Real estate holding: box privilege and only 1.54% tax on sale

Nesting privilege, my new favorite word! Although I’ve known about the holding model for ages, today was the first time I heard the term “Schachtelprivileg”. Simply put: only 1.54% tax on the sale of real estate! If you’re wide-eyed now, check out this short article on real estate holding. Tip! Learn more about legal forms […]

Real Estate Coaching Experience: To book a coach or not?! My opinion

Further education, training, seminars and workshops – 1 day coaching, 1 hour or over weeks, depending on the concept coaching brings extremely much – but only if your coaching has 2 things: Experience and success. How do you find good real estate coaches in Germany? Here is the guide with 3 concrete tips on how […]

Alex Fischer’s “Financial Intelligence” Master Course: Coaching, Experience, Content

What do you learn in the Financial Intelligence Master Course? Alex Fischer ‘s Master Course opens the door to a comprehensive coaching program focused on money, finance and financial independence. But this course is more than just a collection of information – it’s a passionate journey that taps into your deepest emotions and can change […]

Investing in Water: Treat, Measure, Distribute & ETF Ideas – UN Conference in New York

The global water crisis has grown in recent years. Yesterday, top politicians met in New York for the UN conference to discuss possible solutions and to confront the problem. The investment in the sector “water” will increase. Reason enough for a look at the question: How to invest in “water”? International corporations buy water sources, […]

Real Estate Coaching: Alex Fischer, immocation, Anja Blodow & Co. – Courses

Real Estate Coaching – Are you interested in real estate, but lack the depth to get into the field? Through real estate coaching, real estate professionals can improve their skills and knowledge to achieve their career goals and succeed in the industry. In this article you will find an overview of the best real estate […]

Real Estate App: The Best Finance and Investment Calculators – Now for iOS and Android

Lukinski Real Estate App – My new real estate app! With the app’s free real estate calculators, you can quickly perform important calculations for your real estate investment. Whether it’s a first-time buyer with a maximum purchase price, creating an initial repayment plan or calculating brokerage costs – with the Lukinski App, you have an […]

Provider comparison Germany: House, apartment, loan & follow-up financing

Provider comparison – Saving teaches you how to get rich! Here you will not only find all the important know-how about your real estate investment (such as the investment atlas), you will also find the best providers! Building society savings, real estate loans, forward loans, but also call money and fixed-term deposits for those who […]

Inheritance investing and investing: 9 tips from investment experts

Investing Inherited Assets Wisely – If you have inherited money and are wondering how best to invest it: These 9 easy-to-follow tips from investment experts will help you with simple, short explanations. There are many ways you can invest your inherited money, and it’s important to weigh the options well to find the investment option […]