7+ steps to a fast house sale in Offenburg free of charge from the real estate agent

Do we engage a broker or should we do the house or condominium sale privately? House sale in Offenburg: Here in our real estate portal one meets our elementary questions and everything important, which you must consider up-to-date with.

Arrange a start date with the new real estate agent for the structured valuation of your property (apartment or house)

Whether first it goes with the sales of a house around that with the current market situation for real estates optimally selling price to be able to reach. Acquire now all the required knowledge in the real estate marketKnowledge of Offenburg and the surrounding area, if you are not interested in all the hassle, contact us a mail, in the valuation of most houses help you all the required knowledge in the sale of real estate research prices in Offenburg, if you want to save time, contact us easily and quickly via e-mail and phone.

Next on the list comes with: Preparation of documents (Old architectural plans and floor plan).Used certifications and receipts, for example, are important documents to have. Good photos will increase the value of your home. Quite simply, so that so any buyer can get a much better impression, this saves time photos must always represent your house in Offenburg in the best light.

Haus verkaufen mit Makler in Offenburg

An amount must be defined

Many circumstances such as age, transport connections, type of house, quality of construction, location of the object play a decisive role in the price calculation, in the calculation does not count how much you have invested at the time, as well as over time in diligence and money have paid. Demand and supply on the current house market dominate the purchase price a buyer will pay, demand and supply on the current real estate market determine the expected value Despite the measures, you are not one hundred percent sure about the value estimate of the property feel when thinking about it more closely? In fact for the inexperienced it will clearly be very difficult to accurately state the value, the alternative, an assessment by usmit by our real estate professionals.

Your following challenge: Preparation of the exposé for interested parties. Interest in the purchase, that one recognizes directly, if one clicks as a buyer a description on a real estate portal, as always counts almost only our first view, the expenditure for a very good exposé is profitable. In addition, as an owner you know all the central details inside out. Therefore, always pay attention to the consideration of all central properties. This includes the winter garden, garden, swimming pool or special features of the property, etc. Your exposé is ready? Afterwards the vacant house must be shown to potential buyers, in an advertisement on a regularly clicked portal for houses and in the well-tried Pressein Offenburg. Then it is called impatiently waiting for the first inquiry.

Acting like experts, next on your strategic plan: accepting inquiries from interested people. After a little time your first inquiries come in, their broker takes all inquiries for you. Exclusively when specific feedback arrives, he contacts you.

Making appointments for viewings with interested parties and on-site walk-throughs. The tension intensifies, the dedicated realtor is constantly making new appointments for a viewing, if you will, he or she makes every single call alone. However, you as the owner may also be present.

As the next point on your schedule for the house sale: Check the actual creditworthiness of the person interested in your property.If you want to hand over your property with land, work with a broker, because this will be the insured solvency of the new owner after the house inspection directly by information checked.

At the next step turns: After minor changes to the draft: finalize notarized purchase contract at the notary. In the further process, the broker takes over the negotiations for the sale of the house, he clarifies all the minor details of the purchase contract. Then your professional prepares the notarial contract together with the appointed notary. And of course, for the notarization of the sales contract, the way to the notary is a must.Whatever conditions you had with your property, whether property with very good transport connections to all important such as kindergarten, school and supermarket, the goal is closer than you would thinkBoth sides sign the now complete contract. So far so good, with the signature your house is highly notarized sold.

After updating in the land register (also priority notice of conveyance) the negotiated sale price will be redeemed by payment order

The notary will now instruct the land register entry. In addition, a priority notice of conveyance will be entered. It prevents a secret more frequent sale. Immediately when the new owner can instruct price to you, he learns it immediately from the notary, check whether the amount was credited to your bank account.

Ihr Notartermin

Your next step: pay the outstanding debts of the notary and the estate agent. Now instruct the payment settlement of the committed performance of your broker and notary costs, immediately after the purchase agreement of the house of seller and buyer is equipped with their signature, they get for the settlement separate invoices, from broker and notary.

House sold!transfer determined real estate transfer tax to the treasury

In the case of the completed sale of a home, tax may be assessed on the capital gain generated by the added value on sale. And this is when a private sale and the sale of the property is below 10 years, the church tax and solidarity surcharge will be calculated in addition under certain circumstances. Of course, legal exceptions are made here. For example, if you as the owner have lived there for more than 3 years in owner-occupation, but if you have lived in your property yourself for more than 36 months and have never rented it out, you do not have to pay tax on your profit.

Demographics, housing market and real estate in Offenburg

The guide of market price for houses, building sites and condominiums to private real estate owner. Offenburg counts at present Offenburg thousand citizens, from south to north on 78.37 square kilometers, Offenburg is a rather large city. With 749 people on every single square kilometer, living space is naturally a sought-after commodity, a total of 0.07% of the German citizens are registered in Offenburg.

Housing and new construction demand in the future

As can be seen from the latest statistics from the Federal Statistical Office, 22,813 residents own their own home, in addition there are 28,434 renting citizens, only 3,871 live in shared flats. while 34,654 people live in marriage and 24,082 are singles, according to LBS Research. Backlogs of new construction in the form of housing units in all districts. What estimates could be found from industry-specific institutes? Until 2020, about half of the studies of Offenburg predict new units, still a third of until then 17,799, only 17% see a new construction need of 24,918 newly built apartments, this year, according to statistical calculation, only extrapolated 164 new units will be created, with a total volume 2.3 billion euros annually.

Offenburg’s districts offer a lot

Offenburg is beautiful! The people of Offenburg are often extremely happy in their homes. Of all property owners, there are a whole 48,416 satisfied people who like their own living environment, with the housing situation less satisfied are only 10,320, even among tenants in Offenburg shows a very positive view of things with 43,183 people compared to 15,553 people who are less satisfied despite direct shopping facilities. Did you know, the large number of residents lives in a single-family home, not in apartments, a total of 30,758 Offenburgers live here, significantly more than in houses with more than two units, there 18,251 and 9,109 people live in two-family homes.

The development of Offenburg: future and present

The city has statistically many young inhabitants, exemplarily 1,557 teenagers at the age of 18-20 years but also so some for the Offenburger investments important older inhabitants, like 10,285 people between over 65 years, growth also with the prognosticated development of the population.the trend continues steadily, already in a few years will live according to prognostications circa 60,677 inhabitants here, additional 1,941 citizensWechseln now to today’s calculations in the future 20 years.

Real estate and financing

The available funds is very high, handsome 0.4 billion euros in liquid assets currently in accounts or under mattresses. Much larger financial amounts, a whole 0.4 billion euros are set aside in real estate and only 74,968,495 euros exist as use assets, would you have thought of such large sums? Statistically speaking, high capital gains are transferred through real estate transactions every year, up to 5.4 billion euros, and a whole 2.3 billion euros are spent on new housing construction. Modernization has been a more and more central area for years, with possibly 2.7 billion Euros of market capital, in total the real estate market in Offenburg moves an impressive 10,344,655,515.15 Euros per year.

Living without renting? Private home ownership in Offenburg

How many people live in property? Owners of real estate there are in each age group short a twoindividual values, according to Germany-wide statistics of empirica live 2,470 toddlers up to 10 years in real estate, in the rising age it becomes then already a few more. With certainty due to the survived toddler age and the finding that the parents are involved in their own career, now many buy their own home. Among 11 – 21 year old young people, 3,059 live in their parents’ property. after them the statistics collapse, among 21-30 year olds, of them statistically 669 live in their own property. The older, the more likely we now live in our own home, so it rises among the 31-40 year olds 2,536 and among the people between 41 and 50 years bring it to 4,385, at the age of 51-60 years 4,015 live in their own home. With the 61-70 year old inhabitants one comes still on 3.067, more and more sell and so the number sinks on 1.900von all 58 736 inhabitants.

Urban development: Property or inherited apartment with good transport links to all important such as supermarket and hospital.

Housing situation – apartment

Housing situation Number
House 22.813
Apartment 3.612
Rent 28.434
Shared apartment 3.871

Statistical source: Federal Statistical Office

Home ownership

Home ownership in Offenburg / years Units
0-10 2.470
11-21 3.059
21-30 669
31-40 2.536
41-50 4.385
51-60 4.015
61-70 3.067
71-80 1.900

empirica / LBS Research (data source)


Surrounding Area

Households / persons today 2035 Change
1 24.082 25.844 1.762
2 19.970 21.145 1.175
3 7.048 5.874 -1.175
4 5.286 4.699 -587
5+ 1.762 1.703 -59

Data source: Federal Statistical Office


Households (persons) today 2035 Growth
1 31.130 32.892 1.762
2 17.033 16.446 -587
3 5.286 4.699 -587
4 3.524 3.465 -59
5+ 1.175 1.057 -117

Statistical source: Federal Statistical Office