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Apartment sale purchase agreement: What to look out for? – Content, notary & documents

Sell Apartment Purchase Agreement – If you want to sell your apartment, a purchase agreement is an essential part of the process. The purchase contract is a legally binding document that specifies the terms of the sale and describes the rights and obligations of both parties. In this context, the notary also plays an important […]

Commercial audit: rental agreements, operating costs, maintenance – Valuing a house & apartment

Commercial examination before the real estate purchase – Before you invest into a real estate, it applies to examine these commercially, in order to calculate then a realistic purchase price. The most important factors here are operating costs, maintenance costs and rental agreements and arrears. Find out here which criteria are important for a commercial […]

Brokerage permit for contract conclusions

Broker permit – If one proves commercially the contract conclusions over properties or dwellings, one needs a permission of the responsible authority, the broker permit. The permission is granted only if the applicant can prove his reliability, he lives in orderly financial circumstances and he presents a clearance certificate of his competent tax office. If […]

Sales and Acquisition with Logo & Landingpage Com

Tonight we launched! Do you know the famous 20:80 principle? With only 20% effort you already reach 80% of your goals. Landing pages are THE tool for effective online acquisition and sales in 2013. On landing pages, the focus is on an offer. It is a One Page (single page). Usually at the top you […]