Selling a house successfully: Your real estate agent for Dinslaken

What tricks and tips can you use to achieve a higher price? Sell your house in Dinslaken now: Sell at a profit! For your clear advantage, we have here in the blog the various inquiries that reach me and my team in the office but also in my everyday life on in-depth conversations at viewing appointments or on construction sites, often still in the shell.

Dinslaken: Sale of your house

Initially, everything revolves around – First with your first realtor agree to evaluate your house or quiet apartment in Dinslaken. plausible evaluation of your house in Dinslaken, no matter whether you are now energy-saving prefabricated house, 6 room apartment and modern Friesenhaus to the man should: You need to know how to proceed ideally and how to get the best selling price for the property for you . Acquire on our blog the here and further, compelling to read knowledge in the sale of houses, research sales prices that have already been achieved in in Dinslaken and. If you want to save time, contact us, with a price estimation of all kinds of obejekte help you all the compellingly to be considered know-how in the sale of real estateknowledge about Dinslaken and surroundings. If you do not want to spend so much time, contact us absolutely easy and fast via phone and e-mail.

Next on your list with this topic comes: preparation of documentsvouchers, documents and invoices.vouchers but also forecasts for the future are important documents that you will definitely need. Beautiful photographs increase the price of the property. So that possible first prospective buyers can literally make themselves much better of the property without much effort. The, the made photos must always have good quality as well as your house or loft always represent in the perfect light.

Haus verkaufen mit Makler in Dinslaken

The next item on your to-do list is about pricing your property: Setting a price for your real estate exposé.To determine a selling price that consists of credible basic data, different information is valuable to buyers as well as exemplary size, inventory quality, age and likewise condition and amenities of your home. It doesn’t count what purchase price you yourself invested for the house at some point in the past. Supply and demand of houses on the current real estate market regulate the target price that one of the favored prospective buyers will invest, this circumstance you must consider. Supply and demand in the current real estate market regulate the value. You should know this fact so as not to get too high wishes Despite all the measures you are not quite sure about the value of the house? For private individuals, it becomes really difficult to determine the actual market value seriously.

Let us design your exposé for your property in Dinslaken

Think of your individual behavior in the real estate search, once you are looking for a suitable apartment in Dinslaken, already when reading over the description of your propertyand the details confirms for most of the possible buyers, whether immediately goodwill is aroused, the effort for an attractive advertisement thus pays off for you. In addition comes, as an owner you know the house from the FFim official Exposè of your real estate must have been taken up everything with, as well as , garden or floor space and use possibilities for the new owner, etc.. The greatest chances for a strong sale guarantee the regularly clicked real estate portal and also the local daily newspaper, then it is called waiting for a first inquiry. Does your house arrive?

Continuing on the list with the topic: answering inquiries from prospective buyers.With your exposé well structured by the expert, the contact buildup often runs fast, there are the first interested parties. If you had hired a broker, he collects all the questions for you and only if more inquiries from prospective buyers, he takes up the direct personal contact with you.

Coordinate and conduct viewing appointments for prospective buyers. The adrenaline is rising. Your estate agent now organises new appointments for viewings every day, should you so wish, they do all the interviews. Of course, owners can be on site. Make sure you make a proper impression at the home inspection.

Check the purchasing power of those interested in the property

You should not have to face any unpleasant surprises when selling your home, the supposed creditworthiness is checked directly after the inspection and the examination of windows, locks, tiles, and so on.

After the adjustments to the draft contract: sign the notarized purchase contract on the spot with the notary public

A new owner has been found, now the broker leads the negotiations, he also agrees on all the minor details of the purchase contract that are still to be disputed. The notarial purchase contract is formulated and prepared in a draft by your professional together with your notary’s office. And of course, for the notarization of the purchase contract you have to come to a notary. Whatever the initial situation was, whether real estate and land with good transport links to all important such as supermarket and hospital, the goal is near, at the notary sign the seller and buyer the purchase agreement, with the signature you have sold the house notarized, congratulations.

The next step is about: Transfer of the agreed purchase price to the old owner after updating in the land register, respectively priority notice of conveyance. Notaries enter the land register entry next, but also the priority notice of conveyance. It has the aim to prevent a double sale, the notary gives the OK to the buyer as soon as he can transfer the price to your mentioned bank account, after that you should check your account for the receipt of payment.

Notar in Dinslaken

Your next step: Settle pending claims from the assisting notary and real estate agent, then pay the transfer of the brokerage and notary fees after the contract has been signed by both parties.

With about 67,726 inhabitants today, Dinslaken is one of the larger cities in North Rhine-Westphalia but also in Germany. Your next step: The very last step: Payment of the resulting real estate transfer tax. If there are less than a full ten years between the sale and the purchase, you may have to pay tax on the capital gain generated by the sale. Solidarity surcharge and church tax will possibly be charged additionally. Of course, a few legal exceptions are made here, for example, if you lived as a property owner for more than 3 years]36 months in owner occupation on site.

Condominiums, real estate and demographics in Dinslaken

New trends from future growth to housing market and new construction. Dinslaken currently has 67,726 people, from east to west on 47.66 square kilometers. That’s 1421 residents per square kilometer, so of course affordable housing is scarce. In total, 0.08% of the German inhabitants live in Dinslaken.

Studies on the real estate and housing market

Rent or buy, where do you live in Dinslaken? The Federal Statistical Office calculated this year current statistics on Dinslaken but also Germany, according to these 26,305 people live in the possession of a house, in a condominium live 4,165spend their lives, a whole 32,786 tenants, only 4,463 live together in a WG, they are 39,958 people in marriage and 27,768 single. New construction needs in all districts. What current calculations exist from professional surveys? In the next 12 years, 50% of the studies on housing construction of Dinslaken predict new units17% assume 28,732 newly built apartments in the coming years and 33% assumes Dinslaken new construction in Dinslaken, currently statistically only 190 housing units are built, due to which is invested a lot, a whole 2,624,156,746.67 euros this year.

Tenants and owners enjoy living in their housing situation

At the same time, all Dinslaken residents are totally satisfied with their location and neighbourhood, regardless of whether it’s an apartment building or a single-family home. Of all property owners are many, namely 55,827 happy people who appreciate their own environment, dissatisfied are only 11,899, the same positive picture also show tenants, with 49,792 people compared to 17,934 people who are unhappy despite various opportunities to spend leisure time with their partner. Did you already know, the number of inhabitants lives in house for one family, not in a multi-family house, totally live here 35.465 Dinslakener, in multi-family houses live 21.045 respectively 10.503 persons in houses for two parties, so is Dinslaken.

Sturukturplanung in Dinslaken has some young residents, for example 10.599 citizens between 25-39 years but also many older citizens, like 3.576 inhabitants between 50-64 years. Growth can also be found in the predicted development of the population: The estimates continue, already in four years approximately 69,964 citizens will live here, that is another 2,238 people, we now focus on the latest predictions in the population of the next 18 years.

Real estate and financing market in Dinslaken

Investment capital has grown immensely, a whole 0.4 billion euros of cash in savings accounts or under pillows, even larger sums, because statistically 470,634,131 euros are deposited in real estate. In purely statistical terms, large capital gains are transferred every twelve months through real estate transactions alone, up to 6.2 billion euros, in the same period 2.6 billion euros were transferred in housing construction, up to 3.1 billion euros are spent every 12 months on modernization, in total the real estate sector cumulatively generates a gigantic 11.9 billion euros annually.

Living without rent? Private home ownership

Who really lives in their own four walls in Dinslaken? We have property owners in every age group Let’s look at two concrete examples, according to the survey (data basis: empirica), 2,849 young children up to the age of 10 live today in houses or condominiums owned by their parents. For adolescents it is a little more. Presumably due to mastered toddler phase and the fact that parents are increasingly involved in their own careers, from 11 – 21 years live 3,527 in real estate owned by parents. Far from down it goes with the 21 – 30 year olds, only 772 live in their own home. The older, the more likely residents are to buy property ownership. Thus it is with the 31 to 40 year olds 2,924 and somewhat over them, with the current persons between 41 – 50 years whole 5,056 happy real estate owners, in the group of 51 and 60 years live 4,630 Dinslakener in the home of one’s own, with the 61-70 year olds one comes still on 3,537, ever more sell or give away to the family and thus the number sinks on only 2,191.

Statistical development in Dinslaken: Property with good transport connections in a central location

Housing situation – apartment

Housing situation Number
Own house 26.305
Apartment 4.165
Apartment for rent 32.786
WG 4.463

Source: Federal Statistical Office

Home ownership

Home ownership in Dinslaken (years) Quantity
0-10 2.849
11-21 3.527
21-30 772
31-40 2.924
41-50 5.056
51-60 4.630
61-70 3.537
71-80 2.191

empirica / LBS Research (data source)


Surrounding Area

Households today 2035 Change
1 27.768 29.799 2.032
2 23.027 24.381 1.355
3 8.127 6.773 -1.355
4 6.095 5.418 -677
5+ 2.032 1.964 -68

Source: Federal Statistical Office


Households today 2035 Difference
1 35.895 37.927 2.032
2 19.641 18.963 -677
3 6.095 5.418 -677
4 4.064 3.996 -68
5+ 1.355 1.219 -135

Statistics: Federal Statistical Office