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Garten Center in Berlin – Finally the time has come. The temperatures are rising and you finally find enough time to take care of your garden. This year it should be something completely different and you want to redesign the entire garden? However, you often have the feeling that you can’t really get started because the project is not yet fully planned or the right ideas are missing. In this article we have not only collected special design ideas for you, but also found out which are the best garden centers in Berlin.


Garten Center in Munich – The warm season has begun and so has the time you spend in your garden. If your garden does not yet meet your expectations, then you can still make some changes now. The appearance and the effect of your garden you can influence not only by changing the basic structure, but also the installation of garden furniture or decorating can change a lot.


Garten Center in Hamburg – The warm season is beginning and you are full of anticipation to spend time in your garden again soon? No wonder, because it is not for nothing that a person’s garden reflects his heart. If you haven’t found enough time to take care of your garden so far, now is the ideal time. The weather is already good enough for you to work in the garden, because the real summer is yet to come. Now the only question is what to start with?


Garten Center in Cologne – Do you love your garden? The temperatures are rising and the time is beginning when you can devote more and more time to your garden. What could be better than sitting in the evening with your family in a beautifully tended garden and having a barbecue? That is the idea of many of a harmonious summer evening. But for this to work, you need not only many ideas for garden design and garden tools, but also plants, flowers and garden furniture.


Garten Center in Düsseldorf – Are you the person in the family with a green thumb? Do you love spending time in your garden and trying out new design ideas? Then garden centres are probably one of your favourite leisure destinations. A garden centre visit is often combined with a visit to the adjacent café or restaurant, so it can only be a successful day for garden lovers. Grab your loved ones and find the right garden centre in Düsseldorf.

Frankfurt am Main

Garten Center in Frankfurt am Main – Are you lucky enough to be in possession of a garden? No matter if your garden is adjacent to your house, to your apartment or if you own an allotment garden, a garden needs a lot of care. To ensure proper maintenance you always need gardening tools. It is especially handy when you have a garden centre right nearby. A garden centre is not only suitable for buying garden tools, but also if you want to replant and redesign your garden.

Garden Tips

Here we have garden tips for you.

Planning the garden correctly – from swimming ponds to herb beds

Garden planning – A beautifully designed garden not only means relaxation and a break from everyday life, but also a feel-good area and a connection to nature. However, the design is often difficult. Not enough space or few design ideas are just a few of the many reasons for this. In order for the garden to become a part of the house and be a retreat and oasis, especially on beautiful summer days, the planning must be well thought out.

Large garden coherent design

A large garden is the dream of hobby gardeners. Enough space to give free rein to his ideas. However, designing a large garden properly presents many new garden owners with a major task. More space often means more possibilities and therefore many difficult decisions. How do I turn a large piece of land into a beautiful and practical garden? Today we give you tips on how to set up a large garden in the right way.

Turn your garden into an oasis of well-being: The right furniture for your garden

Furniture for your garden – Lying on the lawn of your own garden in summer, enjoying the sun in the Hollywood swing or having breakfast comfortably with the family. For many people, a garden is a great luxury that can increase the value of a property immensely. In order for the garden to become a personal little paradise, you first have to find garden furniture that matches your own style and also meets other requirements.