House sale: Successfully sell your own house in Troisdorf

Tricks and insider tips: How do I achieve an even better price? Every day we receive many e-mails, but also in personal conversations at viewing appointments we encounter many questions, collected and clearly packaged you will find the most important questions on profit-optimized real estate sales.

At the beginning everything revolves around a professional start – value calculation of apartment and home: The very first appointment with the new real estate agent. City loft with 100 or 240 square meters, no matter whether first it is necessary to determine the price to get the best price given the current situation in the real estate market . Acquire all the necessary knowledge in the sale of real estate research prices in your city, should you want to spend little time-intensive effort, write us an e-mail. Here all the presupposed know-how in the sale of real estate knowledge about Troisdorf and the near region described here will help you. If you want to save time, write us.

Provide paperwork for the sale of a property: Plans of the architecture and floor plan

They various relevant papers, they include, for example, registrations from the office and forecasts for the future. Show your home in the advertisement with good photos. So that your prospective buyers can make themselves much more realistic without much effort processed photos should have a high-resolution quality but also your property or apartment building always represent from an advantageous location of the room, because you want to sell now, that ideally for a first-class selling price.

Haus verkaufen in Troisdorf

Determine the market price for your real estate exposé

A lot of big or small not changeable facts like size, age, that plays a central role in the ultimately finite calculation of the selling price. It doesn’t count which amounts you have spent earlier, as well as the countless hours of work. As in grandfather’s time, the majority of offers and demand for houses in Troisdorf dominate the value that the prospective buyer is willing to invest. You should know this fact. Just like in grandfather’s time, demand and supply regulate the value that one of your prospects is willing to invest. In fact, each provision promises a lot of time which you have to find. For the inexperienced, it may be difficult to accurately state the actual value of your home, in which case we recommend a top-notch appraisal of your property.

The next step: Have your offer for a property prepared. Even a quick overview of the description of your house confirms for most potential buyers whether attention is actually generated. The effort for a structured exposé is therefore worthwhile, you know yourself best as a real estate owner anyway. Therefore, always pay attention to the consideration of all properties. E.g. garden, garage for car and bike or , etc. Your exposé for the house sale is ready? The greatest chances of success promise the real estate portal and of course also the local Pressein Troisdorf and then it is called patiently waiting for a first request for a viewing appointment.

Haus verkaufen in Troisdorf

Receive inquiries from possible buyers

Soon the very first responses will come very soon. If you have appointed a real estate agent, he or she will answer all your questions and only if there are more specific queries from interested parties will he or she contact you.

Arrange and carry out viewing appointments. The excitement is rising, your estate agent is constantly organising viewing appointments. Should you wish, he makes all the conversations autonomous, of course, owners may be there, an important tip: definitely do not leave anything to luck, always ensure an impeccable impression at the viewing appointment. Like a brand new car.

Confirmation of the real purchasing power of the interested party

If you want to sell your property with land, work with brokers, because brokers check the solvency of the buyer directly through credit reports.

Next comes: After the changes to the draft contract: conclude notarized purchase contract at the notary.The broker leads the negotiations, he also agrees on the many individual minor details of the purchase contract that still need to be discussed.The notarized contract is formulated and prepared by your agent together with the notary’s office in a draft contract. And of course, for the notarization of the joint action, a notary appointment is a must. At the notary’s office, both parties sign the contract. With the signature you have sold your property notarized, congratulations.

This is followed by: Payment of the purchase price to the owner after entry in the land register, the so-called priority notice of conveyance. Notaries now enter the new passage in the land register but also the priority notice of conveyance. The paper has the aim to prevent a double sale without concrete fraud, if the new owner can release agreed purchase price to your bank account, the notary makes contact, check whether the amount has been received on the bank account.

Notar beim Hausverkauf in Troisdorf

Sell like an expert, the next point on your strategy plan to sell real estate in Troisdorf: Settle claims made by the previously commissioned broker and notary. Then pay the payment of your , after the successful conclusion of the contract with your notary.

Then follows: Pay land transfer tax. When selling a home, capital gains tax can be claimed whenever there is less than 10 years between the private sale and the transfer of the property, church tax and solidarity surcharge may be added. Of course, some exceptions are still made here. For example, if the owner lived in owner-occupation for more than three years, but if you lived in your property yourself for more than three years and did not act as a rental owner during that time, you will be exempt.

Municipal change and real estate investments in Troisdorf

Our guide from housing market and new construction to age structure and development. In Troisdorf currently live 0.07 million people, from east to west on 62 KM ², Troisdorf is just a pretty big city. Houses, flats but also affordable living space, for example for senior citizens, are in demand with 1203 people on every undeveloped and built-up square kilometre.

Current housing market and demand for new buildings: This is how people live in Troisdorf

But where does one live or better live in Troisdorf? The Federal Statistical Office recently collected current figures on Troisdorf but also Germany, statistically live 28,981 residents owned a house or apartment building and 36,122 renting citizens. Only 4,917, however, live in shared flats. At the same time, 44,023 married people and 30,593 single people live in Troisdorf’s properties. The demand for new construction has increased, also in Troisdorf.

How do current surveys assess the trend towards a housing shortage? Up to the year 2020 50% of the current calculations assume 27,133 new dwellings, still a third of 22,611, only approximately 17% register the need of 31,655 new dwellings, in this year according to statistical basis only approximately 209 new dwellings in Troisdorf are created. With an investment amount 2.9 billion euros annually.

54,858 of the tenants feel comfortable in their house and apartment

Here in Troisdorf most people are altogether really happy with their housing situation, from the owners it is whole 61,506 content humans, who appreciate evenly this situation and neighbourhood, against only 13,110 not content, whole 48,396 more, a similar friendly picture shows up also with the tenants, with 54,858 content inhabitants in the comparison to 19,758 persons at present dissatisfied are. Did you know, the vast majority of residents live in house for a family, in no apartment, added together live here 39,073 Troisdorfers, much more than in houses with several housing units, here live 23,186 or 11,572 people in two-family houses.

How Troisdorf is developing today and in the future

Statistically, the city has a high number of very young inhabitants, for example 2,746 young adults between 21 and 23 years of age, as well as some people of higher age relevant for the local economy, such as 3,940 inhabitants between 50 and 64 years of age, but what will the coming years bring? The estimates of the coming developments will continue in the future, because already in 2022 approximately 77,082 citizens will live here, that is another 2,466 people. Let’s now take a closer look at the latest calculations for the next twenty years.

455.021.935 Euro could still be spent

The slumbering capital is really a lot, unbelievable 455,021,935 euros of cash assets slumber, according to statistical data of the Bundesbank on savings books and under the mattresses. Even larger financial amounts, a whole 0.5 billion euros are deposited in real estate market, would you have thought of such large sums? Statistically seen, very large capital gains are converted annually by purchases and sales or real estate transactions, the extrapolation comes up to 6,833,559,389.09 euros, in the same period 2.9 billion euros were moved in the new construction of apartments in Troisdorf, a full 3.4 billion euros are currently invested annually in modernization. In total, the real estate sector cumulatively transfers an impressive 13.1 billion euros in the calendar year.

Property owner

In the ownership of real estate life is much easier thereby we see owners of houses and apartments from 8-80 years. Let’s look at two values. According to Germany-wide statistics from empirica, 3,138 children from 0 to 10 years live in real estate, with the years it is already a little more, also due to the created toddler age and the resulting finding that at least some of the parents are increasingly anchored in their own professional career. Among 11 – 21 year olds, 3,886 live in property owned by their dear parents. Significantly fewer are 21-30 years, they are often traveling and looking for challenges across Europe, in this age group live just 850 people rent-free. Increasingly we live in our own property, the older the Troisdorfer become, so it is with the 31-40 year olds 3,221 and with the today persons between 41 and 50 years even whole 5,571, in the group of 51 – 60 years have 5,101 Troisdorfer property. With the 61 – 70 year olds there are still 3,897, the coming part of the life spend not quite so many seniors in their often self-built home, 2,414.

Troisdorf’s change in the real estate market

Housing situation – apartment

Housing situation Number
Home 28.981
Condo 4.589
Apartment for rent 36.122
Shared apartment 4.917

Source: Federal Statistical Office

Home ownership

Homeowner / Age Quantity
0-10 3.138
11-21 3.886
21-30 850
31-40 3.221
41-50 5.571
51-60 5.101
61-70 3.897
71-80 2.414

empirica / LBS Research (data source)


Surrounding Area

Households (persons) today 2035 Difference
1 30.593 32.831 2.238
2 25.369 26.862 1.492
3 8.954 7.462 -1.492
4 6.715 5.969 -746
more than 5 2.238 2.164 -75

Data source: Federal Statistical Office


Households today 2035 Change
1 39.546 41.785 2.238
2 21.639 20.892 -746
3 6.715 5.969 -746
4 4.477 4.402 -75
5+ 1.492 1.343 -149

Source: Federal Statistical Office