Sell your house in Herten

Between us, what tips and tricks can we use to get an even higher selling price for my property? Now or never!? Selling your house with estate agent tips in Herten: Here on our portal you will find answers for the most important questions about the profit-maximizing sale of your property and its residential units.

Arrange first with your real estate agent for the valuation of your home

Whether step one means to be able to achieve the best selling price . Work out all the here noted and further, presupposed know-how in the sale of real estateknow comprehensively well in your region, if you want to spend hardly any effort, notify us a mail, in the valuation of most houses all the here noted and of course also further, compulsory reading know-how in the sale of real estateknowledge about your region will help you in the calculation and should you want to save yourself some irreversible time, contact us via phone and e-mail.

Act like real experts, as the next task on your strategy planin Herten: floor plan and plans of the architecture. Important papers for the sale. They numerous sometimes very relevant documents, which include, for example, development of the property and also tax assessment. Show your property in the advertisement with professional photographs. So that possible prospective buyers can make themselves much more realistic already in the advertisement without much effort. Their, the made photos should show your house or loft in Herten always in the advantageous light and be qualitatively high-resolution. Because you want to sell, ideally for a maximum price.

Haus verkaufen in Herten

The following task: calculate the value of the property. Age, defects, room sizes, quality of construction, location play a direct role in finding the selling price, in valuations does not count what purchase price you had spent. Supply and demand of real estate on the current house market dominate the desired purchase price that the buyer will pay, you have to plan for that. Supply and demand in the current house market dominate the expected price one of your favored prospective buyers will be willing to pay Really, such an appraisal promises a lot of work which you will have to find, for people who usually do nothing at all with realtors, it may become very difficult to accurately estimate the house value. Well then a quick appraisal from our professionals is the recommendation for you.

Next it is about: Creation of a fancy folder or exposé for prospective buyers. One sees interest in the purchase directly, if one looks at an object description, as always applies, the very first impression counts. The time for a well-prepared exposé pays off for you in the sale, in addition: As still owner you know your home inside out in the official exposé of your house everything must have been written down completely, like garden, garage or winter garden to relax, etc.. The exposé is now ready? In the following the empty house should be mediated to potential new owners, in an advertisement on a real estate portal but also in the press, then it is called wait. Is your property well received by visitors to the advertisement?

Einfamilienhaus in Herten

Manage tour requests and inquiries

With a clear Exposè inclusive different pictures of the interior and external area it goes then nevertheless usually fast and already has your real estate agent first questions on the current real estate offer, your real estate agent takes the further inquiries for you daily and only if more deeply going inquiries arrive, he or she announces itself.

Arrangement of appointments for real estate inspection

Then it becomes increasingly exciting, so that the property best simply and successfully mediate, your agent regularly arranges new viewing appointments with prospective buyers, if you want, he or she leads the entire appointments alone. However, you can also be in the appointment with them. Make sure that your property makes an impeccable impression on the soon-to-be guests. Because as we all know, our eyes eat with us.

The next step: Before the contract of sale: Securing by examination of the purchasing power of the prospective should no payment irregularities be noticed, the solvency is examined immediately.

Visit to the notary and conclusion of the notarized contract of purchase

The last still controversial formalities of the purchase contract and the inevitable preliminary negotiations, makes your broker of confidence. Then your expert prepares the notarized contract in cooperation with the notary’s office. For a notarization, the way to the notary is standard. Whatever the initial situation, be it real estate and an adjoining property with a central location, the goal of the sale is closer than you would expect. At the notary both sides sign the contract. With this you have sold your now sold property certified, I congratulate, remain with done signature only very few steps.

After updating in the land register (or priority notice of conveyance), the sales price should be repaid directly

Notaries now enter the updated entry in the land register but also the so-called priority notice of conveyance. The document exemplarily ensures that a property could not be tacitly transferred by the owner several times, i.e. to two bidders at the same time, your notary then informs the new owner when he or the bank involved can transfer the negotiated purchase price to you. Subsequently, you must check your account for the receipt of payment.

The list continues with the topic: Payment of notary appointment and brokerage costs. Your Herten house was sold, after that only the agreed invoice amount for executing real estate agent and notary is outstanding, the payment to should send out after the notary appointment.

Herten (North Rhine-Westphalia) has a population of 61,461 and is therefore a potential homebuyer. The next task: The very last step!payment of the resulting land transfer tax… If there are no 10 years between, you have to pay capital gains tax, the solidarity surcharge and church tax will then be added, of course there are some exceptions, for example if you as the owner lived there for more than 3 years]36 months in own use.

Regional change and real estate investment in Herten

Our guide Current cost of building plots, apartments and detached and semi-detached houses in Herten to 50,662 happy owners in Herten. Herten currently has 0.06 million people, from west to east on 37.33 square kilometers. Terraced houses, flats and affordable housing are in demand with 1646 people per square kilometre, overall Herten has 0.07% of Germany’s population.

Housing demand and new construction for single people and large families in Herten

The Federal Office for Statistics calculated a few days ago new values, statistically 23,871 people live in houses, such as the owner-occupied house, terraced houses and multi-family houses, which is fortunately in their own possession, a whole 29,753 residents who live for rent, of all residents 36,262 are married and 25,199 singles. Through this situation, one sees in terms of new construction current need for action.

Over the next 10, 12 years half of the respondents assume 22,349 new housing units17% see only 26,074 new housing units in need and 33% assume Herten units. Statistically, how many housing units will actually be built? Currently, only about 172 new housing units are being created in Herten. A whopping 2.4 billion euros are invested annually.

Satisfied residents: 45,186 like living here

Herten is a dream city for many! When asked, the people of Herten are quite happy in their own neighbourhood. The same applies to 50,662 owners, who value the residential environment, while only 10,799 are less satisfied. A similar picture can also be found among tenants, with 45,186 people. Already knew? The vast majority of them live in single-family homes, not apartment buildings. 32,185 Herten residents live in single-family houses, 19,098 in apartment buildings and 9,532 in two-family houses.

Demographics and age groups in Herten: trend

Herten has many young inhabitants, for example 1.629 teenagers from 18 to 20 years, but also many older citizens, such as 14.929 inhabitants between 40-59 years, but what will the next years bring?the current trends continue, now take a focused look at new demographic prospects until 2035.

374,800,353 Euro unused capital

The unused money is immensely high, a whole 374,800,353 euros in cash, according to statistical data basis of the German Federal Bank on Herten bank accounts, far more, namely 427,098,076 euros are invested in real estate, only 78,446,585 euros exist as utility assets. The total amount of transactions from purchases and sales, is in Herten every year, statistically 5.6 billion euros, in the same period in housing 2.4 billion euros are transferred. Modernization is nowadays a more and more standardized subject, with a current market capital of 2.8 billion euros. In total, the real estate sector in Herten cumulatively moves a whole 10.8 billion euros every 12 months.

Who lives rent-free? Herten real estate ownership

How exactly is property ownership distributed, who lives rent-free? Let’s take a quick look at a two-individual values, according to survey (empirica) 2,585 young children from 0 to 10 years are living in houses or condominiumsownership of their parents are, in the rising age it becomes already a little more, certainly due to the mastered toddler age and the resulting finding that at least one parent are increasingly anchored in the professional career, now quite a few buy their first property for their own family. Among 11-21 year olds, 3,201 live in their own home. Then the statistics break down, at 21-30 years old, they are looking for freedom worldwide, in this age group only 700 people live rent free. Increasingly in the own home we live, the older one becomes, so it rises with the 31-40 year olds 2.653 and with the present 41-50 year olds bring it on 4.589. Between 51 – 60 years own 4.201 property, with the 61 to 70 year olds one brings it still on 3.210, the old age spend less in the old real estate, only 1.989.

Statistical data and information for Herten

Housing situation – apartment

Housing situation Number
House 23.871
Condo 3.780
Rent 29.753
WG 4.050

Data source: Federal Statistical Office

Home ownership

Home ownership (age) Quantity
0-10 2.585
11-21 3.201
21-30 700
31-40 2.653
41-50 4.589
51-60 4.201
61-70 3.210
71-80 1.989

empirica / LBS Research (data source)


Surrounding Area

Households today 2035 Change
1 25.199 27.043 1.844
2 20.897 22.126 1.229
3 7.375 6.146 -1.229
4 5.531 4.917 -615
over 5 1.844 1.782 -61

Statistical source: Federal Statistical Office


Households today 2035 Change
1 32.574 34.418 1.844
2 17.824 17.209 -615
3 5.531 4.917 -615
4 3.688 3.626 -61
5+ 1.229 1.106 -123

Source: Federal Statistical Office