Quick and easy: Selling a house in Düren

Selling with professional well-connected real estate agents or is it also possible privately? House sale in Düren: Here in our Immo Blog you will find answers to the most important questions about the sale of a property.

Arrange a start date with the first real estate agent for the valuation of your property (apartment or house)

Whether you are selling a townhouse or a 1-bedroom condominium, you should be aware of how to proceed in the process and how to achieve the highest possible selling price through know-how. Acquire here all the necessary know-how described here in the real estate marketand, if you want to save yourself some time, write us an e-mail, thereby support you all the necessary knowledge described here in the sale of houses, knowledge of their own region and in the value assessment of the sales value, if you do not want to bring so much time-consuming effort, contact us via e-mail and phone.

Preparation of papers (receipts, documents ideally in the original and also the different invoices)

You most different, more or less important documents, in addition count for example the floor plan of the rooms & energy document of identification. Refine your home with professionally created photographs, so that buyers can get a much more realistic picture of the property, which saves time. Your, your produced pictures should always show your house or duplex in Dueren in the perfect light and be of high quality. Because you want to sell. And best of all for a strong price.

Hausverkauf mit Makler in Düren

A bid price must be fixed

Various known or less known factors such as location, building type, building quality, neighbourhood, all play an inevitable role in the purchase price assessment of your real estate, here it does not count what purchase price you yourself had once invested for the house in Düren at the time. as always, demand and supply regulate the selling price. You should take this fact into account so that no unrealistic expectations are involved. As already at all times dominate in particular offers and demand at houses the angepeilten selling price In the day, so a calculation means much diligence which one must have. For normal people, it becomes quite confusing at times to assess the authentic property value authoritatively. Your alternative, a professional valuation by our specialists.

Get a quote for your home designed by a professional

It quickly also reminds you of your own real estate search, already reading over the description of your empty objectand the details confirms whether one is interested, wants to look at interior photos and learn much more or not, as when getting to know our first impression counts , so it is worthwhile to put some time into an extremely professionally prepared exposé in the sale. In addition: As the owner you know all the necessary details of your house, always make sure that all extras are listed in the, for example, a private pool, garden, garage or land and use for the buyer. Your exposé is ready? Now it is presented, in an advertisement on a portal for real estate but also in the good old daily newspaper and after that it is time to wait.

Answer questions about the tour and mail

Start with your Exposè well designed by the expert runs it mostly fix, there has your agent for the house first inquiries on your switched real estate advertisement, had you ordered a real estate agent for the mediation of the house he takes all the questions for you. Exclusively if more exact messages appear, he announces himself to you.

Next on your to-do list is the item: viewing appointments with prospective buyers.Wednesday, Thursday, etc: The adrenaline intensifies, so that your property is best sold quite easily and successfully, the agent decides every morning appointments for viewing in Düren with people who have made an appointment for viewing. Should you wish, he conducts each conversation independently. However, you as the seller can also be in the conversation. Definitely never leave anything to your luck.

Check of the current creditworthiness of the interested party

A prospective buyer wants to strike and buy it immediately? The real estate agent will of course immediately obtain credit information to check whether the prospective buyer has the capital to settle payments. This way you won’t get any nasty surprises in the future.

In your next step it is about: After changes to the draft contract: conclude notarized real estate purchase contract with the notary.All the details of the immediately following purchase contract and all the negotiations with the new owners of the house, leads your real estate specialist. Then, together with the notary, he prepares the notarized contract of sale and of course, for the certification of the joint action, you must definitely go to a notary, even from a legal point of view. Whatever conditions you had, whether real estate and land in the best location, the set goal of the sale is closer than you would suspect, at the notary you and the buyer sign the contract of sale, congratulations, so your house is quite certified sold.

Your next task: After the entry in the land register, or also the priority notice of conveyance, the purchase price of the property can be redeemed. Your supervising notary will now instruct the entry in the land register. In addition, a priority notice of conveyance is entered; this document ensures, for example, that a seller cannot sell twice, i.e. to two people at the same time. The notary gives the consent to the buyer, immediately when he or better the bank can transfer the purchase price to your account standing in the contract, then please do not forget to check afterwards whether the amount is received on the own account.

Payment of bills for notary and estate agent

As the seller, you then instruct the settlement of the services used for your brokerage and notary costs after the purchase agreement has been signed by the seller and buyer. For this you will receive two invoices from both.

The new task: Transferring real estate transfer tax to the tax authorities: Then your property or condominium in Düren is sold. When selling a house, capital gains tax may be incurred, namely if a private sale and the transfer of the house takes place less than ten years, solidarity surcharge and church tax may still be added, of course, a few legal exceptions are made here, for example, if the owner lived in the house himself for more than 3 years]36 months and never rented, but who demonstrably lived in the property himself for more than 36 months and was not active as a landlord during the time here, will be exempt from capital gains tax.

Municipal innovation and land ownership in Düren

Facts worth knowing from new construction demand today to 0.6 billion euros are invested in houses and apartments in Düren. At present, 90,066 people live and enjoy themselves on85 KM². With 1060 persons per KM², the financeable living space becomes quite automatically scarce, altogether Düren accommodates 0.11% of the German inhabitants.

Current trends on the housing market

The Federal Statistical Office recently needed current statistics, statistically 34,982 residents live in houses, such as the owner-occupied home, terraced houses and multi-family houses, which is conveniently owned and 43,601 renting residents. Merely 5,935 live together in a shared apartment, of all fellow citizens 53,139 are married as well as 36,927 are single. The need for new housing units for people is accordingly substantial. How do current surveys evaluate costs for needed new construction? The current housing need is actually large, studies assume 32,751 new dwellings17% see only 38,210 new dwellings in need and a third speculate Düren new dwellings in Düren, what amount of dwellings will really be built according to extrapolations that can be added? This year, only 252 new units will be built, due to which is invested a lot, a whole 3.5 billion euros.

Düren’s neighbourhoods are well received

The people of Düren are extremely satisfied with their location and neighbourhood. Just as extrapolated 74,241 property owners who like just this location and neighborhood, against only 15,825 less satisfied, a whole 58,417 more, also among tenants shows a lot of satisfaction with 66,217 people. The majority of the inhabitants live in single-family houses and not in apartments, all together there are 47.164 Dürener, in houses with several renting parties live 27.987 or 13.968 persons in two-family houses, so is Düren.

Urban growth: population in Düren

Düren has a large number of young residents, such as 5,926 teenagers from 6-14 years but also many older citizens, such as 21,877 fellow citizens aged 40 to 59 yearsIncreases you can also see in the predicted population development. Düren’s number of inhabitants is constantly increasing, from 89,311 inhabitants barely 4 years ago, the population increased by 755 to today’s statistical 90,819, the forecast continues, because already in a few years, according to statistical probability, about 93,043 people will need space to live, that’s another 2,977 citizensCome now to today’s calculations in the following 20 years.

0.6 billion euros are currently invested in houses and apartments in Düren

The in DürenMoney is immense, unbelievable 0.5 billion euros in cash, according to statistical data basis of the Bundesbank currently on accounts or under pillows, much more, about 0.6 billion euros are deposited in real estate, only 114,956,967 euros exist as use assets, did you know that? The complete amount of transactions from purchases and sales, amounts to in Düren each year, purely statistically 8.2 billion euros, in the new building of dwellings whole 3.5 billion euros are prognosticated moved, whole 4.1 billion euros are invested at present every twelve months into the modernization, altogether cumulatively the real estate sector transfers hardly conceivable 15.9 billion euros every twelve months.

This is the breakdown of privately owned housing by age

Who lives in property? Owners of real estate there are in every age group we now look at two values, according to Germany-wide survey (empirica) currently live 3,788 children from 0 to 10 years in condominiums or houses, in the increasing age it is then already a little more, possibly because both parents have survived the toddler age and are anchored in the profession, with 11 – 21 years live 4.691 live in the property of the parents, far less are it with 21 to 30 years, they are for example on the journey and search for new challenges Germany far, statistically 1,026 live in the own property. The percentage increases the older we get. Thus it is with the 31 to 40 years again 3,888 and with the people between 41 and 50 years even whole 6,724 content real estate owners, at the age of 51 and 60 years live 6,157 Dürener in the own real estate and in the segment of the 61 to 70 year old seniors it is statistically 4,703, because the forthcoming part of the life spend not quite so many seniors in the old real estate, only 2,914.

Development in Düren: Property in a central location

Housing situation – apartment

Housing situation Number
Home 34.982
Apartment 5.539
Rent 43.601
Shared apartment 5.935

Source: Federal Statistical Office

Home ownership

Homeowner in Düren / years Units
0-10 3.788
11-21 4.691
21-30 1.026
31-40 3.888
41-50 6.724
51-60 6.157
61-70 4.703
71-80 2.914

Source: empirica / LBS Research


Surrounding Area

Households today 2035 Difference
1 36.927 39.629 2.702
2 30.622 32.424 1.801
3 10.808 9.007 -1.801
4 8.106 7.205 -901
over 5 2.702 2.612 -90

Source: Federal Statistical Office


Households today 2035 Growth
1 47.735 50.437 2.702
2 26.119 25.218 -901
3 8.106 7.205 -901
4 5.404 5.314 -90
more than 5 1.801 1.621 -180

Statistics: Federal Statistical Office