Crowdinvesting explained

Crowdinvesting refers to the investment of a large number of people in a company. People can support companies or realize projects with relatively small sums.

Guidebook Content:

  1. Comparison & Calculator: Crowdinvesting
  2. What is crowdinvesting?
  3. How does crowdinvesting work?
  4. Difference: Investing & Funding

The most important facts about crowdinvesting

  • Many people invest small amounts
  • Investment in projects or companies
  • Investing via online platforms
  • Receive shares in the company in return
  • The goal of investors is to create profit

Crowdinvesting calculator

What is crowdinvesting?

In crowdinvesting, many people invest small sums in projects or companies. In these cases, the realization of the projects cannot be financed solely by the company itself. The aim here is to generate profits with the invested money.

How crowdinvesting works

Crowdinvesting works similarly to crowdfunding via online platforms. People and interested parties can invest a minimum contribution in projects of their choice. The minimum amount is set by the company itself. Investors act out of economic sense to make a profit.

Difference: Crowdfunding & Crowdinvesting

Crowdfunding is often used to support and develop products or services. Crowdinvesting is on the contrary advantageous if you want to support a company. Crowdinvesting is not a donation but an investment. In return for the investment, the backers receive shares in the company