Minden, most citizens are satisfied with their housing situation, no matter whether single or multi-family house. As well as 67.293 house and apartment owners, who like their own living environment, with the housing situation dissatisfied are only 14.344. But also with tenants in Minden shows a positive basic mood with 60.020 happy people. The number of Mindener lives in house for a family, not in an apartment, together there are 42.750 Mindener, clearly more than in apartment buildings, here 25.368 or 12.661 people live in houses for two tenants, the known semi-detached house.

Real estate planning in Minden fellow citizens of 25-39 years but also many for the Minden purchasing power important older residents, such as 14,295 residents between over 65 years. What does the future say? Minden is constantly increasing, from 80,952 people barely four years ago, the number of residents grew by a whole 685 to now statistically 82,320, the long-term forecast continuesCome now to the predictions of the next 20 years.

0.6 billion euros of capital invested in Minden houses and apartments

Investment capital has increased immensely, a handsome 497,837,269 euros in liquid assets currently in savings accounts and under pillows. Far higher sums, a whole 567,302,935 euros are tied up in real estate, only 104.2 million euros exist as useable assets, have you reckoned with the amount of? Purely statistically by purchases and sales and/or transactions annually large amounts are converted, the prognosis comes up to 7.5 billion euro, in the housing new building are transferred extrapolated whole 3,163,161,626.67 euro, modernization plays particularly in the densely populated regions, like Minden with 807 inhabitants / square kilometer an always important area with up-to-date 3.7 billion euro Investion. Altogether the housing and house market in Minden transfers hardly imaginable 14.378.007.393,94 euro in the year.

Private residential property in Minden

Owning condos and houses definitely makes life easier. Thereby real estate owners exist in big and small. Let’s fix a look at a two-individual examples, according to Germany-wide statistics of empirica, 3,434 children from 0 to 10 years live in condominiums or houses, in the rising age it becomes a little more, certainly due to the survived toddler age and the fact that the parents are more anchored in the profession, now many buy their house or a condominium for the young family, among the 11 to 21 year old children live 4.252 in a home of their own, behind them comes a kink, among the 21 to 30 year olds, they are looking for the wide world, in this group statistically 930 people live in their own property. The percentage rises, the older one becomes, thus it is with the 31-40 year olds 3,524 and with the 41-50 year olds create it on 6,095 content real estate owners, in the group of 51 and 60 years live 5,581 in the home of one’s own, in the segment of the 61-70 year old persons one brings it still on 4,263, ever more sell and thus the number of the real estate owners on only 2,641of altogether Minden thousand persons sinks.

Statistics in Minden

Housing situation – apartment

Housing situation Number
House 31.708
Condo 5.021
Apartment for rent 39.520
Shared apartment 5.380

Data source: Federal Statistical Office

Home ownership

Homeowner in Minden / Age Quantity
0-10 3.434
11-21 4.252
21-30 930
31-40 3.524
41-50 6.095
51-60 5.581
61-70 4.263
71-80 2.641

empirica / LBS Research (data source)


Surrounding Area

Households / persons today 2035 Difference
1 33.471 35.920 2.449
2 27.757 29.389 1.633
3 9.796 8.164 -1.633
4 7.347 6.531 -816
5+ 2.449 2.367 -82

Statistics: Federal Statistical Office


Households / persons today 2035 Growth
1 43.268 45.717 2.449
2 23.675 22.858 -816
3 7.347 6.531 -816
4 4.898 4.817 -82
more than 5 1.633 1.469 -163

Source: Federal Statistical Office