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Real estate agent tips, tricks, insider tips: How do I get an even higher selling price? Selling a house in Hürth: Here on our real estate blog, you will find the most burning questions that you currently have to consider in any case.

Make an appointment with your real estate agent for a complete valuation of your house or beautiful apartment in Hürth

Step one means for the seller of a house to be able to achieve the highest price at the moment, no matter whether villa on the outskirts of the city but also terraced house . Work out here the here described presupposed Know How in the real estate sales, know yourself accordingly in your region in Hürth well and and should you not have desire on all the Strapazen, inform our team a Mail. The necessary know how in real estate sales, the search and finding of usual already achieved prices will help you. If you don’t want to make any effort, please contact us.

The list continues with the item: Preparation of documents (receipts, documents and also the bills). Development of the residential area and appraisals are, for example, necessary documents that you should have. An important secret tip, refine your property in the exposé with professionally created photos. So that so every single buyer can make himself a much more realistic impression. Your, your photos must always show your house or apartment house in Hürth always from a considered position of the room.


The next task on your schedule: Determine a price for the house Exposé.Many factors such as age, room sizes, construction quality, location of the objectstragen a direct role in the purchase price calculation, thereby does not count how much you had invested earlier even once for your property, likewise not over the years in money and work have settled. As always, demand and supply of real estate in particular determine the expected price, supply and demand of real estate on the current housing market dominate the targeted purchase price that a buyer will be willing to invest. You need to keep this fact in mind so as not to raise expectations that cannot be met Really, such a valuation of a property promises to take a lot of time for the collection you need to find, for the inexperienced it will clearly be difficult to assess the property value accurately.

The next challenge: preparing the exposé for the currently empty condominium. Already with the fast overview on the object description decides for the majority of the potential buyers whether one is interested, now also still the photo galleries see and still more details want to experience or not. As everywhere it is natural also with real estates, here almost always our first view counts, the expenditure for a structured Exposé is worthwhile itself, with all characteristics in and at the house know you as owners at all best. Therefore, always make sure that all extras are listed, as well as garage, winter garden, garden or special features of the property. The greatest chances of success are offered by the ImmobilienPortal but also the tried and tested local daily newspaper. Then you have to wait and see, will your house arrive?

Haus verkaufen in Hürth

Next comes on your task list with this topic: Inquiries of possible prospective customers take up. with your Exposè beautifully arranged by the specialist with various different pictures of the outside and interior area the search then nevertheless often works fast, already you have the first feedbacks on the real estate advertisement advertised by you. If you have commissioned a real estate agent for the mediation of the offer, he will collect all reactions for you. Only if more exact inquiries arise, he or she takes up immediately contact with you.

Selling like a real estate professional, as the next point on the prepared plan: coordination and implementation of appointments for viewing in Hürth.With each new day, the excitement intensifies, the broker regularly organizes new appointments for house inspection in Hürth. Should you want, he conducts all the talks, of course, owners can also be present. Make sure you make a proper impression at the scheduled viewing appointment.

Your next challenge: credit check: confirm the purchasing power of the interested parties. You should not be witnessed any payment defaults, the said creditworthiness is checked immediately.

After adjustments to the draft contract: Sign the notarised purchase contract at the notary’s office

All the formalities of the purchase contract, but also all the necessary renegotiations, are carried out by your trusted real estate agent. Your professional formulates and prepares in cooperation with the notary the notarized contract in a draft contract. And of course, for the notarization, the visit to the notary is inevitable, whatever basis you had with your property, whether real estate and an undeveloped plot of land with very good transport links to all important such as school and supermarket, now you are already extremely close to the conclusion. With him, the seller and the buyer sign the contract. Congratulations, so your property is most officially sold, so you have only a few steps left for home sellers.

Act like a real estate expert, next on the prepared plan: Then after the executed land register entry (also Auflassungsvormerkung) can be paid the purchase price.notaries then enter the updated passage in the land register but also the so-called Auflassungsvormerkung, the document ensures, for example, that a property from the owner can not sell several times, so to different prospective buyers in parallel to various, unknown to each other, people. The notary gives the OK to the new owner, immediately when he or better his executing bank can transfer the price to your bank, then you have to check your account balance for the receipt of the payment amount.

Payment of brokerage and notary fees

Following your successful sale, the agreed invoice for the appointed notary and estate agent is still outstanding, your payment for estate agent and notary costs must be arranged directly afterwards at the notary appointment, estate agent and notary will send you an invoice for this.

Acting like real estate professionals in Hürth, now it is a matter of: Payment of land transfer tax: all done. . If there are less than 10 years between the past purchase and sale, you will have to bear capital gains tax, the in all federal states solidarity surcharge and church tax will possibly be charged in addition, however, there are also some exceptions, for example, if the owner has lived more than 3 years]36 months in own use on site.

New construction, houses and housing market

Estimates from The cost of a single square meter of condominiums, houses but also building plots to demand for housing and statistical new construction. In Hürth’s center and outskirts currently live 59 272 inhabitants, from south to north on 51.22 square kilometers. Hürth is a large city. That are live 1157 persons per square kilometer, so living space becomes naturally a desired property.

Studies on the current real estate and housing market

The Federal Statistical Office published this year new figures on Hürth but also Germany, purely statistically live 23,021 residents in houses, such as the owner-occupied, terraced houses and apartment buildings, which is conveniently owned and a whole 28,694 residents who live for rent, of the fellow citizens are 34,970 married and 24,302 are single households. Need for new construction in the form of housing on old properties. Until the year 2020, 50% of the studies on the housing needs of Hürth predict new units around the 17% assume 25,146 new homes in the next few years and 33% assume Hürth new buildings, annually, according to statistical calculation, only 166 new homes are completed in Hürth, due to which is invested a lot, a whole 2.3 billion euros.

Owners and tenants really like living in their housing situation

At the same time, almost all residents in Hürth are generally happy in their environmentSuch as 48,858 owners who like their environment, against only 10,414 less happy, a whole 38,444 more, even among tenants shows a positive view of things with 43,577 people compared to 15,695 people who are unhappy despite renovation and modernization in the city. The vast majority of citizens live in single-family houses and not in apartment buildings, in houses for one family live 31,038 Hürth, in apartment buildings live 18,418 and 9,192 people in houses for two parties, the well-known semi-detached house.

Local growth: inhabitants by age

In purely statistical terms, Hürth has many residents, including young residents, such as 2,181 young adults aged 21 to 23, as well as many residents of advanced age, such as 3,130 residents aged 50 to 64. You can also see growth trends in the predicted development of the population. Hürth is steadily increasing, from 58,775 fellow citizens just over four years ago, Hürth increased by 497 people to a statistical 59,768. The long-term forecast continues. Let us now switch to the calculations in the future 20 years.

0.4 billion euros invested in Hürth real estate

An unbelievable 361,451,433 euros in cash assets are slumbering in savings accounts or under pillows. Much higher amounts, about 411.886.516 Euro are tied up in real estate transactions, would you have thought of such high sums? The total amount of transactions from purchases and sales in Hürth is, statistically speaking, 5,428,309,372.12 euros, in the same period 2,296,592,426.67 euros were used for the construction of new apartments in the city, a whole 2,714,154,686.06 euros are spent every twelve months in Hürth for the modernisation of houses and apartments, so in total the real estate sector in Hürth cumulatively moves 10.4 billion euros annually.

Living without rent in Hürth: Facilitated living in property according to age groups

How exactly are they distributed, how many Hürth residents live without paying rent? Let’s take a look at a few values, according to Germany-wide survey (data basis: empirica) currently 2,493 children up to 10 years live in real estate, in the rising age it is already a little more. Presumably due to created toddler phase and the fact that at least one parent are increasingly more anchored in the job, now most buy their own home for the small family, from 11 to 21 years, 3,087 live in their own home, then comes a kink, with 21-30 years, they are looking for adventure throughout Germany, statistically 675 live in their own property. The more the age rises, the more likely we now live in their own property, so it is with the 31 to 40 year olds 2,559 and with the 41 – 50 year olds bring it to 4,425, in the group of 51 – 60 years have 4,052 property. Among the 61 – 70 year olds, the figure is 3,095. 1,918 people spend their twilight years in their own property.

Urban development: idyllic property with good transport links to all important such as industrial estate and leisure facilities such as cinemas

Housing situation – apartment

Housing situation Number
Home 23.021
Condo 3.645
Apartment for rent 28.694
WG 3.906

Source: Federal Statistical Office

Home ownership

Home ownership (years) Quantity
0-10 2.493
11-21 3.087
21-30 675
31-40 2.559
41-50 4.425
51-60 4.052
61-70 3.095
71-80 1.918

Source: empirica / LBS Research


Surrounding Area

Households / persons today 2035 Change
1 24.302 26.080 1.778
2 20.152 21.338 1.185
3 7.113 5.927 -1.185
4 5.334 4.742 -593
5+ 1.778 1.719 -59

Source: Federal Statistical Office


Households today 2035 Growth
1 31.414 33.192 1.778
2 17.189 16.596 -593
3 5.334 4.742 -593
4 3.556 3.497 -59
5 + 1.185 1.067 -119

Statistical source: Federal Statistical Office