Housing exchange | Reaching more interested parties through well-attended housing exchanges

As an owner, you have several options to sell your house or apartment. The private sale is quite possible, but in most cases generates high and initially not even known costs. Yet it sounds quite simple. You use a housing exchange, enter your offer and use pictures to support your description and attract prospective buyers. You then pay the required fee for your listing and follow the same procedure for the next housing exchange. In addition to the costs, which can add up rapidly when selling privately, you invest a great deal of time in preparing the exposé, in the advertisements and, once published, in communicating with prospective buyers. Now your negotiating skills are in demand, as you can be sure that most contacts will involve asking if “something can be done about the price”. A further difficulty builds up, if you do not know the traffic of the housing exchanges and advertise for example there, where only very few housing seekers come across your offer. Low or poor optimisation of the advertisements also becomes a problem, as it gets in the way of the visibility of your offer and can reduce the findability to zero.

What is important for advertisements in the housing exchange

The more information you disclose, the more serious the impression of your offer. In order to create transparency and provide interested parties with a concrete overview, all form fields must be populated with information and filled out in a comprehensible manner. In a housing exchange the short information stands at the beginning, which is completed by a detailed description text. The pictures to the dwelling produce with the prospective customer emotions and provide for the fact that the establishment of contact with request around an inspection date takes place. After the publication in the important housing exchanges the largest inquiry volume prevails. A quick reaction to form inquiries, as well as your availability by telephone is presupposed. In addition to the classic questions and making an appointment for a viewing, you should also expect interested parties to make unusual enquiries, for example about the development plan or the parcel map. Rentals are also a relevant aspect, which should already be apparent in the advertisement. Prospective buyers find offers unserious where information about a rented apartment is only given in the course of the conversation. Unfortunately, this circumstance is a reality in some housing exchanges, as rented apartments are only interesting for investors and would not even come into focus for owner-occupiers. If you have procured all documents and intensively dealt with their content, this information should not be a hurdle for you. Prospective buyers distinguish in housing exchanges between professional and unprofessional advertisements. Presentation by an estate agent always achieves a professional effect and is an indicator that more enquiries will be received. Since with a service from Lukinski you do not have to take care of the communication and all other details of the brokerage yourself, you are well advised from the beginning and do not have to spend your time in the apartment exchange.

The right position in the housing market – a place in the top 10 is sales-promoting!

When it comes to your apartment sale, you want to get the process done without unnecessary delays. First and foremost is your position on the housing exchanges. If searchers find your offer on the first page of the respective portal, you have the best chances for a timely sale. In practice, it has been shown that offers further down the list are difficult to sell and often remain advertised for several months without any major interest. This in turn has a negative effect on sales, as properties that have been advertised for longer are classified as “slow sellers” by people looking for a home and are automatically associated with defects. As a private owner, you are not familiar with the algorithms of housing exchanges, which means that mistakes are inevitable and the success of your advertisement is in question. If you arrange the sale of your property through Lukinski, you can rely on experienced brokers with a wide network of partners. Your exposé will not only be found in a housing exchange, but will be listed in all relevant portals and reach a much larger target group. Through know-how and core competence in real estate marketing, you are assured of a top position of the offer and the foundation is laid to make the sale in a short time and in professional performance.

What factors interested parties look for in the housing exchange

The fact is that the location, the apartment or property size, the equipment and the total price are of primary relevance for prospective buyers. However, the format of the presentation should not be underestimated. Meaningful, content-rich and high-quality advertisements are preferred and receive more attention than private advertisements. If a broker like Lukinski stands behind an offer, this fact suggests experience and trustworthiness. For potential condo buyers, the seriousness of a listing is a fundamental decision criterion. It is about a big investment, which is often made through financing. Before an exposé is created and published in the housing exchange, you should know whether your offer is being sold for owner-occupiers or as an investment property for capital investors. Because the target group approach, but also the requirements for the facts differ. Most prospective buyers use different filters. If your apartment has a balcony or a fireplace, these keywords should be included in the exposé and thus be adjustable in the filter. The same applies to a parking space or a garage, the year of construction, the purchase price and the furnishings. A professional entry in the housing exchange should always be made on the basis that you, as the advertiser and owner, put yourself in the position of the prospective buyer. Would you be interested in your apartment on the basis of the pictures and the exposé? If you answer this question with yes, you will also convince potential buyers.

Lukinski – Your real estate agency for selling in housing exchanges!

Advertisements in the housing exchange should be perfectly planned, professionally created and designed according to the important marketing aspects. The planning and realisation of the advertisement, the enquiries from interested parties and the sales processing are time-consuming and cost-intensive tasks. As experienced estate agents with expertise, we are a strong partner for your house sale, cooperating with renowned housing exchanges and bringing your offer into the focus of the target group. Thanks to our comprehensive services, including notarisation, you will have no work at all and will sell your property safely and at the best price. Professional publications in housing exchanges are optimal to address interested parties with high reach and to market your property properly. We save you time, stress and unnecessary costs during your property sale.