Selling a house – How to achieve the highest price when selling a house in Lüdenscheid

Optimizing the sales price by means of tricks: How do I increase my sales value? With us you will find answers for the most important questions for the real estate sale.

Arrange a start date with your renowned real estate agent for the quick valuation of your property (apartment or house)

First of all, it is important to determine the best selling price of the property at the current situation in the Lüdenscheid real estate market to get the highest selling price for modern city villa, cozy townhouse or energy-saving house. Acquire all here standing necessary knowledge in the sales of real estates know themselves far in your region well from, if you do not have desire on all the expenditure, write you to us a Mail, with the respectable price estimation of most real estates all here noted and continuing, necessary Know How in the sales of housesKnowledge over Lüdenscheid and the close environment them support, if you do not have desire on all the strains, write you to our Immo team a E-Mail.

Provide paperwork for the upcoming sale of your home (floor plans and old architect’s plans).

You will receive a wide range of relevant documents. This includes among others receipts but also expert opinions. Refine your property in the listing with good photos, this is important so that likely buyers can make themselves much more comprehensive without much effort for both sides Photos should be of good quality and show the property or apartment in the best light.

Haus verkaufen

Next on your list with this topic: determine a stable asking price for the property or condominium to be sold in Lüdenscheid. The assessment of a selling price is valuable for buyers different information such as proximity to highways, transport links, type of house, location and also property equipment and condition. What counts here is not how much you paid. Demand and supply of real estate in Lüdenscheid on the current market regulate the desired purchase price. As in grandfather’s time, demand and supply of real estate decisively dominate the desired value Despite all the books you are about the value of the property does not feel confirmed when thinking more carefully? For the inexperienced, it is indeed also difficult to accurately estimate the authentic value of your property.

The next item on the to-do list revolves around: Exposé for your house in Lüdenscheid design let. Whether interest is present with the reader of the Exposé recognizes one directly, if one reads as a buyer a description on a real estate portal, as with getting to know our first impression counts, the expenditure for a professionally provided Exposé is worthwhile itself thus for you in the sales, with all details you know as a real estate owner possibly even former inhabitant, best from, pay attention therefore the consideration of all important characteristic numbers and information, e.g. Swimmingpool for the relaxed weekend, and extras of the property. Perfect, the exposé is ready? The best sales area is offered by the portals for houses and condominiums, such as Immo Scout 24 and also the local newspaper. And then it’s sit and wait for a first viewing request.

Haus verkaufen in Lüdenscheid

Next on the list with this topic: Receiving inquiries.with your exposé with photos of the interior and exterior, the search then runs but often fix, you already have the first inquiries on the real estate ad. Your appointed real estate agent answers all the various queries for the seller, only if there are further queries from prospective buyers, he will contact you.

Viewing appointments with interested people. With every hour the tension grows. So that the house is best sold quite quickly and of course successfully, the broker makes appointments for viewing every day, if you so choose, he takes over every single appointment independently. Of course, you can also be in the appointment if you want, always make sure that visitors find your house in the best condition, attractive as a new sports car.

Now follows: Wealth check: check the creditworthiness of the person interested in the property.So that you do not have to witness any fraud when selling your home, the creditworthiness is immediately checked by credit reports.

The next task: The notary appointment and finalization of the purchase contract.all still to be discussed formalities of the purchase contract, as well as all preliminary negotiations, leads the real estate expert of confidence. The notarial sales contract prepares your expert in cooperation with your notary for the sale in a draft contract, for a certification is a notary appointment Inevitable, with him both sides sign the contract, congratulations, with the signature is the house really certified changed.

Act like an experienced expert, the next on your sales planin Lüdenscheid: Payment of the purchase price to you as the owner after land register entry, or also conveyance notice. The notary will now make the entry in the land register. In addition, a priority notice of conveyance will be entered. This document prevents, for example, frequent sales of the property to several buyers who are not known to each other. When the new owner is allowed to transfer the agreed sales price to you, the notary will contact you. Remember, after the notary’s approval, you must check your account for the receipt of payment.

Your next step: Payment of notary appointment and broker costs.your Lüdenscheider real estate is sold, now only the agreed upon transfer amount for the active notary and real estate agent is outstanding, the transfer to must of you soon afterwards to the notary appointment instruct.

The next task: Transferring calculated real estate transfer tax – Now your home in Lüdenscheid is finally sold. . If there are no more than ten years between the sale and the purchase, you will have to pay capital gains tax. Solidarity surcharge and church tax may be added to this. Of course, there are also exceptions, for example if you as a property owner have actually lived in your house yourself for more than three years and never rented it out.

Urban change and land ownership in Lüdenscheid

Forecasts from How much does the square metre cost for apartments, single-family and multi-family houses, but also building plots to Population by age. In Lüdenscheid’s city center and surrounding area currently live 0.07 million citizens, on a total area of 87.02 square kilometers. Houses, flats but also affordable living space are in demand with 841 citizens on each undeveloped and developed square kilometre. If one distributes the numbers around 0.09% of the German inhabitants live in Lüdenscheid.

Housing demand and statistical new construction

Rent or buy, where do you live in Lüdenscheid? The Federal Statistical Office needed this year current studies on Lüdenscheid but also Germany, according to these 28,417 people live in the possession of a house, 4,500 are proud owners of a condominium. In addition, there are 35,419 tenants. Shared flats in Lüdenscheid, on the other hand, only account for an extremely small total proportion of around 4,822 tenants, they are 43,167 people in a marriage and 29,997 single. This is why people are of course aware of the current need for action in the construction of new apartments.

The current housing demand is really big, so the latest studies assume 26,605 housing units about 17% assume 31,039 new homes in the coming years and a good third assumes Lüdenscheid units in Lüdenscheid, currently, according to statistical probability, only about 205 new homes are built, invested a lot, a whole 2,834,861,120.00 euros.

Happy residents: 60,309 happy owners in Lüdenscheid

Lüdenscheid is wonderful! The Lüdenscheider are satisfied on demand, where they liveJust like whole 60,309 owners, who like the environment, against only 12,855 dissatisfied, whole 47,454 more, a similar picture shows up also with the tenants, with 53,790 inhabitants, compared with 19,374 persons who are dissatisfied this year. Most of them live in single-family houses, in no apartment, in a single-family house live 38,313 Lüdenscheider, in houses with at least two tenants live 22,735 and 11,347 people in two-family houses.

Local growth: residents in Lüdenscheid

Lüdenscheid has purely statistically many young residents, so for example 1,939 young adults of 18-20 years as many persons in the higher age, as 3,863 fellow citizens at the age of 50 to 64 yearsIncreases you find also in the predicted population development:The tendencies continueCome now to current forecasts of the next twenty years.

Purchases and sales transfer every year 6.700.580.829,09 Euro

The amount of money is really high, a whole 446.167.375 Euro cash assets are slumbering on bank accounts or under the pillows, even more, namely 508.423.287 Euro are deposited in real estate business, would you have reckoned with the amount of running and hoarded capital? The total amount of transactions from sales and purchases, amounts to in Lüdenscheid annually, purely statistically 6,700,580,829.09 euros, in the same period in the new building of dwellings 2.8 billion euros are used, up to 3,350,290,414.55 euros are spent every twelve months in Lüdenscheid for modernization of houses and apartments. In total, the market for real estate in Lüdenscheid moves an almost unimaginable 12,885,732,363.64 euros per year.

Owners of apartments and houses in Lüdenscheid by age

Who lives in the really own four walls? We have owners of houses and apartments in every age group. Let’s take a look at two concrete examples. According to empirica’s calculations, 3,077 children aged 0 – 10 currently live in owner-occupied flats or houses owned by their family; as they get older, there will be a few more, almost certainly due to the fact that they have mastered the age of small children and the resulting finding that their parents are anchored in their jobs; among 11 – 21 year-olds, 3,811 live in their own home. Far fewer are among 21 – 30 year olds, for example, they are travelling and looking for jobs worldwide, statistically 834 live in their own home. Increasingly in the own home we are, the older one becomes, so it is with the 31 to 40 year olds 3.159 and with the today 41-50 year olds create it on 5.462, in the group of 51-60 year olds live 5.001 in the own home and in the segment of the 61 to 70 year olds one comes still on 3.821, more and more sell and so it is 2.367of cumulatively 0,07 million citizens.

Statistics in Lüdenscheid

Housing situation – apartment

Housing situation Number
Home 28.417
Condo 4.500
Apartment for rent 35.419
WG 4.822

Source: Federal Statistical Office

Home ownership

Home ownership (years) Quantity
0-10 3.077
11-21 3.811
21-30 834
31-40 3.159
41-50 5.462
51-60 5.001
61-70 3.821
71-80 2.367

empirica / LBS Research (source)


Surrounding Area

Households (persons) today 2035 Difference
1 29.997 32.192 2.195
2 24.876 26.339 1.463
3 8.780 7.316 -1.463
4 6.585 5.853 -732
5 + 2.195 2.122 -73

Statistics: Federal Statistical Office


Households / persons today 2035 Difference
1 38.777 40.972 2.195
2 21.218 20.486 -732
3 6.585 5.853 -732
4 4.390 4.317 -73
5+ 1.463 1.317 -146

Statistical source: Federal Statistical Office