Dispute over inheritance: How does a good will go? – Our TV expert on NDR

Dispute over inheritance: How does a good will go? Yesterday was the 45-minute report on the subject. Our expert Jan Rickel was a guest, as an advisor, with helpful answers and know-how to the question. Because, properly bequeath and properly inherit wants to be planned. Without, much ends unintentionally in the dispute. Many avoid the […]

NFT / Digital art: what is it? Meaning, Marketplaces, Prices – Crypto Art

NFT – Digital Art, a new phenomenon. Here you will learn everything: What is an NFT? How do you buy NFTs? What marketplaces are there and how is the art market developing for investors. Meanwhile, higher prices are being achieved in the digital art market than in the physical one. Collections like“CryptoPunks” ,“Bored Ape Yacht […]

Lukinski VR Exhibition: Marble x Meditation – NFT Art for Villas & Estates

Art has always been a big part of my life. After my first exhibition in 2005 there is now a new highlight, my first virtual art exhibition with NFT art. The Lukinski Collection includes selected works to inspire you for your property or real estate. My new line is limited to harmonious elements between marble […]

Create & Sell NFT: App / Marketplace, Become Creator, Make Money – Tutorial

Create & Sell NFT – You want to make money with NFTs? Those who really make money with NFTs are usually artists who already have notoriety, reach and buyers in the “real world”. As an absolute newbie and beginner, uploading a few artworks in an NFT marketplace is not enough. No work, no success! This […]

Trading Apps in comparison! Trade Republic, eToro, flatex + Scalable Capital useful? Test

Trading Apps Comparison – There are many apps and few in which you can 1) sign up quickly [in a few minutes], find a 2) wide range of financial products [stock, ETF, crypto, etc.] and 3) have no costs, as in traditional banks (deposit and order). Trading cheaply has never been easier, thanks to tranding […]

Buy and sell NFT: explained step by step – instructions

Buy NFT – How can you buy, hold and sell NFTs? In this article you will learn everything. From a quick explanation of the term NFT to marketplaces, your wallet and trading NFTs between marketplace and wallet. In less than 10 minutes you will have learned everything you need to know and save yourself a […]

Wallet: Digital wallet (app) for cryptocurrency, NFT & Co.

Wallet – Often my blog is also about finance, wealth building and newer financial trends like cryptocurrency, but also NFT (digital art). The term “wallet” has come up more often now and so I wanted to write this little extra page for a quick explanation. Wallet for cryptocurrency, NFT & Co. The next step to […]

Real estate in old age: sell house & apartment … what to do?! 4 alternatives for you

Real estate in old age – Life has many facets and it writes many stories. But at some point the time comes and the own apartment, the own house becomes too big. At the same time, little of one’s own pension remains and retirement provisions shrink. What to do? Many real estate owners are faced […]