Selling a house seriously: Your real estate agent for Herford

Private sale or better with an experienced real estate agent? Bestmöglichr House sale in Herford: Here in our magazine you will come across our elementary questions and all the important topics that you currently need to consider.

Profitable real estate valuation of your own home and beautiful condominium: The first appointment with your real estate agent

Whether you are selling an idyllic country estate, a modern villa in the suburbs, a 1-bedroom condominium or a cozy apartment building, you need to know how to proceed smartly in the process and how to get the best price for your property after closing. Acquire the necessary knowledge in selling real estate noted here on our blog and, if you are not interested in all the stress, contact us. When it comes to realistic property valuation, the presupposed knowledge in selling real estate noted here, researching prices and will help you with the calculation. If you do not want to spend time and effort, contact us.

Continue on your to-do list with the item: floor plan and old plans of the architect. Important for sale and valuation. As the seller of your property, you will need numerous relevant papers. These include, for example, the energy certificate and the floor plan of the house. Show your property in the exposé with good photographs. So that possible buyers can literally make themselves much better already in the ad processed pictures should show the property in the advantageous light as well as have high-resolution quality.


The price in euro must be fixed

Size, neighborhood play a decisive role in the calculation of the purchase price. It does not count, which amounts you have invested in your personal past once for your house. As always, supply and demand of houses determine the selling price, supply and demand on the current real estate market regulate the probable price that the prospective buyer will be willing to invest. You should take this rule into account so that no unfulfillable wishes are included You are not sure about the value of the house when you think about it more closely? For private persons it is clearly complex to estimate the real value in a serious way.

Develop your offer for a property from a real estate agent

Whether the reader of the advertisement is interested, you know directly when reading the property description, so it is worthwhile to put time into a really good exposé in the sale. In addition: As the owner, you know all the necessary details. Make sure that all the extras to be described are listed in the property exposé, e.g. garden, swimming pool and garage or carport. The best sales area have salesmen topically by the portal for houses and dwellings, like Immonet in addition, the good old local daily paperin Herford. And then it is called impatiently sit and wait for the first demand.

Next on your list is this topic: managing queries from interested people. Already in a few days the very first reactions come very soon, had you hired a broker for the mediation he takes all the inquiries and only then if still further inquiries come, he or she gets back to you.

Appointments for viewing with your potential interested parties

Every day the excitement grows. In order to sell the property quickly and successfully, the real estate agent organizes every day new appointments for a house inspection in Herford with prospective buyers who are interested in the type and location of your house. The real estate agent makes every appointment autonomously, you may of course also be in the appointment, if you want, always ensure a clean impression at the viewing appointment, like a new car.

The next step involves: Even before the purchase agreement: securing the conclusion of the sale by checking the purchasing power of the prospective buyer. If you want to sell your property, start with experienced brokers, because they will immediately check the given solvency of the new owner.

Notary visit and finalization of the purchase contract

In the further procedure your broker conducts the final talks about the sale of the house and discusses the details of the immediately following purchase contract, then he prepares in cooperation with the notary the notarized purchase contract in a draft, for the notarization you have to come to the notary. With him you and the buyer sign the now present contract. Congratulations, because with it the house is really notarized sold.

The next step: payment of the previously agreed purchase price after entry in the land register (or priority notice of conveyance). Your notary will then enter the land register entry but also the so-called priority notice of conveyance, the document provides exemplary for the greatest possible exclusion of risks of multiple sales to various interested parties, immediately when the buyer can transfer contractual purchase price to you, your notary informs him, please do not forget to check whether the payment has been credited to your account.


Now turn around: Payment of notary appointment and broker invoice.Instruct the payment settlement of your real estate agent and notary costs service you have used, directly after the achieved conclusion of the purchase contract at your notary.

Herford(North Rhine-Westphalia) has a population of 66,514 making it a potential home buyer. Next on your todo list comes with: Transfer of calculated real estate transfer tax…. If there are less than 10 years between the sale and the past purchase, you may have to transfer capital gains tax. Solidarity surcharge and church tax may be calculated in addition. However, there are also exceptions. For example, if you as a property owner have lived in your house yourself for more than 3 years and have never rented it out.

Regional innovation and the ownership of real estate

From financing and real estate market to private home ownership. Herford’s city center and surrounding areas are currently home to 66,514 citizens, from north to south on 79.16 KM². Herford is so clearly one of the most visited domestic cities, Herford is not far from North Rhine-Westphalia’s capital Herford. Statistically 840 persons on each square kilometer, with it in particular for less well earning the payable dwelling naturally becomes a desired property.

Housing market and new construction demand: new statistics

As one can just read out in the survey of the Federal Statistical Office, 25,834 residents live in their own house, in a condominium live 4,091spend their everyday life and a whole 32,199 residents who live for rent, of the residents are 39,243 married people and 27,271 single. This is one of the reasons why we know about the current need for action in new construction.

Until 2020, 50% of the studies of Herford forecast new units, only a third of 20,156 by then, only about 17% come to 28,218 completed apartments in the next few years, how many will really be built according to the calculation? Currently, only 186 housing units are created, with a volume 2,577,195,786.67 euros.

48,901 happy tenants

At the same time, people in Herford are generally satisfied with the housing situationSuch as 54,827 house and apartment owners, who just like this excellent friendly neighborhood and location, dissatisfied, on the other hand, are only 11,687, also among tenants shows a lot of satisfaction with 48,901 people. The great majority of the inhabitants lives in house for one family, not in flats, all together there are 34.831 Herforders, thus clearly more than as in multi-family houses, here 20.668 or 10.315 persons live in houses for two families.

How Herford is developing: Today and tomorrow

Herford has some young residents, for example 4,377 teenagers aged 6-14, but also many older residents, such as 11,647 people aged over 65. What does the future say?the trend continues unchanged, already in 2022 there will be about 68.712 inhabitants living here, take a closer look now at the estimates for 2035.

0.4 billion euros are untouched in piggy banks

The available funds is really high, unbelievable 405.614.465 Euro cash assets slumber, according to statistical calculation bases of the German Federal Bank today on accounts. Even higher financial resources, because purely arithmetically 462,211,833 euros are invested in real estate. Statistically seen by transactions every 12 months extremely high sums are transferred, more exactly 6.091.553.677,58 euro, in the housing new building parallel up to 2.577.195.786,67 euro are spent, up to 3.045.776.838,79 euro are spent every twelve months here for modernization. In total, the real estate sector cumulatively transfers an astonishing 11,714,526,303.03 euros in the calendar year.

Private owners of houses and apartments in Herford by age in Herford

From which way owners of flats and houses distribute themselves with the age structures, who lives without having to pay rent? Let’s take a look at a two-individual example, according to a survey by empirica, 2,798 toddlers from 0 to 10 years of age live in properties owned by their parents, then there are already a little more, possibly because parents have the worrying toddler age behind them and are more involved in the profession. Among the 11-21 year old teenagers, 3,464 live in their own home, there are a lot fewer among the 21-30 year olds, they travel and are often on the lookout for challenges throughout Europe, just 758 live in their own property. As age increases, we are now more likely to live in our own home. Thus it is with the 31 to 40 year olds 2,871 and somewhat over them, with the today persons between 41 and 50 years even whole 4,966, at the age of 51 – 60 years live 4,547 in the own real estate, in the segment of the 61 – 70 year old fellow citizens one brings it still on 3,473. The life evening spend no longer so many seniors in their own home, 2,152of altogether Herford thousand inhabitants.

Herford’s demographic development in the real estate market

Housing situation – apartment

Housing situation Number
Own house 25.834
Condo 4.091
Rent 32.199
Shared apartment 4.383

Data source: Federal Statistical Office

Home ownership

Homeowner / Age Quantity
0-10 2.798
11-21 3.464
21-30 758
31-40 2.871
41-50 4.966
51-60 4.547
61-70 3.473
71-80 2.152

Statistical source: empirica / LBS Research


Surrounding Area

Households (persons) today 2035 Change
1 27.271 29.266 1.995
2 22.615 23.945 1.330
3 7.982 6.651 -1.330
4 5.986 5.321 -665
over 5 1.995 1.929 -67

Source: Federal Statistical Office


Households today 2035 Growth
1 35.252 37.248 1.995
2 19.289 18.624 -665
3 5.986 5.321 -665
4 3.991 3.924 -67
over 5 1.330 1.197 -133

Source: Federal Statistical Office