TPP: Trump returns to the negotiating table and price jump BitCoin, the backgrounds

Business News – This week we have ao. the BitCoin: Spontaneous price jump! What is behind it? In addition: Vladimir Putin says Paris and Berlin would ‘only follow the big brother [USA]’, at the same time Donald Trump withdraws after his own set 24-hour deadline for Syria question: The invasion may come but not – probably not. For this, Trump is spontaneously considering a return to the Trans-Pacific Free Trade Agreement (TPP). Afterwards, as always, we take a look at the main newspaper headlines and current stock market prices.

Trump’s return to the Trans-Pacific Free Trade Agreement (TPP)

After the war, peace! For Donald Trump, the world consists of 24 hours and 5 tweets daily. After political upheavals with North Korea, the Syria Initiative is now returning to a project that has long been: The Trans-Pacific Free Trade Agreement. Among other things, this Free Trade Agreement provides that certain goods in the Pacific region will no longer be taxed. In addition to the US, the trade alliance includes countries or city states such as Shanghai and Hong Kong. Even Donald Trump does not seem completely averse and said that under changed circumstances, he could well imagine to continue to negotiate. Of course with other conditions.

The Guardian also joins the TPP renegotiations

Also in the Guardian today is about the resumption of talks about the Free Trade Agreement, short TPP. Click here for the full article: Trump says he would rejoin TPP if offered better than Obama .

TPP is a topic, also in today’s New York Times

How relevant the theme is, also shows the New York Times. She also reports on the resumed discussions on the Free Trade Agreement, but underlines that the partners’ offers must be much better than those that existed under the Obama administration. Besides, the negotiations will not progress quickly, it will be a lengthy conversation. How long will it take, the New York Times writes in its article: Trump Want’s Back Into the TPP. Not So Fast, Say Members.

Sudden jump of the BitCoin course

Care, there it is again! After the past few weeks and the relatively high losses, the BitCoin is now a sign of recovery. After the extreme high, in December 2017 at over 15 000 US dollars, we arrived at the end of March already at 5000, over 60% loss, roughly calculated. No good signs for cryptocurrency and the new hype surrounding blockchain technologies. But slowly the prices are recovering and the BitCoin is again over $ 6500. Is the new rally now beginning to enter the cryptocurrency? 3 months ago, after our first video tutorial on Bitcoin for beginners was published, it is very hot in the trade. The first state has partially banned the currency in trade, and large central bank governors are speculating with a bubble and a hype. Some say that you will lose everything, others say that the currency will continue to rise. However, just as CDs were eventually superseded by music streaming from the MP3, eventually the classic hard currency will be replaced by digital money.

Recent BitCoin Market Price

Digital Transformation in Monetary System

Northern European countries such as Sweden and Finland show that most transactions are no longer carried out in cash but with bank and credit cards. Even small amounts, the purchase of a roll for 30 cents, is easily done with the bank card or even with the smartphone and NFC technology. In Germany, we are still fans of cash, but how long will it stay that way? Cryptocurrency is increasingly turning out to be an interesting alternative for those looking to the future.

Russia and Western Europe

Donald Trump is rowing back, the much-announced military strike has failed to materialize. Just two days ago, the US President announced an important decision within 48 hours. A military invasion of Syria, in size undefined, small pinpricks or the all-encompassing attack. As always, it was first spoken aloud before it was thought, now Donald trumps back. Hardly anyone understands the often very spontaneous decisions of the president. Whether its Secretary of State or Secretary of Defense, both must justify the President’s decisions, including those that are being postponed. In Syria, civil war continues. Donald Trump argues that the first thing was to destroy the IS, now that we have done that, we have to keep thinking. Concrete actions are missing. Behind the scenes, the two superpowers Russia and the US remained in constant conversation.

Emmanuel Macron sees strong evidence of poison gas attack in Syria

Further explosive got the matter yesterday. The French leader Emmanuel Macron spoke of sound evidence about the origin of the nerve gas, it was the Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad. Not only France would be involved in a military campaign, but also London. Thus, this conflict develops with every hour. Chancellor Angela Merkel also felt pressured to comment on a possible military conflict in Syria. She said that under no circumstances would you be involved in a military operation. At the same time, however, she shares political thought.

These clear reactions from European heads of state show how little one can deal with Donald Trump. No longer-term strategy, we rule Twitter and over decrees, past the Congress. Of course, all of this leaves its mark on Vladimir Putin, who says that Paris and Berlin will only follow the instructions from the USA.

Investor Place on stocks to watch (USA)

At the end of the economic news, we take a look at the Investor Place and look at three papers that you should keep an eye on. This includes the Fastenal Company (FAST). As a second recommendation, Investor Place shares the paper with General Electric Company (GE) and recommends Intel Corporation. Why? Here is the answer: 3 floors to Watch on Friday.

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