Moodboard für Schmuck Shooting - NIOMO London

NIOMO London – Jewellery Shooting at the highest level

Jewelry is one of my great passions, as many know. As a media & model manager, I am not only frequently on the road for jewelry manufacturers in the area of design (retouch) or in various Photoshop batch processing. It is the post-processing that makes jewelry shots valuable and serves as the final refinement of jewelry pieces.

Jewellery Shooting for NIOMI

A few days ago we met with the two creative minds behind NIOMO London. The plan: A spontaneous shoot between Christmas and New Year. Spontaneous here doesn’t mean in a week or two weeks, three days time. We went to a lot of trouble, even more phone calls and all that, during the holidays. In return, we lined up a wonderful team for the jewelry shoot. With complete professional photo equipment (thanks to MADK), we have one of the top photographers from Kiev, Ukraine, plus plenty of support from Cologne! Among others, great make-up artists who traveled especially for hands and neck shots, two charming jewelry producers and and two male models with strong bath – as it must be!

The goal of the campaign: Go for Unisex! For London-based jewellery label NIOMO, it’s no longer just women they’re catering to, but also the gentlemen of creation from London to Munich! The urban-styled collection, which reminds me a little of wilderness through sharp, gold-plated fangs, is incredibly professionally crafted. No sooner said than done: bread rolls made, studio booked and off to Cologne’s Mediapark. Our mood board gave a clear direction, black and white shots, for that certain level of first class. Besides the online shop, we now have a fancy homepage and soon the first campaign for men. Another stone on the way to the top, for the fashion label of the two charming Persians.

More about NIOMO Jewellery London can be found on the website or in the online shop: