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Selling a shopping centre in an A-B-C location: commercial property, land and procedure – Guidebook

Shopping mall selling – Shopping behavior is changing. More and more people order items, no matter if clothes, accessories, furniture or even other knick-knacks on the internet, on online shops. Inner cities, the most expensive shopping streets, but also life in small towns is changing. Accordingly, the fluctuation in shopping centers is just as, smaller […]

Sell land Berlin: building land, arable land, forest & meadow – how it works

Selling Property Berlin – You want to sell your property or are currently thinking about selling it? In this guide, you will learn about the process, from the preparation phase to the marketing phase to the purchase transaction, all around the purchase contract, purchase price and taxes (more on this: Taxes in Germany). Very few […]

Property Valuation: Determine market value, valuation and purchase price

How do you value land? How to calculate the market value of land? Who may value land? Who provides information about the standard land value? Value factors, location, equipment, market value, realistic price: This is how you can value your property. Valuate your land: Coming soon! Sell property Everything to procedure, building law, real estate […]