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Student account explained

The student account is a current account exclusively for students. These accounts offer special benefits such as no account maintenance fees, coupons at the conclusion of the contract and no credit card fees.

Guidebook Content:

  1. Comparison: Student account
  2. What is time deposit?
  3. Advantages of time deposit
  4. Disadvantages of time deposit

The most important facts about the student account

  • Account specifically for students
  • Special advantages over normal accounts
  • Requires confirmation of enrollment
  • Regular evidence with study certificates
  • Total period of study up to a maximum of the age of 27.

Student Account Calculator

What is a student account?


A student account is a checking account specifically for students. When signing up for a student account, students get special benefits. For example, they pay no account maintenance fees, they get special coupons and a free credit card.

The student account at a glance:

  • A special current account for students
  • Students receive benefits upon graduation
  • You pay no account management fees
  • Receive additional coupons
  • Free credit card for the account

What is needed for a student account?

To open a student account, the person must be an enrolled student. The bank requires a confirmation of enrollment from the university. You also need a certificate of study for each semester. The offer is usually valid until the age of 27.