Miami: Apartment, house and investment

Welcome to Miami! Good life, luxury, haute couture boutiques, perfect weather, almost always sun, palm trees and the ocean – la vida loca. Miami is, next to New York and Los Angeles, the most popular place to live a quiet, unobtrusive life. If you want to settle here, you need an estate agent you trust personally. Especially the scouting of objects for the client is already very individual. It is not only about architecture and value stability, it is also about personal reception, for example when choosing the interior design.

Luxury Real Estate in the Sunshine State

Miami offers an excellent retreat especially for wealthy people. Sun, friendly people, unbelievable beautiful nature and above all security and privacy. Especially celebrities, managers and people from business and industry appreciate this almost tropical place in the south of the USA. Accordingly, a lot of capital is drawn to the area. Real estate prices for exclusive estates and villas quickly climb to tens of millions of dollars. Absolute highlights then quickly cost $40, $50 million. This is understandable, because if you look at Miami you immediately see the extremely attractive coastal location.

Miami: Buy property

Miami as a city is of course famous for its celebrity inhabitants, vacation homes, nightlife, endless beaches, and tropical atmosphere. This corresponds to its biggest industries, tourism, finance, and media. It is also no longer a new player, having had its status as a metropolis for decades, makes it a reliable housing market. This market has also experienced a change from a large proportion of foreign real estate investors to a majority domestic market.

Taxes in Miami

We provide a guide to give you an overview and simple explanation of property taxes or real estate taxes in Florida. We delve deeper into Miami, and other counties like Palm Beach. This how-to guide should tell you everything you need to know about taxes on properties, land, houses, or apartments in Florida, and Florida counties. Further down we include a list of all counties in Florida ranked by property tax. Including the most expensive property tax rates in Florida, as well as areas with lowest property tax in the sunshine state.