Selling a house – What owners have to pay attention to when selling a house in Waiblingen

Do we prefer to sell with a professional estate agent or can we also do it privately? Always in the morning we get many e-mails, just as in personal conversations on viewing appointments we get many questions from our customers, collected and clearly packed you see here the basic questions around the profit-optimized real estate sale.

Arrange a start date with the real estate agent for the valuation of your property (apartment or house)

Absolutely no matter whether you soon sell optimally insulated solid house, country estate and timber-built half-timbered house, you must know how to proceed and how to get for your property the best selling price for you after closing . Acquire all the necessary know-how in the real estate market know well in your region in Waiblingen, if you want to bring in hardly any time expenditure, contact us, thereby all the here described and of course also further, presupposed knowledge in the sale of houses, know well in your region in and around Waiblingen and help you and if you want to save time, write our specialists an e-mail.

Next on the list is: Provide paperwork for the proposed home sale. Receipts, documents at best in the original and also invoices. For the sale of a property, you need a wide variety of more or less relevant documents, they include, for example, applications and also forms. Professionally made photographs increase the sales value of the property, so that so each buyer can make a much better impression Photos must always show the house or condominium always from a favorable perspective and be qualitatively high-resolution, after all, you want to give now. And that as possible for a strong value.

Haus verkaufen

The new challenge: The exact amount in euros must be defined.To determine a purchase price based on credible basic data, various influencing factors contribute as well as, for example, age, construction quality, location but also property condition and equipment. It is not important what amounts you yourself had once invested for the property in Waiblingen. Supply and demand on the current market dominate the probable selling price. You must take this fact into account. Demand and supply in the current market regulate the purchase price. You need to take this into consideration Really, any appraisal promises a lot of diligence that you need to put in. For the inexperienced, it may become quite complex to assess the value authoritatively.

Selling like an experienced professional, the next task on the Strategieplanin Waiblingen: Preparation of the high-quality portfolio for potential customers. Think nevertheless now once of the completely individual search behavior, if you would be once on the search for a suitable dwelling in Waiblingen, already with the first overview on the description selects itself whether one is well-disposed opposite the Exposé, then interior photographs regard and more details want to know. As with getting to know each other, our first impression counts. It is worthwhile to invest time in a perfectly prepared advertisement in the sale, you know yourself as a real estate owner best of all in the final exposé of the house must be meticulously included, as well as cozy conservatory, land and annex or the own pool for children. The greatest chances of sale are offered by the portals for real estate and condominiums, which are often used for house hunting, but of course also by the well-tried local press. After that, it’s a case of wait and see. Does your house arrive at observers of the listing?

Einfamilienhaus in Waiblingen

The following challenge: answering inquiries for viewing and general mail. Begin the buyer search with your exposé with photos of the interior and exterior it usually works quickly, already are the first feedbacks. Your acting real estate agent answers the letters for you, exclusively if questions come in, he takes up the direct personal contact to you.

Coordinate and conduct viewing appointments for interested parties. Now it gets exciting, the broker constantly arranges appointments for a viewing with interested parties, if you wish, he conducts the appointments without your beisein, but you as the owner can also be present. Make sure you make a proper impression at the upcoming viewing appointment. Because the eye buys with you.

Your new task: Check of the real creditworthiness of the person interested in your real estate. so that you do not have to notice any payment irregularities, the alleged creditworthiness of the prospective customer is checked after the house inspection and examination of awnings, balcony, etc. directly by information from the broker.

Signing the purchase contract at the notary

All the formalities of the purchase contract that are still to be disputed, including the preliminary negotiations with the new owner, are done by the trusted real estate agent, your notarized purchase contract is prepared by your seller together with your notary in a draft, for a notarization of the sale you definitely have to come to the notary, also from a legal point of view, at the notary you and the buyer sign the purchase contract that is now available, with the signature you have officially sold your property, we congratulate you, only a few individual challenges remain.

The following challenge: After updating in the land register (or priority notice of conveyance), the price of your property will be transferred immediately. Your notary will then enter the updated passage in the land register and the so-called priority notice of conveyance. The document prevents, for example, a double sale, the notary informs the new owner immediately when he can pay the purchase price to your bank account stated in the contract. Check whether the payment has been received on the account.

Payment of bills for your previously assistingnotary and realtor

Instruct the seller to settle the brokerage and notary fees immediately after the previously negotiated contract has been sealed with their signature.

Next up: The conclusion!Transfer due real estate transfer tax. When selling a house, tax may be due on the capital gain if there is no more than ten years between the private sale and the sale of a property, in addition there may be church tax and solidarity surcharge. However, some exceptions are made for private sales, for example if the owner lived there for more than 3 years]36 months in owner-occupation. However, if you have lived in the property yourself for more than 3 years and have not rented it out, you will be exempt from capital gains tax.

Local Change and Real Estate Ownership: Existing and New Construction

Facts and figures from financing and real estate market to 40,307 like to live here. On42.75 square kilometers currently live and enjoy 0.05 million inhabitants. That’s 1282 people per square kilometre of land, so affordable housing is naturally a sought-after commodity, a total of 0.07% of the German population live in Waiblingen.

Housing and new construction demand

The Federal Office for Statistics recently collected new figures for Germany, according to which 21,294 residents live in their own home, 3,372 spend their day in their condominium and a whole 26,540 residents live in a rented apartment, they are 32,346 married people and 22,478 single. New construction is needed in the form of capacity-building apartments in all parts of the city.

How high do current studies see the cost of investment? The current need for housing is large, so the most current studies assume 19,936 new housing units about 17% see only 23,259 new apartments in the need and a third speculates with Waiblingen new apartments to be built, what number of units will actually be built according to the calculation? Currently, only about 154 new units are completed, so invests a lot, a whole 2.1 billion euros.

Waiblingen’s districts offer a lot

Almost all Waiblingener are overall absolutely happy where they live. So as extrapolated 45.191 real estate owners, who estimate the own residential environment, against only 9.633 dissatisfied, whole 35.559 more, in addition, with the tenants one feels the positive feeling with 40.307 inhabitants, in comparison to 14.517 persons who are unhappy at present. The very most inhabitants live in house for a family, not in multi-family houses, all together there are 28.709 Waiblingener, substantially more than as in multi-family houses, there live 17.036 or 8.502 persons in two-family houses.

Real estate planning in Waiblingen many, also young inhabitants, like 3,607 children between 6 to 14 years but also some people in the older age, like 2,895 inhabitants at the age of 50-64 years,growth also in the current development of the population. Waiblingens number of residents rises permanently, from 54,364 persons before 4 years, Waiblingen increased by often inconceivable 460 persons on statistically 55,282. The trend continues. We now look at the latest forecasts for the housing market for the year 2035.

0.3 billion euros unused capital

A whole 334,326,720 euros in cash assets in accounts or under pillows, even much higher amounts, a whole 0.4 billion euros are put aside in real estate, would you have expected so much? Statistically, high sums are transferred every 12 months through purchases and sales or real estate transactions alone, the forecast goes up to 5 billion euros, in new housing construction is forecast to be spent up to 2.1 billion euros, up to 2,510,474,026.67 euros are invested every year in Waiblingen in the modernization of houses and apartments, in total, the market for real estate in Waiblingen transfers an amazing 9.7 billion euros every year.

Here’s how living in private real estate is distributed by age

Who actually lives in property in Waiblingen? Owners of houses and apartments we have in all age groups Shortly a few values. According to a survey by empirica, 2,306 young children up to the age of 10 currently live in houses or flats owned by their parents in the first generation, as they get older it becomes a little more, possibly due to the fact that they have outlived their infancy and that their parents are involved in their own professional careers, quite a few are now buying their first, own property for their own family, from 11-21 years 2.855 in a home of their own, behind them the curve almost collapses, with the 21-30 year olds, for example, they are looking for new challenges Europe-wide, statistically 625 live in their own property. The older, the more likely the citizens now live in their own home, so it is with the 31-40 year olds already again 2,367 and with the 41 – 50 year olds whole 4,093 happy property owners. At the age of 51-60 years own 3,748 property. With the 61-70 year olds it is statistically 2,863. Not quite as many spend their twilight years in their own property, 1,774of all 0.05 million inhabitants.

Demography for Waiblingen

Housing situation – apartment

Housing situation Number
Home 21.294
Apartment 3.372
Rent 26.540
WG 3.613

Statistical source: Federal Statistical Office

Home ownership

Home ownership in Waiblingen / Alter Quantity
0-10 2.306
11-21 2.855
21-30 625
31-40 2.367
41-50 4.093
51-60 3.748
61-70 2.863
71-80 1.774

Statistical source: empirica / LBS Research


Surrounding Area

Households today 2035 Difference
1 22.478 24.123 1.645
2 18.640 19.737 1.096
3 6.579 5.482 -1.096
4 4.934 4.386 -548
5+ 1.645 1.590 -55

Statistical source: Federal Statistical Office


Households / persons today 2035 Difference
1 29.057 30.701 1.645
2 15.899 15.351 -548
3 4.934 4.386 -548
4 3.289 3.235 -55
5+ 1.096 987 -110

Data source: Federal Statistical Office