Vonovia & Deutsche Wohnen: Mega deal in the German real estate market

Vonovia & Deutsche Wohnen merger – It would be the biggest deal in the history of the German real estate market. The billion-dollar real estate companies Vonovia and Deutsche-Wohnen want to merge. What was repeatedly rejected by Deutsche-Wohnen in the past is now to become reality. Vonovia’s takeover bid is attractive and promising. Both the Vonovia share and the Deutsche-Wohnen share have risen in value in recent years.

Takeover of Deutsche-Wohnen by Vonovia

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The Süddeutsche Zeitung says “Vonovia does not have to become a rent shark”. The Handelsblatt even headlines “Share deals loophole: Why the merger of Vonovia and Deutsche Wohnen is triggering a tax debate” and the ARD warns “Merger plans alarm tenants”. But what is behind the deal?

Let’s first look at the two public companies and their ratios:

Vonovia Key Figures

  • Largest residential group in Germany
  • Market capitalization: 29.3 billion euros

German Housing

  • 2nd largest residential group
  • Market capitalization: 18.8 billion euros

Vonovia vs Deutsche Wohnen in comparison

How big is the difference between the two largest providers in Germany?

Difference (cf. Deutsche-Wohnen): 10.5 billion euros; 64.2 %.

Second attempt: Merger plans

Two attempts at a merger in the past had already failed. However, a majority of shareholders are now expected to agree to sell their shares to Vonovia. So far, the deal has failed because of the management of the Berlin-based Deutsche Wohnen Group. As soon as more than 50% of the shareholders of Deutsche-Wohnen sell their shares to Vonovia, the takeover will take place. A merger of the housing groups would represent the largest deal in German real estate history and thus create Europe’s largest housing group.

“I am very, very sure that a great many shareholders will accept this offer,” said Zahn (Deutsche-Wohnen)

Vonovia: Germany’s largest real estate group

Vonovia is one of the central companies in the German housing market. With around 1 million customers at 400 locations, the giant Group generated sales of 3.7 billion euros last year. The value has multiplied since the company was founded in 2001. The business is divided into three units: Letting, Extension and Sale of Real Estate, Construction, Leasing and Management.

Vonovia’s motto “We give people a home” will be even more present in Germany’s cities in the future. This is because the already large real estate company would increase its market share many times over by merging with Deutsche-Wohnen. To date, Vonovia’s portfolio spans 400 German locations and over 400,000 apartments. The large range of apartments can be found in cities such as Berlin, Düsseldorf, Cologne, Hamburg, Munich and Frankfurt am Main.

Facts and figures

  • Main location: Bochum
  • Locations: 400
  • Turnover: EUR 3.67 billion (2019)
  • Foundation: 2001
  • Predecessor: Gagfah
  • Customers: Approximately 1 million

Share price

German real estate companies are earning better than ever before. When you look at the price trends of the individual share prices, you quickly see that “residential gold” is still a household name. Renting or managing real estate through Immobilien GmbHs in Germany means that over 2 decades of stable returns. Vonovia stock is one of the most valuable stocks in Germany. Read more here about the:

Here’s a quick look at how the stock has performed over the last 36 months:

Deutsche-Wohnen: Quality & excellent locations

Deutsche Wohnen (founded in 1924) is the second largest real estate company in Germany after Vonovia. Its headquarters are located in Frankfurt am Main. The portfolio currently comprises around 164,300 units, including 161,500 residential units and 2,800 commercial units. The properties are characterized above all by high quality and excellent locations: Almost 92% of the properties are located in German growth regions.

Facts and figures on Deutsche Wohnen

  • Number of employees: 1,280
  • Foundation: 1924
  • Residential units: 161,500
  • Commercial units: 2,800
  • Investment planning (2020): 3 billion euros

Share price

After Vonovia, the Deutsche Wohnen share is the most valuable on the German and European real estate market. Read more here about the

Here’s a quick look at how the stock has performed over the last 36 months:

Vonovia and Deutsche-Wohnen are just two of many large, important stocks on the market. We have compiled a Top 30+ with the largest and most valuable real estate stocks. Below you will find all the important information about the top stocks.

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Real Estate News:

The Süddeutsche Zeitung says “Vonovia does not have to become a rent shark”. The Handelsblatt even headlines “Share deals loophole: Why the merger of Vonovia and Deutsche Wohnen is triggering a tax debate” and ARD warns “Merger plans alarm tenants”. The headlines are now familiar. Here is more news from the real estate industry:

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