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Sell property: Procedure, building law, realtor, notary, costs & taxes

The sale of a plot of land is a decision you have thought about for a long time. There can be various reasons for the sale. But when it comes to the success of the sale, all owners agree. The property should be sold at the best price and without a long waiting period. If […]

Sell your Real Estate / Property: Condo, house, apartment buildings

Selling property – You want to sell your property? For the successful and profitable sale of a property, the first step is always a well-founded and realistic valuation. In the end, this determines the selling price to be set. In the next step real estate agents bring your real estate to solvent prospective buyers, here […]

Futterhaus – Buy, Shop & Stores

Futterhaus – Are you looking for a pet food store? Whether you want to start a feed store yourself, or are just looking for a good place to buy for your new pet, this article will tell you everything you need to know about feed stores. From merchandise, to stores, to valuable tips and tricks. […]

Pension rights adjustment: Facts about pensions after marriage

Pension equalisation – Pension equalisation must be carried out by the family courts in most divorces. This regulates the entitlements and prospects for a pension due to old age or reduced earning capacity that the spouses have acquired during the marriage. Marriages of up to three years must apply for pension equalisation, all others can […]