Selling a house seriously: Your real estate agent for the sale Gladbeck

Private sale or better with an experienced estate agent? Bestmöglichr house sale in Gladbeck: Here in our portal you meet the most burning questions and all important topics that you should consider in today’s market situation for houses in any case with.

Property valuation of condominium and house: Your first appointment with your real estate agent

Loft with 110 or 250 m ², completely insignificantly whether you now cosy terraced house for the family, heat-storing energy-saving house and idyllic country property to the man: prepare yourselves, like you go and like you the optimal price by your today won knowledge obtain, acquire yourselves in our Community the here noted presupposed know-how in the sales of real estateresearching prices. If you want to save time, contact us, here all the here noted and of course also further, presupposed know-how in the sale of real estateand help you with the value assessment. But if you don’t feel like all the effort, contact us.

Your new task: prepare documents for the sale of your house. Floor plan and old plans from the architect. As a seller of your property, you will need different more or less relevant papers, these include: Offers as well as tax assessment. Nice photos increase the selling value of your house. This is important, so that first prospective buyers can make themselves much more realistically of the house already in the web without much expenditure for them graphics should always have a tidy quality however also your house or mansion in the advantageous light represent. Because you want to sell.

Haus verkaufen mit Makler in Gladbeck

The next step: calculate the price for the real estate exposé.age, defects, type of house, location of the object, every detail plays a role in the calculation of the value, what matters is not what you yourself had invested at some time for the house in Gladbeck. Demand and supply of houses on today’s market dominate the expected selling price the buyer will invest. You should take this fact into consideration so that there are no utopian ideas involved. Demand and supply on the current house market determine the purchase price a prospective buyer is willing to pay Are you not 100% confident about the exact value of the property when you think about it more intensively? For the inexperienced it becomes really complex to name the value of the property correctly.

Continue on your list with the point: Preparation of an exposé for interested parties.think but now times to the very own search behavior, because already when reading the description decides whether goodwill is aroused or not. It is worthwhile to invest time in a very nice exposé, in addition, as an owner you know the home inside out. Pay attention to the consideration of all important characteristics. E.g. special features of the property, garage or carport, swimming pool or cosy winter garden, etc. In the following your real estate should be presented to potential prospective customers, in an advertisement on a frequently visited portal for real estates and dwellings and in the regional newspaperin Gladbeck. And then it is called patiently waiting and drinking tea, for a first inquiry. Does your house appeal to readers of the exposé?

Haus verkaufen in Gladbeck

Sell like real estate professionals, the next on your strategy plan for real estate sales: manage inquiries from potential buyers. If you come with your exposé, the establishment of contact usually works quickly and you already have the first queries. Your responsible real estate agent receives all enquiries on a daily basis, and only gets in touch if there are queries from prospective buyers.

Next on the list comes with: Viewing appointments with your prospective buyers.Now it gets exciting, their broker now arranges every morning appointments for viewing in Gladbeck. He takes over the arranged conversations alone. Many trust fully in your broker, nevertheless owners can be present with. Make sure that your property makes a well-kept impression on guests. Because the eye eats with you.

The next challenge: Checking the prospective buyer’s purchasing power.Then a potential buyer wants to strike and buy it? The real estate agent obtains information from him and validates whether the buyer can afford the house. This way, you won’t have any payment problems with the prospective buyer later on.

The notary appointment and finalization of the official purchase contract

The last little things of the immediately following sales contract, also all still necessary preliminary negotiations, makes the real estate agent of confidence, then he prepares the notarially examined contract together with the assigned notary office. For the certification of the real estate sale one must come to a notary, prescribed by law, whatever basis you had, whether not used real estate with central location, the goal is closer than you would thinkBoth sides of the house sign the sales contract, with the signatures you have sold your now sold real estate certified, congratulations.

The next challenge: After the entry in the land register (also the notice of conveyance) the price of your property will be transferred by bank order.the notary will now organize the entry in the land register, in addition, the notice of conveyance will be entered, it has the aim to make a more frequent sale impossible, as soon as the new owner may pay agreed purchase price to your bank, the notary will contact you, then you should check your account balance for the receipt of payment.

Payment of brokerage and notary appointment invoice

As a seller, you then pay for the dedicated work of your notary and estate agent after your purchase contract has been signed by both parties. You will receive a single invoice for each of these.

Done!Pay calculated real estate transfer tax

. Are between the less than 10 years, then you will have to bear tax on the capital gain. In addition, then possibly church tax and solidarity surcharge, of course, there are also exceptions, for example, if the owner more than 3 years]36 months in owner-occupied lived there, but who has lived in the house itself for more than three years and never rented, need not pay capital gains tax.

Demography, housing market and real estate

Facts and figures about real estate new construction to 55,531 should statistically like to live here. On 35.97 square kilometres live and work currently 0.08 million inhabitants. With 2100 people per km², living space is of course a sought-after commodity, Gladbeck is home to a total of 0.09% of the German population.

Housing market and demand for new buildings: development and studies

But how do people live in Gladbeck? According to the latest calculation of the Federal Statistical Office, 29,337 residents live in the ownership of a house or apartment building, in a condominium live 4,645 people and a whole 36,565 tenants, according to LBS Research would have to live in the local housing units 44,564 people in marriage, 30,968 single. The demand for new flats as well as houses for the city population has risen accordingly, not only in Gladbeck. How high do current surveys see costs for new housing units? Until 2020 50% of the current calculations assume 27,466 new flats, after all 33% of currently 22,888, only 17% come to 32,044 newly built flats in the next years, currently statistically only 211 housing units are created in Gladbeck. Therefore one invests in Gladbeck after all 2.926.613.226,67 Euro.

55,531 of the tenants feel comfortable in their house and rented apartment

Here in Gladbeck the citizens are generally extremely satisfied where they live, from the real estate owners it is a whole 62,261 satisfied people, who just like this good friendly neighborhood and location, with the housing situation less satisfied are only 13,271. But also with the tenants in Gladbeck one experiences the positive feeling with 55,531 gladly here living residents compared to 20,001 people who are currently dissatisfied. The number of inhabitants lives in single-family houses, not in flats, cumulatively there are 39.553 Gladbeckers, in multi-family houses live 23.471 or 11.714 persons in two-family houses.

Urban development: residents by age structure

Gladbeck has a large number of young inhabitants, such as 2,780 young adults of 21-23 years but also many older fellow citizens, such as 3,988 persons of 50-64 years, but what will the next few years bring? Gladbeck increases regularly, from still 74,898 persons a little more than four years ago, the number of inhabitants increased by calculated 634 people to now statistically 76,164, the tendency continues unchanged, because already in a few years circa 78,028 persons will live here, another 2,496 city residents, now take a focused look at new calculations in the next twenty years in Gladbeck.

0.5 billion euros of capital are invested in Gladbeck houses and apartments

Stately 460.607.869 Euro cash assets slumber, according to statistical data bases of the German Federal Bank at present on savings books and under pillows, still clearly larger amounts, whole 524.878.735 Euro are invested in real estate. The complete amount of transactions from purchases and sales, amounts in Gladbeck annually, statistically seen 6,917,449,444.85 euros, in the same period 2.9 billion euros were transferred for the new building of dwellings, up to 3,458,724,722.42 euros are spent every twelve months for modernization of flats and houses. In total, the real estate sector thus cumulatively moves 13.3 billion euros annually.

Living without rent? Private home ownership in Gladbeck

In the ownership of real estate life is much easier. Thereby Gladbeck has owners of real estate in old and young. Let’s take a look at a two values, according to Germany-wide survey of empirica live today 3,177 toddlers from 0-10 years in real estate, later it will be a little more, probably because parents have strengthened the nerve costing toddler age managed and work, many now invest their first, own property for the young family. With 11 – 21 years, 3,934 live in their own home, then comes a slump, with 21 – 30 years, only 861 live of them in the in their own property. Increasingly we are in our own property the older we get. So it is with the 31-40 year olds already again 3,261 and with the currently people between 41 – 50 years bring it to 5,639 proud property owners, in the group of 51 to 60 years live 5,163 Gladbeckers in their own home, with the 61 – 70 year olds it is statistically 3,944, more and more sell or give away to the children and so the rate drops only 2,444.

Gladbeck’s change in the housing market

Housing situation – apartment

Housing situation Number
Own house 29.337
Condo 4.645
Apartment for rent 36.565
WG 4.978

Source: Federal Statistical Office

Home ownership

Home ownership / Age Units
0-10 3.177
11-21 3.934
21-30 861
31-40 3.261
41-50 5.639
51-60 5.163
61-70 3.944
71-80 2.444

Statistics: empirica / LBS Research


Surrounding Area

Households today 2035 Difference
1 30.968 33.234 2.266
2 25.681 27.192 1.511
3 9.064 7.553 -1.511
4 6.798 6.043 -755
5 + 2.266 2.190 -76

Statistical source: Federal Statistical Office


Households / persons today 2035 Difference
1 40.032 42.298 2.266
2 21.904 21.149 -755
3 6.798 6.043 -755
4 4.532 4.456 -76
over 5 1.511 1.360 -151

Statistics: Federal Statistical Office