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Apartment sale purchase agreement: What to look out for? – Content, notary & documents

Sell Apartment Purchase Agreement – If you want to sell your apartment, a purchase agreement is an essential part of the process. The purchase contract is a legally binding document that specifies the terms of the sale and describes the rights and obligations of both parties. In this context, the notary also plays an important […]

Selling an apartment in a community of heirs: One of them does not want to sell – What to do?

Selling an apartment in the case of a community of heirs – When the deceased leaves a house or a condominium, the heirs are faced with the question of what to do with the property. Often, they decide to sell it. However, selling a home through a community of heirs can be a complex matter […]

Selling an apartment with a right of residence: How does it work? – Advantages & special features

Selling an Apartment with Residential Rights – Selling an apartment can be a difficult decision, especially when it comes to a home you’ve lived in for years. But what if you want to sell your apartment for personal or financial reasons? With a registered right of residence, you can sell your home with a clear […]

Land register entry and payment processing: procedure, duration & costs

Grundbucheintrag und Zahlungsabwicklung – Mit dem Grundbucheintrag und der Überweisung des Kaufpreises wird aus dem geplanten Immobilienverkauf der erfolgreiche Verkaufsabschluss. Nach erfolgreicher Abwicklung, wird der volle Kaufpreis auf Ihrem Konto gutgeschrieben und Sie können das Geld nun für neue Investitionen nutzen. Erfahren Sie hier mehr über Ablauf und Dauer des Grundbucheintrags. Außerdem die Frage: Zahlungsabwicklung […]

Calculate purchase price: Property, ancillary costs, taxes, notary, land register, … Checklist + example

Calculating the purchase price including incidental purchase costs – How is the final purchase price of a property made up? How high are the ancillary purchase costs and how is the broker’s commission divided up? In addition to the land transfer tax, costs for notary, land register entry and broker are also due. Find out […]

Buying a weekend home: Procedure, broker, costs, prices & tax

Buying a weekend house – A weekend house can be used in a very diverse way. You can spend your free time and holidays there. In addition, it is possible to rent out the weekend house and generate additional income. Moreover, a weekend house can be a great retreat where you can just get away […]

Easement – definition, three types & in English

Easement – An easement is a right over another person’s property, such as real estate. Three types of easements are recorded in the BGB. These rights, which are regulated in law by definition, are the limited personal easement, the easement and the usufruct. The limited personal easement is the right to a property in favour […]

Inherited house – own use, rent or sell?

A house is a “big” inheritance, facing a large amount of money and with responsibilities. In openly communicating families, you as the heir do not have to consider whether you should accept the house or disclaim the inheritance. If you do not know whether the house is encumbered with a major land charge or mortgage […]

Inherited apartment – sale, rent or own use?

Not only houses, but also condominiums are inherited more and more frequently. The inheritance of an apartment is more complex than is the case with houses due to various special features. Even as an apartment heir, you are well advised to choose experienced real estate agents. In your emotionally and psychologically stressed situation as an […]

Accepting an inheritance: House, debts – This is what you inherit

As soon as a property has been inherited, the question arises as to how it is to be used: do I occupy it myself or rent it out? What costs are incurred when accepting and disclaiming the inheritance? It must be clarified whether one is an heir or a legatee. An heir receives the assets […]

Compulsory mortgage as security mortgage

Compulsory mortgage – A compulsory mortgage is the registration of a mortgage in the land register in the course of a compulsory execution. A forced mortgage is also considered a security mortgage, but unlike a normal mortgage, it is not contractually agreed and is entered in the land register in the course of the foreclosure. […]

Ideal division of a property

Ideal division – In the ideal division of a property, co-ownership of several owners is created, which is entered in the land register. In this case, the property is not actually divided into independent parts, but the owners regulate their rights and obligations in a notarised declaration of division. In this declaration it is to […]