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Value appraisal: Apartment, house & apartment building – Real estate appraisal

Value appraisals – Who prepares value appraisals for real estate? What does an appraiser for house appraisal cost? What does an appraiser old house appraisal cost? There are many questions to answer, the best answer is to have an expert on your side for real estate appraisal. Appraisals: Specifications, experts and market Unless legal regulations […]

Real estate value – determination, experts & the consequences

Knowing how much a property is worth is especially important when selling or buying. Many factors determine the value of the property and only an expert can objectively assess this. However, there are also with the experts again some differences and different qualifications decide on the effectiveness of these. Experts – qualification, tasks & costs […]

Photographer for fashion, models & agencies: Oliver Rudolph

Oliver Rudolph is a gifted fashion and advertising photographer. As an advertising agency, we have also been able to work with him several times for fashion and advertising photo shoots. With his creative and calm manner, he creates the perfect atmosphere on the set.