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Selling an underground car park: Valuation, process, sale + checklist

Selling underground parking – valuation, process, sale and broker, what becomes important when selling your underground parking? Who buys an underground car park? For those selling for the first time (example inheritance), however, what often matters most is: How much is an underground car park worth? My small guide for a first insight into the […]

Selling a parking garage: Valuation, condition, tenant & sale – 18 steps

Selling parking garage – valuation, condition, broker and tenant lists, what becomes important when selling parking garage? Who buys a parking garage? Who might even buy parking garages as a portfolio? This little guide is not for real estate professionals, but for beginners. Especially for those selling for the first time (example inheritance): How much […]

Selling a shopping centre in an A-B-C location: commercial property, land and procedure – Guidebook

Shopping mall selling – Shopping behavior is changing. More and more people order items, no matter if clothes, accessories, furniture or even other knick-knacks on the internet, on online shops. Inner cities, the most expensive shopping streets, but also life in small towns is changing. Accordingly, the fluctuation in shopping centers is just as, smaller […]

Sell agricultural land: Arable land, soil and other, agricultural land

Selling Agricultural Land – You are planning to sell an agricultural land, arable land, meadows and pastures of a farm business. Common reasons for the sale are old age, the abandonment of the farm or financial pressure, as through current financing, here or in another business. Sometimes company constructs would have to be slimmed down, […]

Hamburg most expensive streets: Am Kaiserkai, Bellevue, Elbchaussee and more – comparison

Hamburg most expensive streets – Hamburg has some of the most expensive streets in Germany to offer, including streets like the Elbchaussee or the Große Elbstraße. One thing quickly becomes clear: the location of streets and properties directly on the Hamburg Alster or Elbe seem to be particularly popular and therefore very expensive. Especially for […]