Selling property in Euskirchen: What you have to pay attention to when selling a house

Do I hire a professional real estate agent or should I sell my house privately? Here on our real estate portal you will find answers to the most important questions about selling a property.

The procedure always starts with a good evaluation – First with the first broker agree to evaluate their own property (apartment or house). the beautiful house with 70 or 175 square meters, no matter whether toallererst geht es beim Verkauf eines Hauses darum den aktuell höchsten Verkaufspreis zu erreichen zu können . Acquire all the necessary know-how in the real estate market and. If you want to save time, contact us, when assessing the value of real estate, the knowledge described here and of course further, mandatory to consider in the real estate market research prices that have already been achieved in other sales in in Euskirchen will help you, if you want to save time, contact us.

Next on the list is the item: Prepare documents for the upcoming sale of the house (old plans of the architect and floor plans). You different, important papers, this includes, for example, bills as well as tax statements. My and our secret tip, present your home with good photos. This is important, so that interested parties can make a much more realistic picture of your property, saves time and raises the value Photos should always represent the house in Euskirchen always from a considered side of the room and be high-resolution, because you want to sell in a few days and preferably for a top profit.

Hausverkauf mit Immobilienmakler in Euskirchen

A bid price must be fixed

A determination of a purchase price consisting of credible data packages, numerous information is essential as well as, for example, proximity to supermarkets, defects, size, location of the object but also equipment and condition of your property, in your assessment counts here not what sums you had spent in the personal past. As at all times, the majority of offers and demand for houses in Euskirchen dominate the value. This fact you have to keep in mind, demand and supply on today’s market dominate the targeted purchase price that one of the coming interested parties is willing to pay Indeed, such a valuation of a property means a lot of time for the collection you have to find. For laymen it may be very difficult to estimate the authentic value of the house. The alternative, a valuation by us.

After that comes: Your offer for your house of the designer let manufacture.Whether interest with the reader is present one knows immediately in the first seconds, if one reads an object description. It is worthwhile to put a little effort into a nice exposé, you know yourself as the owner guaranteed best, pay attention stands the consideration of all important key figures and information, such as swimming pool, extras of the property or large garage for the car, etc.. Done, the exposé is now ready? The best sales area guarantee the portal for houses and condominiums and also the local newspaper. And then wait, does your house come to visitors of your exposé?

Haus in Euskirchen

Act like a recognized real estate professional, as the next challenge on your plan: inquiries and mail answer. Start with a good from the broker well prepared Exposè runs the process often fix and you already have the first inquiries on your current property ad, had you voher a broker to it made he the inquiries for you. Only if specific inquiries from prospective buyers arrive, he contacts you.

Arrangement of viewing appointments with your prospective buyers and the day of the inspection

The excitement increases, so that you sell your real estate best quite simply and successfully, an estate agent arranges permanently new inspection dates in Euskirchen with persons who are interested in your object, should you want, he leads the dates. Many let their estate agent do the work, nevertheless owners can also be on site, an important tip, do not leave anything to chance under any circumstances. Ensure a clean impression at the upcoming viewing appointment, like a new car.

Next on your todo list comes with the item: confirm the creditworthiness of the person interested in the property. Should you sell your home with land, work with a broker, because professionals will immediately check the creditworthiness of the buyer.

Conclude the contract of purchase on the spot with the notary

The last still disputable formalities of the immediately following sales contract and also the preliminary negotiations, make your real estate professional, your expert prepares in cooperation with the called notary the notarized sales contract. For a notarization of the real estate sale, a notary appointment is a must. Whatever the initial situation was, whether real estate and the adjacent property with good transport connections in a central location, the set main goal is already very, really very close. With it both sides sign the now present sales contract. With the signature made, you have sold your house notarized, we congratulate, remain only last tasks.

Next comes on the list with: Then after land register entry, or also Auflassungsvormerkung, the preliminary price of the property will be settled.The already active notary now enters the land register entry but also the Auflassungsvormerkung. It ensures exemplarily for the fact that a salesman cannot deliver his real estate tacitly several times, i.e. to different prospective buyers in parallel, immediately if the buyer sales price may transfer to you, your notary communicates it to him, after release you should check your account for the entrance of the money.

Verkaufsabschluss in Euskirchen

Next, turn over: Transfer claims from real estate agent and notary. Following your successful sale, the payment for your real estate agent and notary is still outstanding, the payment for real estate agent and notary fees must be sent after the notary appointment, for this you will be sent a separate invoice for the work involved.

Transfer of the real estate transfer tax – congratulations, you have done it

At the end of the process, one last important piece of information: the sale of a property may be subject to capital gains tax if the private sale and transfer of the house takes place within 10 years. On top of that, church tax and solidarity surcharge may be charged, but there are also some exceptions. For example, if you as a property owner have actually lived in your property or in your condominium for more than 3 years and have never rented it out.

Demographics, real estate and apartments in Euskirchen – existing and new buildings

Your guide on demographic growth to housing needs and new construction. With a total area of 139.49 square kilometers, Euskirchen has enough space for housing in the old town and outlying districts currently live Euskirchen thousand people. Terraced houses, apartments are in demand with 410 inhabitants per square kilometre.

New trends on the current housing and real estate market in Euskirchen

The Federal Statistical Office recently calculated new figures: in purely statistical terms, 22,232 residents live in their own homes. 3,520 are proud owners of a condominium, a whole 27,710 tenants, only 3,772 live together in WGs. According to LBS Research calculations, 33,772 married people should live in regional properties, 23,469 single people. The demand for new construction has increased by quite a bit, not only in Euskirchen. How do current surveys assess this trend? The housing demand is really high, the latest studies assume 20,815 housing units17% assume 24,284 newly built apartments and one third assume Euskirchen new units, what amount of housing units will really be built according to statistics? Currently, only about 160 housing units are being created. With a total investment of 2.217.897.946,67 Euro per year.

Owners and tenants are really satisfied with their neighborhood

In Euskirchen, all residents are satisfied with their housing situation when asked. Of all property owners, there are a proud 47,184 satisfied people who appreciate this location and neighbourhood, against only 10,057 less satisfied, a whole 37,127 more, a similar positive feeling can also be found among tenants, with 42,084 residents compared to 15,157 people who are currently not so happy. The vast majority of citizens live in a single-family home, not an apartment building. There are 29,975 Euskircheners living in a single-family house, significantly more than in apartment buildings, where 17,787 and 8,877 people respectively live in houses for two families.

Demographic development: population by age structure

Euskirchen has many young residents, such as 8,958 citizens between 25-39 years, but also many older citizens, such as 3,022 people aged 50-64 years. What will the next years bring?the trend continues in the same way, because already in a few years, according to forecasts, 59,133 people will need living space, another 1,892 people, we now focus on the latest demographic outlook until 2035.

Sales and purchases generate an annual volume of 5,242,304,237.58 euros

The unused money is really a lot, handsome 0.3 billion euros of cash assets slumber, according to statistical data basis of the German Bundesbank on bank accounts, even larger financial amounts, because purely arithmetically 0.4 billion euros are invested in real estate, only 73,060,331 euros exist as use assets, would you have known? The total amount of transactions in the real estate market in Euskirchen is, statistically speaking, 5.2 billion euros, in the construction of apartments up to 2,217,897,946.67 euros are transferred, up to 2.6 billion euros are currently invested annually here in the modernization of apartments and houses. In total, the real estate market in Euskirchen generates a gigantic 10.1 billion euros per year.

This is how living in one’s own property is distributed according to age

Who currently lives in property in Euskirchen? Owners of apartments and houses there are in every age strata we look at a few values, according to survey (empirica) live today 2,408 toddlers up to 10 years in real estate, in increasing age it becomes a little more. Also due to the mastered toddler age and the resulting finding that the parents work, among the 11 to 21 year olds live 2,981 in their own home, decidedly fewer are with 21 to 30 years, they are looking for the adventure Europe-wide, just 652 of them live in their own property. The older, the more likely the people now live in their own property, so it rises with the 31 to 40 year olds 2,471 and something above, with the current 41 to 50 year olds even a whole 4,274 proud property owners, between 51 and 60 years live 3,913 Euskirchener in their own property. With the 61 to 70 year olds it is now 2,989, more and more sell and so the rate drops 1,852inhabitants.

Euskirchen’s change in the real estate market

Housing situation – apartment

Housing situation Number
House 22.232
Condo 3.520
Apartment for rent 27.710
WG 3.772

Statistics: Federal Statistical Office

Home ownership

Home ownership in Euskirchen / years Quantity
0-10 2.408
11-21 2.981
21-30 652
31-40 2.471
41-50 4.274
51-60 3.913
61-70 2.989
71-80 1.852

empirica / LBS Research (source)


Surrounding Area

Households today 2035 Difference
1 23.469 25.186 1.717
2 19.462 20.607 1.145
3 6.869 5.724 -1.145
4 5.152 4.579 -572
more than 5 1.717 1.660 -57

Source: Federal Statistical Office


Households / persons today 2035 Difference
1 30.338 32.055 1.717
2 16.600 16.027 -572
3 5.152 4.579 -572
4 3.434 3.377 -57
over 5 1.145 1.030 -114

Statistical source: Federal Statistical Office