6+ tips for a successful house sale in Velbert & surroundings for free

Private sale or better with an estate agent? Here in our real estate portal you will meet our most interesting questions and all important topics that you should consider in today’s market situation for real estate, also in the planning for architects and modernization of your property.

Everything always starts with an honest assessment: arrange an appointment with the estate agent for a quick valuation of your house or beautiful apartment in Velbert. 70 or 160 sqm, whether you are selling a modern detached house or a property in the countryside: You need to know how to proceed best and how to get the best price for your property . Acquire all the here noted and further, presupposed know-how in the sale of real estate and. If you want to save yourself a lot of time, get in touch with us by e-mail and telephone, when estimating the value of real estate you will be assisted by the knowledge listed here and, of course, the further, presupposed knowledge in the sale of real estate, research prices that have already been achieved by other real estate agents in your area and in the assessment of the value of the sale and if you do not want to spend any time, get in touch with us.

Floor plans and old architectural plans: Important papers for sale and property valuation

Applications but also valuations from the real estate agent are necessary documents, which you need in any case for the new owner. Good photos raise the selling price of the property, so that all the buyers can make a much more complete picture made photos must always be of high quality but also represent your property in the best light.

Haus verkaufen mit Makler in Velbert

As the next point on your plan: you must necessarily determine the stable market value for your property or apartment. The evaluation of a purchase price, which consists of provable data packages, contribute the most diverse elements as well as, for example, size, type of construction, defects, neighborhood as well as property equipment and condition, it is not decisive what amounts you yourself had once paid for your property. Of course also not over the years in diligence and money have invested. Demand and supply of houses in Velbert on the current real estate market dominate the price that one of the interested parties is willing to go in, this fact you need to know. As at all times, demand and supply regulate the selling price that a prospective buyer will invest. You should know this fact Are you not 100% sure about the value of the property when you think about it? Admittedly for normal people it can be confusing to accurately estimate the actual market value, well then the reputable appraisal of our specialists is our recommendation for you and your family.

Your next step: creating a distinctive exposé for potential buyers of the property. Interest in buying one feels already when skimming a property description, it is worthwhile to put a little effort into a really structured exposé in the sale, with all the details in and around the house you know best anyway as the owner, always make sure that the different extras to be discussed in the exposé find their place. For example garden, garage and pool to relax, and much more. Your exposé is ready? Then comes the presentation, in an advertisement on a real estate portal or in the good old local press in Velbert. And then wait.

Demand management

Already in a few days the first inquiries come on the current real estate advertisement, your broker answers all the different inquiries for the salesman and only if inquiries of prospective buyers come, he contacts you.

Coordinate and carry out viewing appointments

Now it becomes increasingly exciting. Ideally, so that you can easily and successfully arrange your house, an estate agent constantly arranges viewing appointments. He conducts all appointments alone, of course, owners can be present.

Check the purchasing power of the person interested in your house

When you sell your house, you sell with realtors, because professionals immediately check the supposed creditworthiness of the buyer through information.

Selling like experts, the next point on your sales plan for the house sale in Velbert: your visit to the notary and conclusion of the official purchase contract.All details of the contract for the purchase of the property that are still too contentious, including all inevitable renegotiations, makes the real estate professional of confidence. Your specialist formulates and prepares your notarized contract together with the appointed notary for buyer and seller, for the notarization an appointment at the notary is a mustBuyer and seller sign the now complete purchase contract. Congratulations, because with the signature the property is officially sold.

After updating in the land register, respectively after the notice of conveyance, the pre-negotiated price will be transferred immediately.

Your supervising notary will now carry out the required entry in the land register, in addition he will have the so-called priority notice of conveyance entered, it has the aim of making more frequent sales without fraud more difficult. Your notary will inform the buyer as soon as he or the bank can pay the contractual sales price to your account stated in the sales contract. Don’t forget that you have to check your account balance after the sale to make sure that the payment has been received.


Your next step: Settle invoices from notary and house broker. Settle as a seller in the following the balance of the ordered service of the , after the desired closing of the sale with your notary.

Your next item on the sales plan revolves around: Transfer real estate transfer tax. . If there are no more than ten years between the purchase and sale, you will have to pay tax on the capital gain. On top of that you may have to pay solidarity surcharge and church tax. However, a few exceptions are made, for example, if you as the owner really lived in the property or condominium yourself for more than 3 years and never rented it out, but if you can prove that you lived in your house yourself for more than 36 months and never rented it out, you are exempt from capital gains tax.

Regional change and real estate investment in Velbert

Forecasts from real estate property to selling and buying. On an area of 74.9 km² currently live 81 822 registered official residents. Apartments are in demand at 1092 citizens per square kilometer, a total of 0.1% of Germans are registered in Velbert.

Real estate new building – How do you actually live in Velbert?

The Federal Office for Statistics collected a few weeks ago statistics on Velbert but also Germany, statistically live 31,780 residents in their own possession of a house. 5,032 are proud owners of a condominium and a whole 39,610 renting citizens, WGs in Velbert reach, however, only an extremely insignificant total share of 5,392 residents. According to LBS Research, there should currently be 48,275 people living in married couples and 33,547 single people in the total number of local houses and apartments. Need for new construction in all neighborhoods. What new assessments can be summarised in sector specific surveys? In the next 12 years, 50% of Velbert’s surveys predict new units around the 17% see only 34,712 new homes in need and 33% anticipate Velbert new homes in Velbert, how many will actually be built statistically? Currently only about 229 units are created, with a volume 3,170,329,760.00 euros.

People like living here: 67,446 satisfied owners in Velbert

In Velbert, people are totally satisfied with their location and neighbourhood. Like 67,446 house and apartment owners who like their living environment, against only 14,376 dissatisfied, a whole 53,070 more, also with tenants one experiences this positive feeling with 60,156 gladly here living persons. Did you know that the vast majority of citizens live in houses for one family and not in multi-family houses, in single-family houses live 42,847 Velberter, in multi-family houses live 25,425 of which 12,689 people in houses for two tenants.

The development of Velbert today and in the coming years

Statistically, Velbert has many young residents, for example 2,168 young adults aged 18-20 years, as well as many residents of advanced age, such as 14,327 citizens over 65 years, but what will the future bring?today’s estimates continue in the same way, already in four years about 84,526 citizens will live here, an additional 2,704 peopleLet us now change to today’s estimates of the next twenty years.

498,965,433 euros lie untouched in piggy banks

The available funds is really a lot, stately 498,965,433 euros in liquid assets, according to statistical data from the German Bundesbank on savings accounts, much higher amounts, because statistically 0.6 billion euros are put aside in real estate, would you have expected the amount current? Purely statistically, large amounts are paid through purchases and sales or so-called transactions every twelve months, the estimate comes up to 7.5 billion euros, in new housing construction at the same time up to 3.2 billion euros are transferred, up to 3.7 billion euros are invested every year in the modernization of the properties. In total, the house and housing market in Velbert transfers 14,410,589,818.18 euros in the calendar year.

Who lives rent free today? Velbert property

Who lives in property? We have property owners in all age groups Let’s now take a brief look at a few values. According to a Germany-wide calculation (source: empirica), 3,441 children aged 0 to 10 live in property. In the group of teenagers it becomes a little more, possibly due to survived toddler phase and the finding that at least part of the parents are involved in their own professional career, from 11-21 years 4,262 live in their own home. Far fewer are among 21-30 year olds, with just 932 living in their own home. The rate increases the older we get. Thus it rises with the 31 – 40 year olds 3,532 and something over, with the present 41 to 50 year olds even whole 6,109 content real estate owners. In the group of 51 to 60 years own 5,593 property, with the 61 to 70 years brings it still on 4,273. The coming part of the life spend not quite so many seniors in the own real estate, only 2,647of cumulatively 0.08 million people.

Demography in Velbert

Housing situation – apartment

Housing situation Number
Home 31.780
Apartment 5.032
Apartment for rent 39.610
Shared apartment 5.392

Statistics: Federal Statistical Office

Home ownership

Homeowner in Velbert / Age Quantity
0-10 3.441
11-21 4.262
21-30 932
31-40 3.532
41-50 6.109
51-60 5.593
61-70 4.273
71-80 2.647

Source: empirica / LBS Research


Surrounding Area

Households / persons today 2035 Change
1 33.547 36.002 2.455
2 27.819 29.456 1.636
3 9.819 8.182 -1.636
4 7.364 6.546 -818
5+ 2.455 2.373 -82

Data source: Federal Statistical Office


Households (persons) today 2035 Difference
1 43.366 45.820 2.455
2 23.728 22.910 -818
3 7.364 6.546 -818
4 4.909 4.827 -82
more than 5 1.636 1.473 -164

Source: Federal Statistical Office