Free of charge: 6+ tips for selling your house in Ratingen right away

Private sale or better with a real estate agent? Here on our portal you will find answers to the most important questions about the sale of a property.

The process starts with an honest appraisal: make an appointment with the first estate agent for the valuation of your house or modernised flat in Ratingen. House with 110 or 200 square meters, no matter whether you sell row house, wood-built half-timbered house and prefabricated house: make yourself thereby clearly conscious, how you proceed here ideally and how you obtain the optimal price, compile all the necessary knowledge in the real estate marketknowledge about the own region, if you would like to bring in hardly time expenditure, write our real estate team an email. With the evaluation of dwelling objects support you the here described and further, necessary Know How in the real estate salesresearch prices in your environment with the value assessment. If you do not want to make so much effort, contact us simply via e-mail and telephone.

Next up: Preparation of papers. Floor plan and architectural plans. Neighborhood development and real estate agent evaluations are important documents to have. Bright photographs increase the selling value of your home, so that so buyers can get a much more realistic picture of the property. Your, the photos must always present your property or townhouse in the best light.

Haus verkaufen mit Makler

Next: You need to set the selling price for the property or apartment in Ratingen. Location, type of house, age, that plays a role in the calculation of the selling price, for you. What is important is not what you yourself had spent once in your past for your house in Ratingen. Or the countless hours of work. As at all times, only supply and demand dominate the expected selling price, as at all times, especially demand and supply dominate the purchase price that the buyer will be willing to go, this you should plan with Despite the literature, you are not really sure about the value of the object when you estimate and consider? Granted for the inexperienced it will of course be confusing to correctly name the value of your home, well then the practiced appraisal of our scouts is a recommendation.

Next on the list comes with the item: let the designer make your offer for your property. Interest in buying, that you know already when reading the object description. As when getting to know our very first impression counts, it pays to invest a little effort in an extremely structured exposé in the sale. In addition, as the owner, you know all the features inside out. Therefore, make sure that all important extras find their place in the exposé. For example, a private pool for children, conservatory, garage or garden, etc. Voila, the exposé is ready? At the moment you have the best sales area through the frequently clicked portal for real estate but also the good old regional pressein Ratingen. Then sit and wait for the first request for viewing appointment.

Then follows: Begin with your Exposè including varied photos of the outside and interior it often goes faster than thought and already has your real estate agent the first inquiries on your current real estate advertisement, had you engaged for the project a broker for the switching he organizes the feedbacks for you and only then if still questions of prospective customers arise, he contacts you.

Next up: Setting up viewing appointments with your potential prospects and the day of the viewings.Sunday, Monday, etc: The plus rises, so that your property best quite quickly and successfully convey, the real estate agent permanently dates new appointments for home inspection with people who are interested in buying your property, if you want, he or she takes over each appointment without you. Of course, you can also be part of the conversation. Always also make sure that your property makes an impeccable impression on every guest. After all, it’s a known fact that the eye buys.

In the further course comes: Verification of the purchasing power of the person interested in your property. You should not have to witness any payment defaults, the proven Bonitätdes Interessenten after inspection and the exact examination of awnings, power connections, etc. is immediately checked by information from your broker.

Sign notarized real estate purchase agreement at the notary public

A new owner has been found, now the broker leads the final negotiations with your potential new owner, he arranges all the formalities of the purchase contract. Your seller prepares your notarial contract in cooperation with your order notary’s office, for the certification you have to go to a notary in any case, required by lawBuyer and seller give your signature on the contract. With the signatures you have officially sold your old property. Congratulations, but there are still a few tasks left.

Your new challenge: Then after the executed entry in the land register, respectively Auflassungsvormerkung, the price of the property can be redeemed.the notary subsequently enters the new entry in the land register as well as the Auflassungsvormerkung, it exemplarily ensures that a seller can not tacitly sell his property multiple times, so to different people at the same time, if the buyer could pay agreed sales price to your bank account standing in the contract, it informs the notary. After release by the notary, you should check the account balance for the receipt of the money.

Next on your strategy plan for the real estate sale in Ratingen: Payment of Umkosten für Ihren vorab helfendenNotar und Makler.Ihr Haus in Ratingen ist verkauft, danach steht noch die Rechnung für den ausführenden Notar und Immobilienmakler aus. The transfer for must arrange from you in the connection notary appointment. The real estate agent and notary will send you a single invoice for the payment.

Ratingen in North Rhine-Westphalia is home to 87,158 residents, making it a potential homebuyer. Next up: Voila! You’ve done it all!Real estate transfer tax to the bearer balance.A very last relevant info real estate sale tax on the capital gain can be claimed and always when between the private sale and passing on your home is below ten years, solidarity surcharge and church tax are still on top of it, of course, exceptions are made here. For example, if you as the owner lived in owner-occupation for more than 3 years.

Housing, real estate and demographic development in Ratingen

The guide about purchase price for apartments, building land but also terraced homes to owners of real estate in Ratingen by age in Ratingen. Ratingen currently has 87 158 people with an area of 88.74 km², Ratingen is a large city. Apartments are in demand with 982 people on every developed and undeveloped square kilometer of Ratingen, in total 0.11% of Germans are registered in Ratingen.

Housing situation and new construction – Where do people actually live in Ratingen?

Buy or rent, how do you live in Ratingen? The Federal Office for Statistics calculated values a few weeks ago, according to these 33,852 residents live in their own house or terraced house and 42,193 residents live in a rented apartment. WGs in Ratingen, however, have only a very insignificant total share of only about 5,744 tenants. According to the study of LBS Research, 51,423 people should currently live in marriage in the various local properties, 35,735 singles. From this, one knows of the current need for action in new housing construction.

What new assessments exist from industry specific studies? Half of the studies assume 31,694 new apartments by 2020, another good third assume 26,412 at present, and only about 17% see 36,976 completed apartments in the next few years. What number of housing units will actually be built according to other projections? Currently, only 244 units are being built. With a total investment of 3.4 billion euros.

Tenants and owners are really satisfied with their living situation

In Ratingen, people are extremely satisfied at the end of the day where they live. Just like extrapolated 71,844 home and apartment owners who appreciate their own living environment, against only 15,314 less happy, a whole 56,531 more, the same feeling is shown by the many renters in Ratingen, with 64,079 residents. Did you know, the large amount of residents live in a single family home, not apartments, in single family homes live 45,641 Ratingen, so much more than in apartment buildings, here live 27,083 and 13,517 people in houses for two tenants, the popular semi-detached.

Local growth: residents by age

Ratingen has statistically many young residents, such as 3,207 infants aged 1-5 years as well as some residents of advanced age, such as 21,171 inhabitants between 40-59 years, but what does the future say? Ratingen is increasing regularly, from 86.427 citizens about 4 years ago, Ratingen increased by often unbelievable 731 persons to statistically 87.887. The long-term prognosis continues, because already in 2022, according to studies, about 90.038 persons will live here, that’s another 2.880 peopleCome now to new development of the next twenty years.

605,668,865 euros of capital are currently in the Ratingen residential market

A whole 531,505,331 euros of cash in savings accounts, even more, 605,668,865 euros are deposited in real estate and only 111,245,302 euros exist as use assets, did you think so? The complete amount of transactions in the real estate market is in Ratingen every year, statistically 7.982.193.755,15 Euro. In new residential construction, it is predicted that up to 3,377,081,973.33 euros are moved, a full 3,991,096,877.58 euros are currently invested in modernization every twelve months in Ratingen, in total, the market for real estate in Ratingen cumulatively moves an almost unimaginable 15.4 billion euros every twelve months.

Living rent-free in Ratingen: This is how living in private property is distributed according to age

How many Ratingen residents live happily without paying rent? Briefly a two-individual values, according to calculation of empirica live 3,666 children from 0 to 10 years in houses or condominiums, which belong to their parents, later it becomes then already a few more, under circumstances due to difficult toddler phase and the fact concluding from it that the parents work. From 11 – 21 years live 4,539 in the property of the dear parents. It goes down a lot among the 21 – 30 year olds, they travel and look for freedom all over Europe, in this age group just 993 people live rent-free. The more the age rises, the more the inhabitants afford own real estate property, so it is with the 31 – 40 years again 3,763 and with the today 41-50 years even whole 6,507, in the group of 51-60 years live 5,958 Ratingener in the own real estate and with the 61 – 70 years one comes still on 4,551, the forthcoming section of the life spend already again less in their old real estate, only 2,820of all 87 158 citizens.

Ratingen’s change in the housing market

Housing situation – apartment

Housing situation Number
House 33.852
Apartment 5.360
Rent 42.193
Shared apartment 5.744

Statistical source: Federal Statistical Office

Home ownership

Homeowner (age) Units
0-10 3.666
11-21 4.539
21-30 993
31-40 3.763
41-50 6.507
51-60 5.958
61-70 4.551
71-80 2.820

Source: empirica / LBS Research


Surrounding Area

Households / persons today 2035 Difference
1 35.735 38.350 2.615
2 29.634 31.377 1.743
3 10.459 8.716 -1.743
4 7.844 6.973 -872
over 5 2.615 2.528 -87

Data source: Federal Statistical Office


Households today 2035 Difference
1 46.194 48.808 2.615
2 25.276 24.404 -872
3 7.844 6.973 -872
4 5.229 5.142 -87
5 + 1.743 1.569 -174

Data source: Federal Statistical Office