The scope of architects’ work covers a wide range of diverse tasks. From the planning, design and creation of real estate to the construction and completion.

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You want to realize the dream of owning your own home in Berlin and treat your family to a house built completely according to your wishes? New construction to then profitably rent or sell in Berlin sounds interesting to them? Then they learn in this article how they should proceed and which architects fit them.


The profession of an architect encompasses many different facets. The tasks of architects include not only the planning and design, but also the supervision of construction work. Find an experienced architect in Munich here.


The Hanseatic city of Hamburg is a wonderful place for many to settle down and build their own home. So that nothing stands in the way of a smooth construction, we have listed the best architects in Hamburg for you here.


Architects create, design and design and also have an extensive knowledge of building materials and the processes of a building. Frankfurt is a sought-after location for new construction projects, with the help of a good architect you are a big step closer to your dream.


Do you want to gain a foothold in Cologne and fulfil your desire for a new building project? Architects check the construction sites with the help of the versatile expertise and are involved in all decisions as an expert. The profession of an architect is very extensive but also very varied, as the most diverse tasks fall within the area of responsibility.


Which architect is the best for my needs? Learn now everything about the topic architect here with us! All recommendations for architects in Mainz.


In Wiesbaden there are many architects who offer their services. Find here a qualified architect with whom you can imagine a collaboration.