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Determining the purchase price: The most important criteria for your financing – credit rating, equity & Co.

Determining the purchase price – So you have now decided whether you want to buy a yield or investment property, whether unrented or rented and you have also already informed yourself about the location of your new property? Before the real estate search can start, it is necessary to determine the purchase price. Here you […]

Self-disclosure explained: financing at the bank for house & apartment

Self-disclosure for the bank – You want to buy a property and this is to be financed by a German bank? Whether Sparkasse, Volksbank, private banks, Postbank, Deutsche Bank or Commerzbank, banks want creditworthiness (risk minimization) and proof of it. This proof is called self-disclosure. Here you present your assets and your monthly income. In […]

Asset value method: Apartment, house & apartment building – Real estate valuation

Sachwertverfahren – When do I need the capitalised earnings value method and the asset value method? When do I need an asset value method? What is the asset value of a property? How is the building value determined? There are many questions to answer, the best answer is to have an expert on your side […]

Divorce procedure: divorce petition, pension equalization and divorce date

Divorce procedure – application, pension rights adjustment and dates… The process of a divorce depends largely on whether it is contested or amicable. Amicable divorces can be final in minutes at the family court, while contested divorces often drag on for months. Find out what things to consider and how to make the divorce go […]