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Holiday home & holiday apartment: Buy instead of rent! Financing, taxes and renting

Holiday home & holiday apartment – The dream of a holiday home exists for many city dwellers. Whether it’s a house by the sea, in the warm south or simply a retreat in the countryside. However, there is a lot to consider when making such a big decision and you should plan well before you […]

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Partition auction in community of heirs: procedure, costs and the last resort?

Partial auction in community of heirs – The partial auction is a special variant of the forced sale and is used when several persons have ownership of a thing. This often involves land or real estate that is auctioned off and the proceeds divided among the owners. This situation often occurs in communities of heirs […]

The top 9 kitchen studios – Frankfurt am Main

Kitchen studios in Frankfurt am Main – A kitchen is not just a room in a property, it can offer so much more. The trend towards eat-in kitchens, open plan dining areas and a flowing flow makes the kitchen the focal point of the family and the property. A feel-good area and a gathering place […]

Inheritance without a will: facts, tips, spouses and inheritance law

Inheritance without a will – The law of succession comes into force when there is no will. This governs who receives the deceased’s assets after a death and how this is done. Communities of heirs may be formed where there are several heirs and the estate passes to them. Communities of heirs are automatically formed […]