NFT Marketplace: The best 19 marketplaces! OpenSea, SupreRare, Binance & Co.

NFT Marketplace – Here you can find the 19 most popular marketplaces for NFTs. Collectibles, art, gaming, music, exclusive access and entry or even domains. By the way, marketplaces for NFTs are only secondary markets. The actual transaction takes place in the blockchain (mostly Ethereum). Learn all about NFT art and the instructions here, step by step: buy NFT.

NFT Marketplaces and Platforms – Where to Buy?

There are now relatively many NFT marketplaces and platforms. Binance,, OpenSea, GameStop, Rarible are just a few of the most important names. Fewer are not coming, as digital art is gaining in importance. Larger investors, even hedge funds are also investing in digital art.

Here you get a good overview of the most important marketplaces for NFTs.

The 19 most popular NFT marketplaces!

Many recommendations, instead of many words! Here are the 19 most popular NFT marketplaces.


Binance NFT

Nifty Gateway NFT



GameStop NFT


Async Art






NFT Launchpad


What is an NFT? Quick explanation

The abbreviation NFT stands for “Non-fungible Token” and translates as “non-replaceable token”.

“5,000 Days” sold at auction for US$69 million

Quickly explained: Until now, digital works could be copied at will. NFTs document the history of a digital work. This makes the history from creation through all transactions visible to everyone. Similar to physical works of art, authenticity can be confirmed in this way. The success of NFT art is demonstrated by examples such as the “5,000 Days” project, which was auctioned at Christies for $69 million.

History and documentation: NFT Advantage

For documentation, an NFT uses a blockchain, often Ethereum. The blockchain then documents all transactions, as described from publication, across all transactions.

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