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Self-disclosure explained: financing at the bank for house & apartment

Self-disclosure for the bank – You want to buy a property and this is to be financed by a German bank? Whether Sparkasse, Volksbank, private banks, Postbank, Deutsche Bank or Commerzbank, banks want creditworthiness (risk minimization) and proof of it. This proof is called self-disclosure. Here you present your assets and your monthly income. In […]

Legal forms USA (company / corporation): LP, LLC, Corp., REIT & Co. – comparison, advantages and taxes

Legal forms USA – What types of company are there? If you want to start your first company, then choosing the legal form is one of the first steps in the company formation process. Whether it is a special real estate company or the formation of a start-up, here we have summarized all types of […]

Tax consultant for companies: Tasks, costs, taxes, risks, tips – Find a Law Firm

Tax Advisor for Business – In this guide, you will learn everything about working with a tax advisor. Starting with the risks, what happens if you choose the wrong tax advisor for your business? Plus tips on how to find good tax accountants. Then a look at the tasks involved, from bookkeeping, to wages and […]

Sell property taxes: Apartment, house, land – speculation tax, checklist & more

Taxes when selling real estate – When selling real estate, whether it’s a condo, house, apartment building, commercial property or land, taxes may be due. As you will see in a moment in the tax checklist, there are currently 4 possible tax types, for you as a real estate seller. It’s all about speculation tax, […]

Familienstiftungen Explained – German Real Estate how-to, Tax Tricks Guide

Saving taxes with real estate – In Germany, if you’re looking to invest in real estate, whether to buy a house or rent out a property, it is vital you get to know the tax system, its loopholes, and how to maximize profits when you invest. Familienstiftungen are an easy way to reduce your tax […]