Selling a house: Get the highest price in Witten when selling a house

Private sale or better with a broker? Best location? Selling your house with estate agent expertise in Witten: Every day we receive many e-mails but also in personal conversations at viewing appointments we receive many inquiries, collected and clearly packed you can see here the central questions about the property sale and the associated land.

The process begins with an honest assessment – make an appointment with the real estate agent for the valuation of your property (apartment or house). The very first step is for the seller to be able to achieve the highest possible selling price at the moment, no matter whether it is a 5 room condominium, city villa, terraced house for the family but also a modern multi-family house. Work out on our blog the here noted and continuing, necessary know how in the real estate marketlooking up location similar prices, if you want to make hardly any effort, contact us, thereby help you the here standing necessary know how in the sale of real estateknow well in your region in Witten and if you do not want to make any effort, write our specialists.

In the further course comes: provision of papers. Old architectural plans and floor plans. For the sale of your property you need various, sometimes very crucial documents. among them: the energy certificate and the floor plan of the rooms. Professional photographs increase the sales value of your house, so that prospective buyers can get a much more realistic impression. Your, your edited photo shots must present the property or condominium in Witten in the perfect light. After all, you want to convey now. And that preferably for a first-class sales price.

Haus verkaufen mit Makler

Selling like a real expert, the next item on your schedule in Witten: Determine the strong selling price for your house offer.Many small or large influencing factors such as age, size, locationcarry a direct role in the ultimately finite calculation of the selling price. What matters is not how much you yourself once paid for the property, as well as settled over the past time in money and efforts. Demand and supply of houses in Witten on the current market determine the desired purchase price the buyer is willing to pay. You have to take this into account, as in grandfather’s time demand and supply dominate the desired purchase price, the wisdom you should know Despite all the help, you are about assessment of the purchase price of the property do not feel quite confirmed? In the day for private people it is really quite cumbersome to estimate the house value accurately.

Next up: Creating an exposé for a house. Already with the fast overview on the object description in the Exposé of your broker confirms whether clearly attention is aroused, the time for an extremely meaningful Exposé is profitable, still something: As an owner you know the real estate In and by heart. In the final exposé of your house everything must be written down. E.g. swimming pool for children, or garden, etc. The best sales area is provided by the much used real estate portals, but of course also the regional daily newspaper. And then it is called patiently wait for a first inquiry to the inspection date, comes your house with observers of the advertisement?

Management of requests from interested persons

If you start with your exposé, the establishment of contact often goes faster than expected, your agent has the first interested parties on the real estate ad. The commissioned broker takes all the questions for the seller. Only when further messages arrive, he will contact you.

Dates to visit with potential buyers. Sunday, Monday, etc: The heartbeat intensifies. So that the real estate is sold as simply as possible and naturally also successfully, the real estate agent constantly arranges new viewing appointments in Witten with prospective buyers. The real estate agent takes over every single appointment, almost all let your real estate agent do the many work, nevertheless sellers may be present with. Leave nothing to chance, make sure you make a neat impression at the scheduled viewing appointment, like a new car.

The next step: Confirmation of the creditworthiness of the person interested in the house. Then your prospective buyer wants to buy your property? Of course, your agent will obtain credit information without wasting time to check whether he can afford your house at all. This way you will not experience any payment defaults by the buyer afterwards.

Your following task: After changes to the draft: Bringing the purchase contract at the notary to a conclusion. In the further course, your broker leads the negotiations with the alleged next owner and also clarifies all details of the immediately following purchase contract. Then he prepares the notarized contract in cooperation with the desired notary. For a notarization you have to go to a notary onceBuyer and seller sign the contract of sale, with the signatures you have officially sold your former property, congratulations.

The next task: then after the entry in the land register, the so-called notice of conveyance, the negotiated price will be settled immediately.The notary will now carry out the prerequisite land register entry, in addition, the priority notice of conveyance, also by your notary, the official document ensures, for example, that a property by the owner could not tacitly sell several times, that is, to mutually unknown prospective buyers at the same time to different buyers, your notary will then inform the buyer when he can transfer the negotiated purchase price to you, check whether the purchase amount has been credited to your account.

Rechtskräftig mit Notar

Continue on your to-do list with the topic: payment of bills for notary and real estate agent. Then settle the transfer of your , immediately after the previously discussed contract was signed.

Witten in North Rhine-Westphalia is home to 96,781 residents and potential home buyers. The list continues with: Transfer of the land transfer tax due: Then your home in Witten is sold.Always note also that when selling real estate capital gains tax may be claimed, whenever a private sale and the transfer of the house is less than ten years, solidarity surcharge and church tax will possibly still be added. Of course, legal exceptions are made when selling, for example, if you as a property owner over 3 years]36 months have lived in the house or condo yourself and never rented.

Prices for real estate and population development in Witten

The guide about residents by age structure to real estate owners. On 72.4 square kilometers currently live and work Witten thousand registered official citizens. Statistically, 1337 people live on each square kilometer of land, so housing is self-evidently rare.

Housing market and new construction – Where to live in Witten?

As you can see in the studies of the Federal Office of Statistics, 37,590 people live in a house, townhouse or apartment building, which is fortunately owned by themselves, in their condominium live 5,952spend their lives. In addition, there are 46,852 renting citizens, they are 57,101 married people and 39,680 are singles. That is why there is a concrete need for action in terms of new construction.

How do current surveys assess costs for new buildings? In the next 12 years, 50% of the surveys assume 35,193 new apartments17% see only 41,059 new apartments in demand and a good third assume Witten units, currently only extrapolated 271 units will be created in Witten according to statistical basis. With a total investment of 3.7 billion euros.

Happy residents: 79,777 of the owners are satisfied with their environment in Witten

Residents in Witten are extremely satisfied with the housing situation, whether suburban or downtown. Like 79,777 owners, who appreciate just this location and neighborhood, against only 17,004 dissatisfied, a whole 62,772 more, a similar friendly feeling is also shown by tenants, with 71,153 like to live here. Did you know, the vast majority of them live in a detached house, not in an apartment, cumulatively there are 50,680 Wittener, so significantly more than in apartment buildings, here live 30,074 and 15,009 people in houses for two parties.

Sturuktur planning in Witten has many young residents, for example 3,562 young adults from 21 to 23 years but also many older citizens, such as 16,946 people aged over 65. What does the near future hold? Witten is constantly increasing, from 95,969 people about four years ago, Witten grew by 812 people to statistically 97,590. The trend will continue in the future, because already in four years, according to studies, about 99,979 people will live here, we now look at current demographic forecasts for the housing market for 2035.

672,539,967 euros of capital are currently in the Witten property and housing market

According to statistical data from the German Bundesbank, an impressive 0.6 billion euros in cash assets are currently slumbering in accounts or under pillows. Even larger financial resources, about 672,539,967 euros are tied up in real estate and only 123,527,749 euros exist as consumer assets, did you know that? Statistically, high amounts are transferred every twelve months through purchases and sales or transactions alone, the estimate goes up to 8.9 billion euros, in the same period, 3.7 billion euros were transferred in the new construction of apartments, a full 4.4 billion euros are invested annually in the modernization of apartments and houses. In total, the house and apartment market generates a gigantic 17 billion euros every single year.

Property owner

Owning houses and condominiums makes living much easier, yet Witten has property owners old and young. Let’s take a look at a few examples. According to statistics from empirica, 4,071 children up to 10 years of age live in houses or apartments that also belong to their parents, with older children, or teenagers, it is then already somewhat more. With security due to overcome toddler phase and the fact concluding from it that the parents work on the already before aimed career, not few invest now their first real estate for the small family, with the 11 to 21 year olds live 5,041 in the property of the parents, around some less are it under the 21 to 30 year olds, of them live statistically 1.103 people in the in the own real estateThe more the age rises, the more probably we live now in the home of one’s own, so it rises with the 31 – 40 year olds 4.178 and with the today 41 to 50 year olds create it on 7.226 happy real estate owners, between 51-60 years have 6.616 Wittener property and with the 61 to 70 year old people one brings it still on 5.054, more and more sell and so it is 3.131 citizens.

This is how Witten’s population is developing

Housing situation – apartment

Housing situation Number
House 37.590
Condo 5.952
Rent 46.852
Shared apartment 6.378

Data source: Federal Statistical Office

Home ownership

Homeowner (age) Quantity
0-10 4.071
11-21 5.041
21-30 1.103
31-40 4.178
41-50 7.226
51-60 6.616
61-70 5.054
71-80 3.131

Source: empirica / LBS Research


Surrounding Area

Households (persons) today 2035 Difference
1 39.680 42.584 2.903
2 32.906 34.841 1.936
3 11.614 9.678 -1.936
4 8.710 7.742 -968
over 5 2.903 2.807 -97

Source: Federal Statistical Office


Households / persons today 2035 Difference
1 51.294 54.197 2.903
2 28.066 27.099 -968
3 8.710 7.742 -968
4 5.807 5.710 -97
5 + 1.936 1.742 -194

Statistical source: Federal Statistical Office