New York City: Apartment, House and Capital Investment

Realtor & Luxury Properties New York – Manhatten, Upper East Side, Midtown & Co. Buying luxury real estate in New York requires local market knowledge. As a unique metropolis, New York City offers the flair that millions of people are looking for. In New York, history is written every day, high politics, world stars and media. Especially in times of low interest rates it is worthwhile to invest in a good property, whether in New York, Los Angeles, Miami or even cities like Chicago. From the small 50-80 sqm condominium to the spacious private property with up to 1,800 sqm of land. We track down for you the properties that offer the greatest return and the greatest possible luxury and comfort.

Buy an Apartment New York

New York – Buying an apartment in New York City is different than anywhere. We give you a full, easy to understand step-by-step guide to buying an apartment, penthouse or loft in New York, whether Brooklyn, the Bronx, Queens, or Manhattan. We cover everything from the New York City real estate market overviews to answering questions like buy or rent an apartment in New York? What are the tax rates for real estate in New York? What’s different abot buying an apartment in New York? All this and more.

New York: Buy Property

New York — More than 8 million people live in New York, in a total area of 1,214.4 square kilometers. Countless galleries, museums, theaters, parks, restaurants and sights attract around 50 million visitors annually. A cultural melting pot, over 800 languages are spoken, and you can find food from almost every place on earth. In addition, New York is one of the most important trading cities in the world. In addition to the stock exchange, many international corporations have their headquarters here, forming an important economic area. Being one of the world’s financial centers, investing is a large market.

New York: Property Taxes

With the complicated New York Tax system, you need an easy-to-understand, detailed guide about the most important facts about property tax. It’s important to get to know the myriad of details and complications which New York City’s property tax system throws up, such as millage rates, mansion tax, and tax classes. Investing in New York City properties? Buying a house near the big city? This explanation gives you all the facts you need when deciding about purchasing real estate in New York or NYC.