Selling a house in Bad Nauheim: The procedure for selling a house

Whether inherited, divorced or for new financing, if you speculate now spontaneously about the house sale at current prices, then you should start the organization but also the extensive planning of the sale task by task and also think about the future life planning, for your family and yourself. For most in Bad Nauheim, owning a home is more than just a roof over your head, but a special object that is enmeshed not only with many stories, but also personal emotions and memories (for example, your child’s university graduation), and thus has a personal value forever.

Effort and must haves for the sale of your house – holiday apartment to city villa

Therefore, take your time in making your decision. No matter whether the place does not please any more, a broken love or the planned child – whatever the cause of your house sale may be, proceed carefully step by step! The personal sales goal must be fixed beforehand in consultation with real estate agents, craftsmen and renowned appraisers, therefore always inform yourself in detail beforehand with experts in house building and selling, in addition to archive all documents, invoices and also receipts. If you are selling, it also pays to put some extra time into the property to effectively increase the property value and also pay attention to details such as power connections, light bulbs, and so on. Your immediate goal in all your preparation should be to get the optimal selling price for your property – who acts under time pressure or is badly informed, should calculate thereby mostly with financial losses, preparation is thus very important for you, unnecessary processes, which by a careful considered sales preparation definitely to avoid even completely to prevent is. For the smooth implementation and the best possible house sale, we have written our extensive sales training, the more practice, the more success you will have in a sustainable way.

  • What papers and certified documents do we need?
  • House sale with professional realtor or can I do the sale privately?
  • How high could I set the maximum price for my house in a relatively good location in Bad Nauheim for a successful sale in the advertisement?

House sale on their own, tips and recommendations

  • Photo and Expose – Staged rooms with a cosy ambience
  • Start with a realistic selling price for your property to the market
  • Pay particular attention to details regarding the condition of the property
  • The permanent archiving of all house-related receipts, documents at best as originals and invoices for the property or the condominium in Bad Nauheim

Our answers to your questions from A like parking space to Z like central location

On our real estate blog, you will come across the most exciting questions and all the important issues that you definitely need to consider these days, even in planning for renovation and construction companies of the property.

How do I find the best price for a property in Bad Nauheim?

A justified value of your property is on every to-do list definitely on the top position of the paper. Included here should be for various important and less important factors such as location of the house and condition (shady/sunny location and unobstructed view of street), the transport links to the city and main station to calculate the property value understandable. Contact us to calculate what possible purchase price you can achieve for your old property in Bad Nauheim, with detailed preparation!

Documents: Offers and substance appraisals that you need to have at hand?

For this, properties such as condominium, investment property and land are distinguished as well as other documents are important, this includes site plan, lien on property as well as insurance certificates etc. Unique, complex, as well as a whole real estate sale from A to Z is really exhausting, we support you to always keep the overview, with tips and experience.

Organization and preparation from the first appointment to the visit of possible interested parties?

No matter if you prefer to sell the property yourself or if you give the order to a real estate agent, all important papers such as instructions for building services, your energy certificate and minutes of the owners’ meetings should always be put together.

Is it permissible to neglect defects in the sale under certain circumstances?

To any potential new owner, you really must be shown every known defect before the sale, so nothing must be left out by the seller – for an honest trade. A fraudulent misrepresentation is what we call passing over significant property damage with full knowledge. Then you will reach into the wallet, for the rectification of all registered defects. In fact, it then goes further, even a reversal of the purchase contract is enforceable in a serious case for the affected business partner. Let’s hold, already on the basis of the current laws must be pointed out to all actual defects but also damages. Do not be tempted to not mention significant defects, you must remember this legal principle for all eventualities, regardless of whether divorce, inheritance transferred or change of profession. With such unfair methods, you provoke legal action by the buyer and that can be really costly.

Leisten, Türen, etc.

Low-energy living: How do you even get an official energy certificate for your home?

The energy certificate is briefly described as a document that gives verifiable information about the energy condition of a house, under the regulations of the Energy Saving Ordinance or EnEV. For the incontestable private sale of your real estate it is definitely to be considered to show the possible buyer before conclusion of a contract an energy document of identification. Penalties go thereby over € 10000 with deliberate disregard. If you want to organise an energy certificate, you can do so, for example, at an energy consultant in the vicinity of Bad Nauheim.

Energieausweis für den Hausverkauf

House sold: What do you have to do now until you stand in front of the notary?

First of all, the promised financing must be secured via the buyer’s bank in order to avoid any unpleasant surprises. The joint appointment at the notary for the conclusion of the purchase contract is arranged by the respective seller after agreeing on the conditions and means of financing. All the determined terms of payment are now written in a preliminary draft contract by the booked notary. Both parties, buyer and seller, get a copy for changes. At the last outstanding notary appointment in Bad Nauheim or in a neighbouring town, the purchase contract is reproduced. With the signature of all present legally binding.

Ihr Besuch beim Notar in Bad Nauheim

Land charges, notary, estate agent: Are there calculable expenses in the sale? If so, which ones?

Under certain circumstances, the seller may have to pay and remove old land charges that are still on the property.

After the notary and the land charge, there may still be costs for a cadastral map and an expert opinion, depending on the completeness of the documents and evidence.

Which of us bears the brokerage costs or commission (seller or buyer)?

Which party pays the arising costs of the broker’s commission, that is not firmly regulated in Germany until now. The commission share may therefore also be reduced to half, but usually the house buyer takes over the upcoming brokerage commission for the dedicated broker.

Real estate sale in Bad Nauheim: Step by step

Bad Nauheim in Hesse is home to 31,924 residents and potential homebuyers.

  1. Professional home valuation: the very first realtor meetings.
  2. Floor plan and plans of the architecture: Everything important for the sale
  3. The offer price in Euro for your property or apartment in Bad Nauheim or the surrounding area
  4. Design of the professional exposé for possible customers of the object
  5. Inquiries about the house and answering calls
  6. Arrange and carry out viewing appointments
  7. Protection through credit assessment of potential new owners
  8. Notary appointment and conclusion of the real estate purchase contract
  9. Payment of the purchase price to you as the owner after entry in the land register (also priority notice of conveyance)
  10. Payment of notary and brokerage costs
  11. Only one task left! Transfer of the accruing real estate transfer tax

Municipal innovation and land ownership in Bad Nauheim

Appraisals from real estate ownership to current purchase price for terraced properties, building land but also houses in Bad Nauheim. Bad Nauheim currently has 31 924 residents, from west to east on 32.54 KM². Bad Nauheim is just a rather large city. Apartments and affordable housing are in demand by citizens on every developed and undeveloped square kilometer of land.

New build properties: Where do people live on average in Bad Nauheim?

According to the latest study of the Federal Statistical Office, people live in a house, terraced houses and apartment buildings, which is owned and tenants. According to LBS Research would have to live in the properties married people are single. New construction demand in the form of apartments in all neighborhoods. The housing need is high, studies assume new dwellings, only 33% of until then and only 17% of the calculations register a need of finished dwellings in the next years, at present according to statistical probability only extrapolated dwellings are finished in Bad Nauheim. For this one invests in Bad Nauheim proud euros.

Bad Nauheim’s districts know what citizens want

At the same time, most Bad Nauheimer are quite satisfied in surveys, where they live. Like owners, who like just this sympathetic neighborhood and location, against only dissatisfied, whole more, a similar friendly picture manifests itself also with the tenants, with gladly locally living persons. Did you know? Most of them live in single-family houses and not in a multi-family house, cumulatively live here Bad Nauheimer, in multi-family houses live of it people in two-family houses.

Real estate planning of population and future

Statistically, the city has a large number of young citizens, such as infants under one year, as well as some residents of advanced age, such as residents over 65 years. What will the next few years bring?the trend will continue in the future, because already in four years, according to surveys, about 32,979 citizens will need space to live, that is another 1,055 people, now take a focused look at current forecasts of the next 20 years.

Euro are not used under mattresses

Unbelievable billions of Euros of constantly to be grasped money assets, according to statistical calculation bases of the Federal Bank on bank accounts or under the mattresses, even larger financial amounts, circa Euros are deposited in real estate and only Euros exist as use assets, have you reckoned with the amount of annually running? The total amount of transactions in the real estate sector in Bad Nauheim is currently, statistically speaking, billions of euros. In the same period of time, Euros are used for the new construction of apartments, up to billions of Euros are currently spent here every twelve months for the modernization of apartments and houses, in total the real estate sector cumulatively transfers impressive Euros every 12 months.

This is the statistical distribution of living in one’s own property according to age

How many people actually live in Bad Nauheim without paying rent? According to a nationwide survey by empirica, children from 0 to 10 years of age live in condominiums or houses owned by their parents; as they get older, the number increases somewhat, certainly because the toddler phase is over and at least one parent is certainly more involved in the job again, quite a few now buy their house or just in cities a condominium, with 11-21 years living in their own home, then the statistics almost collapses, with the 21 to 30 year olds, in this group live just once people rent-free. Increasingly in the own real estate we live, the older one becomes, so it is with the 31 to 40 year olds already again and something over them, with the 41 to 50 year olds create it on proud real estate owners. At the age of 51-60 own property, in the range of 61-70 year olds are now , more and more sell and so there are only .

Statistical data and information for Bad Nauheim

Housing situation – apartment

Housing situation Number
Own house
Shared apartment

Source: Federal Statistical Office

Home ownership

Homeowner / Age Quantity

Data source: empirica / LBS Research


Surrounding Area

Households today 2035 Difference
over 5

Source: Federal Statistical Office

Bad Nauheim

Households / persons today 2035 Difference
over 5

Statistics: Federal Statistical Office