First Class Jewelry Retouch – Photoshop Post-Processing, Design and Batch Processing

You are looking for experts for your jewelry retouch, then contact me gladly and at any time. We have significant references of German jewelry manufacturers. Quality, Made in Germany. We are the experts when it comes to creating infinite variations from one basis. We accomplish this on the one hand by designing and applying smart batch processing. On the other hand, we process the Photoshop program files directly, with our own JavaScripts to match file names directly with your databases.

Jewellery Retouch – High quality jewellery processing from the experts

So that you can get an idea, I will briefly give you an example of a successful jewelry retouch. Let’s say you have a cufflink, this has different patterns and inlays, which appear on the front as well as on the back, each depending on the other. That is, the different patterns change, as does the background of the back. For the later integration into your online shop you need all the images with the correct titling depending on your product database.

First, we process your jewelry images, from raw images to uniquely brilliant product images. In the next step, all inlays are retouched. Now we have two basic files – the jewellery and the inlays. Now, through our smart Retouch concepts and solutions, we enable your product database to be the starting point for batch processing and mass storage. In the next step, we export all processed files into folders and each individual file automatically receives its individual identification for assignment in any system (whether merchandise management or online shop).

The result: You have created 4000 from one cufflink. Each individual product image has an individual name. This is unique and synchronous with your product database or merchandise management. It will now be easy for your advertising, online or eCommerce agency to integrate all product images and link them to the correct product description, item number, etc.

Jewellery Retouch experts, own know-how

Our solutions do not come from books but from countless projects, years of experience and a lot of sensitivity for software, programming, layout and design. Of course, it may seem expensive, but intelligent planning is the best way to work cost-effectively in the end. A case study, Jewellery Retouch (Summer 2014):

The task was to put different inlays, patterns, stones, enamels, etc. in a few pieces of jewelry. Initially, the production of the images was thought to be outsourced to Asian countries. Nevertheless, the manufacturers wanted to find out what options and possibilities they had to save time and effort by using smart jewellery processing methods, if necessary. I came up with an individual concept, presented it and was asked to implement it immediately. After fourteen days we had done the work of (so far) four months – through retouch, automation and batch processing.

We then trained the staff in a two-day workshop and familiarized them with all the ins and outs. We provided the various Photoshop systems with our upgrades and implemented batch processing and automation. In addition, there was a 10-page, detailed stlyeguide for the jewelry processing. Today, the production of our own jewelry takes place completely in-house, from photography to rapid processing. Our client has since saved countless days of communication, work and effort. All that remains for the staff to do is to follow the style guide, trigger the automation and save according to our system. With the workshop, the principle was quickly communicated.


If you have any questions about jewelry retouch, feel free to contact me. I will give you detailed information about my and our range of services and about the possibilities you have with smart Photoshop solutions to jewelry retouch.