Warning Inflating Inflation (IMF) + German Central Bank Against Debt Relief for Greece | Business news

Business News – Greece is not just resting. Almost 200% debt forces the country to reform. Also the EU? The German Central Bankgives a clear cancellation of debt forgiveness. In addition, the editors of the time reported on the end of the magazine “Neon”. At the time of writing another message came from the World to warn the IMF. At the end, we still have all the latest figures and values from the retail parquet in Frankfurt: Stock market prices. Skip the news and move on to the recent Stock Market Charts. More in the news of the day:

  1. Warning of sudden inflation (IMF)
  2. German Central Bank against debt relief for Greece
  3. Beige Book: Labor market tense in many districts
  4. Gruner + Jahr – Magazine “Neon” is being discontinued
  5. AfD achieves record results, only just behind SPD and CDU
  6. Unknown attacked Kippa wearing man with belt
  7. Arab troops to Syria?

Business News: German Central Bank against debt relief

Today in the news with a look at the European debt crisis and the end, the magazine “Neon”. In addition, time today takes a look at the American labor market.

Warning of sudden inflation (IMF)

At the time of writing another message came from the World to warn the IMF. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) warns of sudden inflation. More about this coming up with the next post!

Reuters on Greek debt forgiveness

Debt crisis in Europe, was not there something? The issue of high public debt, especially in the southern European countries, is back on the agenda. Especially since the initiative of French President Emmanuel Macron, a new definition is also back on the agenda of European politics. Macron demands a lot, eg. a joint minister of finance. German policy is still critical of this, as are many other central and northern European countries. Everyone agrees, so there must be reforms. Today, Emmanuel Macron traveled to Berlin for direct talks. Since leaving Britain, one of the largest net contributors to the European Union has been missing. Already a few weeks ago it was announced that funds had to be redistributed after Brexit. The discussion includes, among other things, deletion of agricultural subsidies.

But even before the British leave Europe, Greece is back on the news and the high national debt that has accumulated in the southern European country in recent decades. After the massive aid loans of the European Union, the Allied countries, a lot has happened in politics but Greece is not getting on its feet. With the current extremely high level of public debt (180.8% of GDP [2016]), it is also difficult to make progress. However, the various factors that lead to this dramatic situation in Greece are as diverse as the landscape in Greece. The solution could be a haircut but the German Central Bank is clearly against it.

US Federal Reserve: Labor market tense in many districts

America, the land of dreams. If you can do it here, you can do it everywhere. That is also the slogan of the metropolis New York.

If you can make it there you can make it everywhere

However, some fail to do so and are less publicly documented. Especially in rural areas and in former industrial cities like Detroit, there is a shortage of good and well paid work. Hundreds of thousands of Americans live on the streets, with no chance of improvement. The policy of Donald Trump promises that America is as great as never before. The US Federal Reserve also sees the labor market in many districts as tense. In the financial meeting the certificate of the US Federal Reserve is highlighted: Labor market in many districts tense.

Job Market Skills Gap Leaving Millions Of U.S. Jobs Unfilled | NBC

“Neon” magazine is being discontinued

The magazine “Neon” is discontinued by its publishers (Gruner + Jahr) nationwide. After the neon was no longer indispensable for supermarkets, magazines stores and kiosks for many years, it is now time to go. Although there are young, new magazines, such as the fashion and lifestyle magazine by Barbara Schöneberger, but also the new magazine of TV presenter Joko Winterscheidt, the classic magazine and newspaper dying are entering another round. Too little profit, too much effort, ultimately a victim of the cost and the less expensive online presence. Gruner + Jahr, successful media company, knows how to develop digital projects. Therefore, you continue to focus on the new markets and leave classic media such as the magazine “Neon” on the long bench. More about the end of the neon, there is time: Magazine “Neon” is set.

Politics News: Brandenburg – AfD just behind popular parties

The headlines of the week:

AfD achieves record results, only just behind SPD and CDU

Hard to believe but true, the AfD is in Brandenburg just behind the two major people’s parties CDU and SPD. Only a few percentage points distinguish the parties from each other. While such election results were previously known from the province, they have now become reality in one federal state. The AfD lies as a right-wing party behind the Christian Democratic Union and the Social Democratic Party. A real record for the party an alarm sign for the policy. Brandenburg seems to feel particularly detached in the year 2018. Of course, the reasons can be extremely diverse, but certainly also attributable to the extremely long formation of a government, the months of negotiations in Berlin. No decision, no progress, people feel increasingly detached. In Brandenburg, this feeling is expressed by the current forecasts and extrapolations of eligible voters. The entire view of Brandenburg, now in the world: AfD achieves record results, only just behind the SPD and CDU.

Finanical Times: The new force in German politics

RBB – Unknown guy attacks Kippa wearing man with belt

Shocking. Repulsive. Now normal. Already a few months ago, Israeli believers in Berlin warn their faithful brothers publicly to walk with the Kippa. A young Israeli, himself a devout Jew, wanted to prove that it is possible. He dressed as you the fag he had received a few days ago from a friend in Israel. He left the apartment, closed the door, climbed the stairs, went out into the street, walked down the path, and not five minutes later an Arab teenager spoke to him. Without detours he pulls out his belt, starts the beatings and screams in Arabic again and again “Jew! Jew!” What thoughts do these people pursue and how can one deal with this problem? The RBB takes a look at Berlin and Berlin. Shadows: Unknown attacks Kippa-carrying man with belt.

Arab troops to Syria? – Frankfurter Rundschau

US President Donald Trump is considering the complete withdrawal of US forces from Syria. Syria has not only been in civil war for more than seven years, but also in an extreme humanitarian disaster. The wave of refugees has reached Europe and yet there is no peace in the country. The latest news around the Duma gas bomb is shocking the world. The US, France and Britain responded with a targeted military strike on the alleged poison gas attack of the Syrian government. Moscow is still preventing cooperation. International inspectors have long been in the country, but due to massive bombardment they do not get the job done. While microphones from international TV stations such as CNN can be interviewed just a few miles away, international controllers were shot at shortly before arrival at the site of the attack.

The work is being hampered and now the attack is 12 days ago. Remains and traces of the alleged attack with chlorine gas are becoming increasingly difficult to identify. The situation has changed and many international actors are active: Russia, Iran, Israel and, of course, the USA, France and Great Britain. The desperate situation now causes the US president to pull his troops out of the country. It is planned to hand over to the troops from Saudi Arabia or the notorious Black Water company that I already inform about the order. The international confrontations to the crisis-shaken thanks, they are now so big that I have a withdrawal of the US from Syria. Especially in a highly critical situation of the mutual military out of the way to go.

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Market Price: Stock Exchange Today

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Market Prices: Most Important

The share of Dow stands at 24,775.53 and goes up on -0.04% (-11.10US Dollar). Die S&P 500 goes to1,353.70 today and goes up on 0.29% (7.87US Dollar). The paper of Nasdaq stands at 68.51 and goes up on 0.43% (31.35US Dollar). The GlobalDow is at today and goes up on 0.62% (19.08US Dollar). Today Gold stands at 1,588.86 and goes up on 0.31% (4.20US Dollar). Standard Oil goes to 700.41 and goes up on 2.99% (1.99US Dollar).

Market prices by Marketwatch.com

Market Prices: Key United States

Index Last Change % Change
Dow Jones Industrial Average 24,775.56 -0.04% -11.07
NASDAQ Composite Index 7,312.36 0.43% 31.26
S&P 500 Index 2,714.22 0.29% 7.83
Russell 2000 Index 1,588.86 0.57% 09.06
Dow Jones Transportation Average 10,812.71 2.08% 220.15
Dow Jones Utility Average Index 700.41 0.02% 0.17
Dow Jones U.S. Total Stock Market Index 28,164.43 0.34% 96.47
NASDAQ 100 Index (NASDAQ Calculation) 6,849.47 0.49% 33.10
S&P 400 Mid Cap Index 1,929.15 0.61% 11.79
NYSE Composite Index 12,761.83 0.44% 56.07
Barron’s 400 Index 732.95 0.60% 4.37
CBOE Volatility Index 15.44 1.25% 0.19
Global Last Chg % Chg
Global Dow Realtime USD 3,104.47 0.62% 19.04
Asia/Pacific Last Chg % Chg
The Asia Dow Index USD 3,623.97 0.63% 22.53
S&P/ASX 200 Benchmark Index 5,861.4 0.34% 19.9
Shanghai Composite Index 3,091.40 0.80% 24.60
Hang Seng Index 30,284.25 0.74% 221.50
S&P BSE Sensex Index 34,331.68 -0.18% -63.38
NIKKEI 225 Index 22,158.20 1.42% 310.61
FTSE Straits Times Index 3,557.82 1.70% 59.62
Europe Last Chg % Chg
STOXX Europe 50 Index EUR 3,047.36 0.17% 05.07
STOXX Europe 600 Index EUR 381.86 0.29% 01.09
CAC 40 Index 5,380.17 0.50% 26.63
DAX 12,590.83 0.04% 5.26
IBEX 35 Index 9,857.30 0.54% 53.40
FTSE 100 Index GBP 7,317.34 1.26% 91.29
Americas Last Chg % Chg
BOVESPA Index 86,096.66 2.39% 2,010.54
S&P/TSX Composite Index 15,569.12 1.41% 215.82
IPC Indice de Precios Y Cotizaciones 49,052.99 0.24% 119.38

Market Prices: Top Performers

Index Last Change % Change
Company 36.50 8.34% 2.81
Devon Energy Corp. 469.57 7.84% 34.12
Intuitive Surgical Inc. 28.20 7.06% 1.86
Newfield Exploration Co. 60.50 6.95% 3.93
CSX Corp. 63.94 6.67% 4.00
Textron Inc. 71.61 6.29% 4.27
United Continental Holdings Inc. 101.63 5.50% 5.31
Cimarex Energy Co. 38.18 5.41% 1.96
Scana Corp. 19.29 5.41% 0.99
Freeport-McMoRan Inc. 34.06 5.35% 1.73
Noble Energy Inc.

Market Prices: Bottom Performers

International Business Machines Corp. 148.99 -7.41% -11.92
Lam Research Corp. 200.07 -5.78% -12.26
Applied Materials Inc. 54.78 -5.33% -3.09
Altria Group Inc. 60.67 -5.17% -3.31
Juniper Networks Inc. 24.46 -3.74% -0.95
Mattel Inc. 13.91 -2.97% -0.43
Charles Schwab Corp. 52.21 -2.61% -1.40
Xilinx Inc. 68.20 -2.42% -1.69
KLA-Tencor Corp. 108.02 -2.35% -2.60
Philip Morris International Inc. 100.88 -2.34% -2.42