Amazon Affilate Theme for WordPress – The online shop for smart sellers incl. download

Today came an interesting case in the field of online shops / marketing – We push an Amazon sales channel, with its own online shop thanks to affiliate theme. More precisely, it’s about sellers who don’t have their own online shop and whose main sales channel is Amazon (or similar providers like eBay or affiliate programs like, Zanox, etc.). The American company is the market leader and offers a great sales platform with intelligent logistics processes and an unbeatable, high-reach website. Want to know more about the basics? Continue reading Affiliate Marketing Basics here.

With services such as Amazon Fullfillment, for example, the provider stores products and goods directly in its warehouse – the retailer only needs a small transit warehouse. So if you are smart in buying and selling, all worries about logistics & Co. are taken away. At the same time, the case is exciting for online marketers and affiliates who want to set up their own online shops with third-party products, but also for companies and businesses that want to offer their digital visitors an additional service, or want to establish an additional sales channel.Looking for the right design theme for WordPress? Here is the article incl. download: WordPress Top Themes.

WordPress Affiliate Theme


Amazon Affiliate Theme – Experience with selling Amazon products

My experience with the Amazon Affiliate Theme was simply outstanding. Why I want to tell you again! Firstly, you can easily install the Amazon Affiliate Theme into an existing WordPress system. WordPress is one of the most common content management systems used in the market. This makes integration easy, as there are many tutorials and guides for WordPress. So even beginners who have not yet built larger homepages can quickly and easily create their own online store. The shop can be easily expanded by the plugin to an extensive online shop team. Is the much once installed and inserted. There are numerous options for customization. Now read on below: Experiences with Amazon Affiliate

The Online Shop / Affiliate Concept – Increase Amazon Sales Rank through Satellite Pages

Through promotions, for example in Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, etc., you increase the traffic for your sales landing page (landing page means the page is kept slim and usually pursues only one goal, here sale, or click on the button [“CTA = Call to action”]). Clicking on the button opens the Amazon product page in a new tab, but sales are then made by the user on the old Amazon platform. The clear advantage: The own Amazon sales rank increases significantly. Thus the popularity of the product, ratings and finally also the Amazon-internal sales. The cycle is also known in online marketing from “classic” satellite sites. Their only purpose is to collect traffic (i.e. readers) and redirect them to the actual project. Thus, a well-filled nutrition blog on the web could only be a stepping stone to diet and weight loss products in an online shop. So in principle, processes are interposed that provide new sources of visitors.


Theme at a glance – Your own online shop as an additional sales channel

The Affilate Theme offers several options to send your products directly from Amazon to WordPress. You don’t need any “special” previous knowledge for this. But you should have someone on your side for a good initial installation and instruction in the specifics of the template.

  • Customizable – Through extensive backend with design, settings, and much more.
  • Custom CSS – For professionals, the Child Theme or the Custom CSS is also included.
  • Product import – Directly via ASN number from Amazon
  • Product management – Smart, small merchandise management like in the classic online shop
  • Responsive – Accessible on desktop, tablet and smartphone
  • SEO Ready – The system is delivered search engine optimized
  • PageSpeed optimized – For fast loading times of the homepage

First Steps – Theme Download, Installation and Setup

First, the most important, the download: After successful payment, the theme is ready in the dashboard. With a few clicks you get to the different download options. Find the appropriate package for your project and start the download.


Screenshot – “Dashboard



Screenshot – Theme Download



Digression | Why a Child Theme? There are always updates. We all know this from computer, tablet or smartphone. Also for WordPress there are always updates. In the following, of course, the circumstances for the theme change. Therefore, one adds a second, editable theme. If one now wants to update the basic theme, no changes are lost, which were made in the child theme. Mostly these are changes in the CSS file (styling of the homepage). If you want to read more about the system, you can find articles about installing WordPress yourself or about the special topic Install WordPress Theme.

Import from Amazon,, Zanox, eBay & Co.

Various plugins (WordPress) are available for this purpose. Among others also for popular networks like, Zanox or eBay.

  • Plugin: Amazon Interface
  • Plugin: affilinet interface
  • Plugin: zanox interface
  • Plugin: belboon interface
  • Plugin: eBay Interface
  • Plugin: Adcell interface

In our example we choose the AffiliateTheme, its Child Theme and the Plugin for Amazon. The installation now runs in three steps. If you haven’t installed a WordPress theme yourself yet, feel free to watch a little video tutorial of mine here: Install WordPress Theme.

  1. Installation of the theme + subsequent activation
    Either via FTP or in the WordPress Dashboard > Design > Themes > Upload
  2. Installation of the Child Theme + Activation
    Either via FTP or in the WordPress Dashboard > Design > Themes > Upload
  3. Installation of the plugin (interface to the sales platform)
    Either via FTP or in the WordPress Dashboard > Plugin > Upload

Affiliate Theme – Create, import and manage products in WordPress

The theme is installed. Our plugin has been selected and is now also installed in the system. With this you can start with the basic settings in the theme. Detailed information can be found on the website of the manufacturer: Affiliate Theme Documentation

Now still to the sample at the Exemple!

Without any previous knowledge of the theme, I set myself the task of creating a fully-fledged online shop within a very short time and then integrating it into an existing project. The result is impressive! The entire construction of the theme, the setup of the WordPress system, the database, etc. took only 150 minutes. Additionally I created all pages, imported products, built menus and extensive footers. Of course, a newsletter plugin must not be missing – my choice was Mailchimp. Also the design was adapted. This was basically very easy to solve by Design > Customizations already theme-internally. Additionally I added a few targets to the Custon-CSS. All this was possible within just one afternoon, the article, was also still there. The theme offers a wide range of possibilities, especially for imaginative people. This makes the WordPress template interesting not only for eBay or Amazon entrepreneurs, but also for anyone with a flair for digital business sense – ie. online marketers. I wish you a lot of fun with the first ideas and implementations.

Voila, let’s go!

Screenshot – Installation, design, setup: Online shop in only 150 minutes



WordPress Affiliate Theme

Amazon Affiliate Theme – Experience with selling Amazon products

My experience with the Amazon Affiliate Theme was simply outstanding. Why I want to tell you again! Firstly, you can easily install the Amazon Affiliate Theme into an existing WordPress system. WordPress is one of the most common content management systems used in the market. This makes integration easy, as there are many tutorials and guides for WordPress. So even beginners who have not yet built larger homepages can quickly and easily create their own online store. The shop can be easily expanded by the theme to an extensive online shop. Once the template or theme is installed and maintained, there are numerous options for customization and adaptation.

Individualization of the Affiliate Theme in the backend

The WordPress theme is easily editable from the backend. The only thing you need to do is log in to your WordPress, then go to the “Affiliate Theme” menu item in the dashboard. Once you are here, you have numerous options to customize the design and layout of the shop. Of course, all colors can be customized to your liking. It is responsive and automatically adapts to all devices, from notebook to iPhone. Should the layout of the shop be displayed in a box or use the entire width of the available page in the browser? Of course, you can adjust not only colors and layout, but also fonts, buttons and all other elements. Yes, you have numerous possibilities. Who gives effort can conjure up a beautiful template in no time.

The next step is to fill your online shop with the appropriate products. Whether niche site or online shop to the already existing blog or homepage, through the simple data import from Amazon, the target is set up in an instant and the CMS supplied with data.

Entering product data from Amazon – own and third-party products

The next step is to integrate the existing data from Amazon into our existing content management system. This is easier than we thought. You don’t need to mess with databases or complex CSV ex/import. The only thing you have to do is search for the right product in the backend. Here you can easily pick individual Amazon products via a search box and import them into your system with just a few clicks. It doesn’t matter if the products are offered by yourself or by a third party. The search is very simple and straightforward.

The highlight – import Amazon reviews

The fact that you can import reviews and recommendations directly from online retailers Amazon makes the Amazon Affiliate Theme one of the absolute top favorites when it comes to selling your own Amazon products on the website! Of course, the theme is not only interesting for small shop owners, affiliates will also get their money’s worth here. Due to the very user-friendly interface, which is in no way inferior to an absolutely professional online shop, every new visitor immediately feels the shopping experience. The setup is done quickly and easily, the license for the theme is not expensive. So if you place texts and products intelligently here, you can quickly and easily realize the online shop.

Therefore, my recommendation for the sale of Amazon products on their own homepage clearly goes to this product! I myself also use it, among others in a blog (see picture above) also sell matching books. With the recommendations and rating of Amazon, it is an absolutely great service for our visitors.

Amazon PartnerNet – Sign up for the Amazon Partner Program

If you have read this far but don’t have an Amazon PartnerNet account yet, here is a simple and comprehensive video tutorial about Amazon PartnerNet.

WordPress Affiliate Theme

Want to know more about the basics? Continue reading Affiliate Marketing Basics here.

We did it!

Amazon Affiliate Wiki: Keywords and Ranking

You are still an absolute beginner and need some inspiration for your first steps in affiliate marketing? Exactly for this purpose I have analyzed many keywords here to make a ranking of the most important topics. Depending on whether you already know your way around or not, it helps to develop new concepts and strategies for successful sales in the online shop.

  • Amazon Affiliate WordPress
    A powerful combination of two systems. Amazon takes over the entire sales process, including merchandise management. You take care only of the additional, Amazon-external, sales.
  • Create Amazon Affiliate Link
    It’s easy, all you have to do is sign up for the Amazon Partner Network.
  • Amazon Affiliate Link Detect
    Goes also quite simply, briefly with the mouse over the link and look whether there is a partner ID. The fewest hide their links, for example by .php script.
  • Amazon Affiliate Taxes
    Profits must always be taxed. Amazon also takes great care to ensure that everything is accounted for correctly. It is also fair because the company and only enables through such systems to generate profits.
  • Amazon Affiliate Facebook
    You can also spread your ads via Facebook. Just post an ad, set it up in Ad Manager and off you go. With the traffic to your online store, you can then send people directly to Amazon + have valuable traffic on your page.
  • Amazon Affiliate Cookie
  • Amazon Affiliate Api
  • Amazon Affiliate Youtube
  • Amazon Affiliate Experience
  • Amazon Affiliate Theme
  • Amazon Affiliate Instagram
  • Amazon Affiliate Business
  • Amazon Affiliate Plugin WordPress
  • Create Amazon Affiliate Shop
  • Amazon Affiliate Alternative
    There are many networks like Xanox or Affilinet.
  • Amazon Affiliate Share
    Usually, as a middleman, you’ll get a commission of between 7-10%, depending on whether it’s products from Amazon itself or third-party sellers.
  • Amazon Affiliate Payout
    The payout from Amazon always takes place when you have about fifty euros in the account.
  • Amazon Affiliate Analytics
    You get data from Amazon itself. Here you can see your sales statistics, but also all clicks, etc.. The statistics are very good and accurate.
  • Amazon Affiliate Books

    This is where you get good affiliate books.

  • Amazon Affiliate Blog
  • Use Amazon Affiliate Images
    The images are provided directly by Amazon. Legally speaking, you are absolutely clean in the use of images, because you do not host the graphics, but Amazon. Thus, you always have direct, good image material for your shop!
  • Amazon Affiliate Blackhat
    There is.
  • Amazon Affiliate Conversion Rate
    or Conversion, Click Through Rate – You can get the exact KPIs and values at any time in the statistics of the Amazon Partner Network.
  • Set up Amazon Affiliate
    The setup is very simple as described above. Both as a partner and with the theme, the work is done quickly.
  • Amazon Affiliate Email Marketing
    Is allowed and may be done. As well as:
  • Amazon Affiliate Facebook Ads and Google Adwords
  • Amazon Affiliate Google Analytics
    Here, too, you can check the quantity based on the outgoing links (partner ID), for example. But you won’t get an exact analysis, because the main process doesn’t take place on your homepage anymore, but directly at Amazon.
  • Amazon Affiliate Guide
  • Amazon Affiliate Short Link
    The short link is a smaller link that looks much better on social networks, for example. This is what a short link looks like:
  • Amazon Affiliate Costs
    The combination of Amazon (as long as you do not sell), WordPress and makes the whole project free. Only costs for domains have to be paid.