Selling a house: Successfully selling your own house in Grevenbroich

Tips from the realtor, tricks, insider tips: How do I get a better price with expert tips? Here on our portal you will find answers for the most important questions about the profit-maximizing sale of your property and the associated land.

In the beginning it is all about a professional start: First with the broker agree for the professional value calculation of your house or modern condominium. 70 or 185 m², whether you are selling an idyllic property in the countryside, a 6-room apartment, an environmentally friendly wooden house or a quickly built prefabricated house: make yourself clearly aware of how to proceed and how to obtain the most profitable price. Acquire with us all the here noted mandatory knowledge in the sale of houses, know well in your region in and around Grevenbroich and. If you do not have desire on all the Strapazen, take up contact with us. For a serious valuation of real estate support you the mandatory noted know-how in the sale of real estate research sales prices that have already been achieved in in Grevenbroich and if you want to have less hassle, contact us.

This is followed by: Documents at best as originals, invoices and also receipts. Here we have for you everything relevant for sale and real estate need various important papers. These include, for example, certifications but also documents. Beautiful photos increase the sales value of your property, that is important, so that first prospective customers can make themselves much more comprehensive of the real estate already in the web without much expenditure for you. Your, your made photos must show the real estate in Grevenbroich always in the perfect light and have a good resolution (1800×1300 pixels). Because you want to give away.

Haus verkaufen mit Makler in Grevenbroich

Determine a strong selling price for the house for sale exposé

An estimate of a selling price contributes many factors such as room layout, type of construction, possible defects, transport connections and also property condition and equipment, what is important is not how much you had invested. Supply and demand of houses in Grevenbroich on the current house market determine the expected selling price that one of the interested parties is willing to pay. As always, demand and supply determine the price the buyer is willing to pay. Despite all the measures you are not sure about the price of the house? For laymen it can be difficult to estimate the value of a house realistically.

The challenge that follows: to have your offer for the empty condominium drawn up.interest in buying is already apparent when reading the property description, you already see, the first impression counts . The time for an appealing advertisement, newspaper or online, is therefore worthwhile. In addition: As still owners you know your real estate from the FF, pay attention the consideration of all central key data and info. For example garden, the own swimming pool, special features on the property and winter garden to relax after a hectic week. The exposé is ready? Now follows the advertisement, in an advertisement on a most visited real estate portal or in the well-tried regional daily newspaper and then wait. Is your house well received by observers of the advertisement?

Your next step: Manage enquiries and mail. If you start your search for buyers with your exposé, the establishment of contacts is often quite fast, and your real estate agent already has the first inquiries on the real estate exposé. If you have commissioned an estate agent early enough, he will receive all the feedback. He or she will only contact you personally if enquiries from interested parties are still coming in.

Meeting for the tour with the first interested people. Every hour the excitement intensifies. So that your property is conveyed as easily and successfully as possible, a real estate agent makes appointments for a viewing every morning, should you want, he takes over every appointment without your presence, of course, sellers are allowed to be in the appointments.

Wealth check: Have the purchasing power of the interested party confirmed

You should not have to witness any payment irregularities, the insured solvency of the prospective buyer is checked directly after house inspection and examination of light bulbs, door handles light switches, etc..

The visit to the notary and finalization of the notarized purchase contract

A new owner has been found, now your broker leads the talks about the sale of the house, he clarifies the individual formalities of the contract, your notarized contract of sale formulated and prepared by your broker together with your called notary in a draft. For a notarization you definitely have to go to a notary, also from a legal point of view. At his office, seller and buyer sign the now present purchase contract. Congratulations, with this the house is sold highly notarized.

Next comes: payment of the purchase price to the former owner after updating in the land register, respectively priority notice of conveyance. Next, the notary enters the new entry in the land register and the so-called priority notice of conveyance, the official document ensures, for example, that a property could not be sold twice by the broker, that is, to at least two prospective buyers at the same time. The notary then informs the buyer immediately when he or his involved bank can transfer the contractual sales price to your bank account, then do not forget to check afterwards whether the payment is received on your own account.


Payment of costs for your previously engaged notary and broker

Pay as a seller in the following the payment settlement of the commissioned service of the brokerage and notary costs, directly after the achieved conclusion of sale at the notary, for this you will be sent in each case a separate invoice.

Grevenbroich(North Rhine-Westphalia) is home to 62,977 residents and potential home buyers. Now follows: Own home sold: Compensate determined real estate transfer tax…. The very last very relevant information between no 10 years, you will have to pay capital gains tax. The solidarity surcharge and church tax then come on top. Of course, there are exceptions. For example, if you as the owner more than 3 years]36 months lived in owner occupation on site.

Apartments, houses and demographics in Grevenbroich

Figures from residents by age structure to demand for housing and new construction. Currently, 62,977 citizens live and enjoy themselves on an area of 102.41 square kilometres. Apartments are in demand with 615 people per square kilometre. In total, 0.08% of the German population lives in Grevenbroich.

Current housing market and demand for new construction: development and studies

As you can currently read out in the survey of the Federal Office of Statistics, 24,460 residents live in the possession of a house. 3,873 are proud owners of a condominium and a whole 30,487 renting citizens, they are 37,156 people in marriage as well as 25,821 single. That’s why you know of the current need for action in new construction of even affordable housing. By 2020, about half of Grevenbroich’s housing surveys predict new housing approximately 17% see only 26,718 new housing units in need and 33% speculate Grevenbroich housing, annually only 176 new housing units are completed according to statistical calculation. With a total investment 2,440,148,826.67 euros.

Grevenbroich’s districts know what citizens want

In Grevenbroich, people are overall really happy where they live. Of the owners, there are a whole 51,912 happy people who like just this good neighbourhood and location, against only 11,065 dissatisfied, a whole 40,847 more, the same picture is shown by tenants in Grevenbroich, with 46,301 happy to live locally, compared to 16,676 people who are not so happy at the moment. Did you know? The large amount of Grevenbroicher lives in house for a family and not in apartments, together there are 32,979 Grevenbroicher, significantly more than as in apartment buildings, here live 19,569 and again 9,767 people in two-family houses, the popular semi-detached.

Construction Demographic and age group planning

Grevenbroich has purely statistically a high number of young citizens, like 498 babies under year just as many for the domestic development relevant older humans, like 3,325 humans between 50 to 64 years. But what will the future bring?the estimations of the coming city developments continue. Let’s change now to current development in the next 20 years.

0.4 billion euros are invested in the current Grevenbroich real estate

An impressive 0.4 billion euros in cash assets lie dormant in savings accounts. Even more, a whole 437,632,898 euros are invested in real estate, would you have expected so much capital? The total amount of transactions in the real estate market in Grevenbroich amounts to 5,767,624,499.39 Euros annually, statistically speaking, in the same period 2,440,148,826.67 Euros were transferred in residential construction, a whole 2,883,812,249.70 Euros are currently invested every year in the modernization of houses and apartments, in total the real estate market in Grevenbroich generates an almost unimaginable 11.1 billion Euros every twelve months.

This is the statistical distribution of living in one’s own property according to age groups

How are distributed , how many Grevenbroicher live rent-free? Let’s look at two of the values. According to calculation of empirica live today 2,649 children of 0 – 10 years in real estate, later it becomes already somewhat more, also because both parents have the toddler phase strengthened behind themselves and work, many invest now their first real estate for the young family, under the 11 to 21 year olds live 3,280 in the own home, then the statistics breaks in, with 21 – 30 years, only 718 live in the in the own real estate. The quota increases, the older the Grevenbroicher become. Thus it rises with the 31 to 40 year olds 2,719 and somewhat over them, with the today 41 – 50 year olds create it on 4,702 proud real estate owners. Between 51 – 60 years live 4,305 Grevenbroicher in the home of one’s own. With the 61 to 70 year old residents one creates it still on 3.289, more and more sell or give to the children and so there are 2.038people.

Demography in Grevenbroich

Housing situation – apartment

Housing situation Number
House 24.460
Apartment 3.873
Apartment for rent 30.487
Shared apartment 4.150

Statistics: Federal Statistical Office

Home ownership

Homeowner / Age Quantity
0-10 2.649
11-21 3.280
21-30 718
31-40 2.719
41-50 4.702
51-60 4.305
61-70 3.289
71-80 2.038

empirica / LBS Research (data source)


Surrounding Area

Households today 2035 Difference
1 25.821 27.710 1.889
2 21.412 22.672 1.260
3 7.557 6.298 -1.260
4 5.668 5.038 -630
5 + 1.889 1.826 -63

Source: Federal Statistical Office


Households today 2035 Growth
1 33.378 35.267 1.889
2 18.263 17.634 -630
3 5.668 5.038 -630
4 3.779 3.716 -63
more than 5 1.260 1.134 -126

Source: Federal Statistical Office